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I have been wondering about your name it doesn't seem to link to your picture. A Wire Chief to me was the manager of a telephone central office back in the old telephony days of Ma Bell, just wondering if that's the origin? I used to work for Bell of Pa, SBC/ SNET and finally GTE in the plant services and corp facilities areas for a portion of my career.
Hi gemparty I've seen on hear that you deal with real estate also your profile picture seems to be a good indication. Do you have or know anyone who has any ties to the valley specifically Seymour my wife and I are looking to sell our house and ideally do it relatively quickly.
I have received six tickets for the Maggie Dixon Tournament on the 28th and my plan is to give you cash that evening (if you prefer I'll mail you a check now instead). I now only need five of the tickets. I'll pay for all six but if you have anyone looking for a ticket I have the one extra to offer. Thank you for putting this together; we're looking forward to seeing the game.
When I die, I want The Detroit Lions to be my pall bearers so they can let me down one more time.
As of now, all 5. Some interest, but no confirmations yet. Taking the 4:05 out of Southeast, NY station and arriving at GCT @ 5:40.
Welcome to The Boneyard! Perhaps our paths will cross in Indy during the final four. Enjoy your time on the the Boneyard board. Go Huskies!
Glad to receive your note. I certainly will like to meet our BYarders during my final four trip (4/3 -4/6). On 4/3 I will be seated in Section 16, row 11; on 4/5, section 17 row 7. My cell phone # is 760 443 6027, First name Eric.
Hi Tony, I would like two tickets for the Regionals. Please advise next step. Thanks. Ted Naughton
Hi Drew,

Do you still have the tickets for the Houston game? If so, how much?

still have 2 tix, free of charge! Inbox me your full name and I'll leave them at will call
Thanks so much! I am not able to get this inbox thing to work. Even took a look at my privacy settings. Does it all ow you to inbox me?
When you get back online chat me your full name. Sorry I didn't see your chat earlier I've been away from my desk. They will be left at will call for you. Thanks!
Originally from Springfield, MA, served USAF over 20 years, retired now in San Antonio. Graduated from Northeastern Univ.- big UCONN fan.
I took a picture of the plaque...actually two pictures to get all the names. If you want to send me your email, I can send them to you. Doc HH
This Justin, Have the December 28 tickets gone out? I know that you posted that they were being mailed recently but I haven't gotton anythimg yet. Thanks.....
Great 1st coaches show tonight with Joe D & KO. The follow up in the last segment with DeCourcy was excellent also. Some good info and KO def bullish.
Hey Blue, I've been missing your posts lately. Hope you're doing well.
I will take the Blue lot pass if you still have it. - 860-420-7783 via text. Thanks Ken