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OK, Steven Krajewski Did What He Had To Do When The Opportunity Presented Itself.

Jun 4, 2019
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Is it just me or does Steven Krajewski throw a nice ball for a touchdown. Then after that it seems like his game falls apart. There are throws I see from him and say man he is great. Then he totally gets away from his game and throws a interception or holds the ball too long for a sack. I was wondering if any others see this in him.
I can agree with this see a ball that’s phenomenal then couple plays later you say is that the same kid? One your not going to be perfect everytime but to me that’s a reflection of coaching. And he’s going more off of raw talent and the Poetential a lot of schools saw in him as a senior
Jan 29, 2015
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Steven Krajewski completed close to 2/3 of his passes today, is at 56 % ytd while Tyler Phommachanh is at 48% completion.


Lost patience with the garden variety UConn fan
Aug 26, 2011
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The OC needs to help the QB out. A typical west down is Carter to the right side of the line on 1st down. A wide receiver screen on 2nd( both plays take up 30 seconds of clock) and then the OL can't pick up a blitz or the QB doesn't have enough time and we have an incompletion or short of the downs play and the D is on the field in about a minute of game time. Rinse, repeat.
I believe in offensive play progression where you could run 3 wr screens but on the 4th you fake the screen and have a blocker slip downfield for a down field pass. Or run Carter a few times and the pro or play action pass to a TE down a field or a WR crossing behind the line backers.
Moyseenko and Giufre don't understand how to help any if our QB's. The result is what you see week in and out after Mazzone left
Sep 11, 2011
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He threw so many bad, inaccurate passes in the first half I'm sure they were coaching in mortal fear of the pick 6.
For the remainder of the season, with the possible exception of MTSU, we won't have to worry about protecting leads late in games by resorting to turtleball.

Chin Diesel

Power of Love
Aug 24, 2011
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He threw so many bad, inaccurate passes in the first half I'm sure they were coaching in mortal fear of the pick 6.

True. I think the comment I made somewhere, including maybe earlier in this thread, is he has learned to make his missed passes go to the wrong side of a possible pic. Comparison I made was a pitcher who needs to hit the corners learning it has to be corner or outside the plate for a ball. Miss to the middle of the plate and MLB hitters will feast. Same thing. He has to learn to throw where it's either a completion or it's an inomplete pass.
Oct 30, 2017
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Steven Krajewski was #40 out of the top 50 QB’s for the week. I can’t imagine how much better he could be if:
1. Rhett Lashlee was still here
2. Was given a fair shot by RE
3. Had not broke his collarbone
4. Better play calling
I believe if any one of the above circumstances didn’t occur he would’ve developed into a much better QB. I’m hoping that he stays healthy and can get some plays to help the team put some points on the board.


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