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SB Nation Article: Dan Hurley Reclaiming UConn's Backyard

Sep 22, 2014

This writer Patrick Martin must be Kreskin or something... He wrote and posted this article on SB Nation/The UConn Blog almost two days BEFORE Jordan Hawkins committed to playing for the good guys! Applies even a bit more now (even if you say Maryland is not in our backyard, it is certainly close enough that we have an assistant coach in Hunter who focuses his recruiting on it full time), and even moreso if Samson Johnson and then Donovan Clingan commit as some have speculated in the near future.

I realize this article is now 3 days old. But since no one has posted it from what I could see, and it has some really good information and quotes in it... and it is prescient as well. I figure it is worthy of being shared here for all of you to enjoy as we continue to bask in the joy over Hawkins' commitment (in addition to Rahsool Diggins as well).

Kevin Willard, Seton Hall head coach, is so right when he is quoted in the article as saying:

“And this shift over to the Big East is really going to help, it’s going to give Danny a chance to show what he’s about as a coach.”

Like most of you, I am sooooo jacked up right now. I freaking love, Love, LOVE feeling this way about our Huskies again! Particularly since my sports fandom has been a barren wasteland as a combo UConn/NY Giants/NY Rangers/NY Mets fan for about 4 or 5 years now. Feels So Good to feel the sun shining so brightly on our team's path forward.

Thank you Dan Hurley, Kenya Hunter, Kimani Young, Tom Moore et al. for bringing back our mojo. This whole staff freaking ROCKS!!!
Aug 26, 2011
I can't buy that list of northeast players. It's just bad revisionist history, esp. on Tremont Waters, Bruce Brown, Donovan Mitchell, and some of the others.

Wayne Selden is a miss, yes, and a couple others.

But how can you make that list and not include Jalen Adams when it was Adams' commitment that curtailed the offers to kids on that list?

This strikes me a little bit like the Gomes "I screwed up" newsconference.
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