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  1. uconnric

    Am I the only one watching this game?

    No matter what you think of the playoffs, and yes I believe they need to be expanded, the game was fun to watch. Great athleticism on both sides. Georgia's defense was great. Did notice an eerie similarity in the cut that caused then knee injury to Williams and the cut that caused Tyler P's...
  2. uconnric

    Big Money/High profile CT donors we need to be reaching out to....

    GE is desperately trying to reinvent themselves and will be splitting into 3 companies. Dead? No but nowhere the juggernaut they once were.
  3. uconnric

    Rose Bowl + Sugar Bowl Thread

    Nice night? Understatement of the season!
  4. uconnric

    5-7 Rutgers makes a bowl game?

    Game was actually more competitive than the score suggests. Rutgers defensive line was in Hartman’s face all afternoon. Rutgers couldn’t move the ball too well in the second half and it’s defense was worn out by the end of the game. Sound familiar?
  5. uconnric

    Way too early question: What are your expectations for next season?

    With that in mind I've tempered my expectations to 8-4.
  6. uconnric

    Big Money/High profile CT donors we need to be reaching out to....

    Maybe Vince could body-slam an opposing coach.
  7. uconnric

    2022 UConn QB Competition Discussion...

    Apparently the fact that he missed his freshman year at Oregon due to a right shoulder injury, which likely was still affecting him last year is completely lost on you. Most of us have never seen him play, but I'll trust the coaches evaluation of his ability over yours. Coming out of high school...
  8. uconnric

    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Ten years without food and water can ruin your soul.
  9. uconnric

    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    When he was on, he could make some great throws. His problem was more decision-making than physical ability. I wish him well, he'll do fine there.
  10. uconnric

    UConn Football Class of 2022 NLI Early Signing Day Thread/Info (12/15/21>12/17/21)

    Even without the coaching turnover we would have lost a few commits. Remarkable job by Mora to salvage the class. Love to get back Jean and McGill also.
  11. uconnric

    ex-Terps coach Randy Edsall created negative environment

    Edsall wasn’t able to reproduce the results he had in his first term as coach. I initially supported bringing him back to fix Diaco’s mess. By most accounts he was never an easy guy to play for but he seemed more detached and aloof this time around, Seemed like the college game had changed but...
  12. uconnric

    Need Thoughtful Analysis

    Agreed. Mora & Co. did a great job salvaging this class. Seems to have changed the psyche of this program and given us some good pr nationally, things that were needed after the REII debacle. Ultimately the improvement will have to show up on the field but so far the Mora hire has been a home...
  13. uconnric

    2022 UConn Football Commit - Cale Millen (Snoqualmie, Washington)

    You are aware that he missed his entire freshman year at Oregon due to a shoulder injury. He is a pro-style qb but has decent speed and strength to elude pass rushers. Somewhat like Krajewski in that regard.
  14. uconnric

    2022 UConn Football Commit - Cale Millen (Snoqualmie, Washington)

    Looks very skilled and polished, strong arm, good size, decent speed. Great ability to throw on the run (which is a critical skill for us). Welcome aboard Cale!
  15. uconnric

    Spanos -- are you freakin' joking?

    We had a defense that was on the field for most of the game and our secondary was pretty weak. I don't think that Spanos got to show what he is capable of. Hopefully we'll see what he can do with better recruits. He was also a favorite of the players on the team, and I think that had something...
  16. uconnric

    Guesses on Season Ticket Numbers

    I was there and bought tickets through UConn for that reason.
  17. uconnric

    Guesses on Season Ticket Numbers

    That's ridiculous. Supporting the program is a "rational reason". I guess that Harry Gampel, the Burton Family, Mark Shenkman, Peter Werth, et al, are not rational people either.
  18. uconnric

    2022 Recruiting Thread

    With Donovan Branch recommitting maybe he’ll bring back teammate Reggie Jean.
  19. uconnric

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    I’m also going to go out on a limb and trust our coaches ability to evaluate talent over yours.
  20. uconnric

    Don Brown to UMass

    Whoop de do!
  21. uconnric

    2022 UConn Football Commit - Nathan Voorhis (Stroudsburg, PA) Decommitted 10/17/21>Recommitted 12/6/21

    Glad to have Nate back in the fold. Looks like a very talented recruit, seems to have the size and speed you like to see in an edge rusher.
  22. uconnric


    Utah State has also become relevant in the last 5-6 years. They had been a perennial doormat.
  23. uconnric

    Lincoln Riley to USC

    With the money being thrown at Riley and Kelly, and just imagining what else is coming at ND, OU, etc., it's pretty clear that coaching salaries are clearly out of whack. I'm just amazed at the money being thrown at these guys, and I think it widens the gap between the haves and have-nots.
  24. uconnric

    Scheduling idea

    Sorry, really not too excited about renewing the rivalry with UMass. We can play them, but a rivalry game? We’re aiming higher.
  25. uconnric

    Craziest thing just happened

    Was at the game that night. We beat Ohio State for the championship. They let us fans onto the court to celebrate.
  26. uconnric

    Don Brown to UMass

    This is really laughable. That program has no upside and they refuse to spend any money on football. Not going to worry about UMass.
  27. uconnric


    Or these are kids who may have decommitted anyway. It’s disappointing, but these are kids who may be hearing from P5 schools as they get closer to signing day.
  28. uconnric

    Tyler Phommachanh injury

    He didn't participate in enough games (I think 4 is the max) to have this year count. He'll still have 4 years left.
  29. uconnric

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    He can coach, he can recruit, and he gives us a much-needed shot of street cred. Kudos to AD Dave!
  30. uconnric

    Coaching search…

    And we certainly could have won the Wyoming and Vanderbilt games.
  31. uconnric

    Coaching search…

    I don’t share your tremendous dislike for Al Golden. He’s obviously familiar with NE recruiting as well as Florida. He turned around a moribund Temple program. Whoever the new coach is, he’ll have to embrace the transfer portal. With all the new FBS members, recruiting has probably become much...
  32. uconnric

    Rentschler Field managers urge state to upgrade the stadium

    You probably would have more students but many less non-students. This is really a non-issue. as far as building it in Storrs, that ship sailed long ago.
  33. uconnric

    Sean Lewis - Kent State University

    For Clemson, yes. They don't have Trevor Lawrence or Travis Etienne and Uiagalelei has not performed well for them. You need good qb play to be effective, look at Pitt and Wake.
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