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  • If you are seeing a McAfee pop up about malware, switch to the AO style.

    To do so, go to the bottom left of any screen, click the style currently selected (boneyard or dark), then click AO. If you still have the problem after switching, send me a screen capture.

    If you are not a registered user, you may have to switch style each time you visit until the issue is resolved, or register a free account. Edit: I'm told this Chrome Extention in helps to prevent pop ups:

    Click here for Chrome Plug Extension

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  1. crazyUCfan23

    Long live the Civil ConFLiCT From Danbury, CT
  2. Vancat

  3. Bongo Fury

  4. GemParty

    Co~host of the Sliders & Curveballs Podcast
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  5. JeannoCT

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  6. Mister Wonderful

    Even when I think I’m wrong, I’m right
  7. WiseOne

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  8. Qwerty

  9. RioDog

    Too old to rock 'n roll, too young to die! From Manchester, CT
  10. drayenob

  11. karstenkibbe

  12. pepband99

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