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2021 Recruiting: Hunter Salis update

Sep 22, 2014
Kentucky has a great fan base maybe the best. To deny that is just naive ..Anyone in that job should be able to recruit. I’m not a Calipiri fan as an on court coach but he is a great salesman. Great Fan Base + Great Salesmen is a pretty good combination. Now if he could only coach they would have double digit NC.
Thankfully, he has proven to not be a very good in-game coach... since we did go directly through two of his very talented teams to win our last 2 National Championships, both times having arguably the lesser of the talented team (although both times we had the best lead guard in the game, and that proved to be the difference in combination with superior coaching). Great guard play and great coaching wins in the tournament... as we have proven 4 times already :cool:.

Honestly, I pray Kentucky with Calipari coaching is one of the other Final 4 participants the next time we get there (wishfully under Hurley within the next few years). If he couldn't beat us in the 2014 NC game with the front court talent disparity he had in his favor that night, then we will always have a good shot at beating his teams... particularly with our current and incoming guard talent, let alone our more talented front court now versus 2014.

And I love beating either Kentucky or Duke in the Final 4 when we win it all... as we have done each and every time we have won the title.


Got a couple of couches sleep on the love seat
Jan 6, 2016
I tend to lean this way too. Especially a kid named "Hunter".

I've got 2 buddies with son's named Hunter. Guess what both Dad's like to do with their son's?
That's why I named my four kids Hooper, Baller, Cager and Kemba