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Hockey Arena Groundbreaking/Progress

Jun 6, 2019
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Should be a live view very soon-


Aug 27, 2011
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Does anyone know when the new arena is scheduled to open?
November 16, 2022 per latest construction update

Construction Status Report UConn Hockey Arena Period Ending: December 31, 2021 Project Number: 300133
Project Parameters
Project Architect/Engineer: General Contractor/CM: UConn Project Manager: Project Phase:
Percent Complete: Project Description:
JCJ Architecture PC Turner Construction Co Sallyann Beaudet Construction
35 %
Notice to Proceed:
Contract Substantial Completion: Projected Substantial Completion: Current Phase Budget:
Estimated Total Project Cost:
05/20/2021 11/16/2022 11/16/2022
$70,000,000.00 $66,421,907.69
The new Hockey Facility will be 2-story,108,760 gsf arena, built within the Athletic District of the Storrs campus. The facility will contain first floor locker rooms, support areas, adminstrative offices, an ice lounge and mechanical space. The second floor, known as the Concourse level, provides approximately 2,400 seats, concessions and restrooms. The mezzanine level is reserved for invited guests and patrons.
The planning and design of the building is in conformance with Hockey East Association requirements. A related phase of the project includes the reconstruction and expansion of I-Lot.
Current Project Status:
The focus this quarter has been on completing building site and utility work, foundations and slabs on grade, as well as erecting steel. All of these milestones have been met, including Phase 1 of installing the primary electrical feeds.
Steel superjohn in the northwest corner will be left out, in order to crane in the precast concrete stadia bowl. The interior stair tower steel has been erected and stair pans are being infilled with concrete. This will help facilitate material loading and safe worker access. The roof deck is more than 50% complete, which will allow the roofing installation to commence slightly ahead of schedule.
In order to stay on schedule, the contractor will focus on making the building weather tight. To that end, there are several milestone activities scheduled to begin in January including but not limited to: roof installation, tenting the building and the installation of temporary heat. Once tenting and heat activities are complete, the installation of the precast stadia bowl can begin, along with the construction of the main mechanical and electrical rooms.
There are two change orders executed at this time, however future and potential changes have been accounted for in this report and shall be executed in the first quarter of 2022, but do not present budget concerns.
Project Issues/Risks:
Procurement of construction material continues to be of concern, however all major building equipment, except for the building switchgear has been ordered which has mitigated some of the lead time risk. However, in some cases, additional storage charges will be incurred to ensure equipment is available to us when required.
Period Ending : December 31, 2021 UConn
Dec 18, 2013
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When they built Yale Bowl they buried 2 Steam shovels under the
eventual field.

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