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Big East Considering Bubble

May 27, 2015
I've never bought that "competing against NFL" stuff. You're already competing against the NFL for eyeballs, attention, energy, $$. But they play on different days, so it's fine, and still will be fine in the future. Plus the NFL likes not having to run a minor league, and it gives a large platform to their players before they enter the league.

You literally don't have to change anything. You don't have to change the name of the league or the composition of the conferences or anything. The fans are already built in. It'll still say UConn on the jersey, people will still be all about it.
I get that it's a much smaller audience, but this already happens with hockey. Players are drafted and then come to UConn and everyone still watches
Sep 3, 2011
You continue to miss the point so I'm not sure why I bother, but I'll try anyway. Polling every college student is not the correct group to sample, because every college student nationwide does not possess the skills to play a D1 sport. The argument is not that a scholarship provides *no* value, it's that it doesn't provide *enough* value based on the free market
You just described the NFL (or NBA for hoops). College athletics are different. In their purist form, there would be no athletic scholarships, just tryouts during the first week of school. But long ago, programs enhanced their chances by paying for students to come to their school (the scholarship). The market is colleges and universities being able to recruit athletes and pay their way for a ROI of fielding better teams.
The NFL is your market value opportunity. Two different concepts for playing the same game.


You Enjoy Myself
Jan 21, 2018
This just points out it's not the market dictating what students can make. True markets don't care what the fans think. If the government stepped and broke up the NCAA cartel and forced schools to compete for the students labor just like the coaches then we would have a market and the fans sentiments wouldn't matter at all.
It would become like the UFC. A select few at the top would make a lot of money and the vast majority would make close to nothing if anything at all. Less than 1% of d1 athletes are worth their scholarship in cash.


Atomic Dogs!
Jan 18, 2014
No, I didn't. Let's conduct a poll among college students nationwide and see how many would consider a full scholarship and room and board to be like winning a lottery for them. The athlete is well cmpensated for playing a little football or basketball. The attraction of college sports is different than the NFL or NBA.
Let's do it.