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  1. nwhoopfan

    the REAL dynasty in college football...

    Forget about Alabama. North Dakota St. just claimed their 9th FCS Championship in the last 11 years. Under 3 different head coaches. They've figured out a winning formula there.
  2. nwhoopfan

    Volleyball playoffs

    I know there is some crossover interest among fans here. Coming down to the end of the year. A bunch of matches today, by the end of the day there will only be 8 teams left. Big 10 of course is standing tall. ACC is flexing some muscles, Louisville and Pitt have both advanced and Georgia...
  3. nwhoopfan

    big WNBA news--change in playoff format I think this is a welcome change. No more byes. No more one and out.
  4. nwhoopfan

    OT: songs about mythological things

    I know the season is almost upon us, but not quite yet. Still some more time to wait and speculate endlessly. Haven't had a new song thread in a while. Maybe this has already been done, but I don't recall. Plenty of directions you can go with this.
  5. nwhoopfan

    OT: songs in a language other than English

    This of course has infinite possibilities. Historically I've listened to almost exclusively English language music. But I've gotten into folk metal, and it seems like most of that is in various other languages. It changes the listening experience somewhat when you have absolutely no idea what...
  6. nwhoopfan

    hitting you in the feels

    I'm kind of fascinated with the way language is evolving with the younger generation. I mostly see it in You Tube stuff. Speaking of You Tube there are plenty of emotionally charged clips. Here's where you can post them. This was downloaded a couple years ago but it just popped up on my...
  7. nwhoopfan

    Vandersloot moves to #4 on career assists list

    Thought this deserved its own thread. Moved past Taurasi tonight. Bird is still way out there, but Whalen and Penicheiro are certainly within reach.
  8. nwhoopfan

    WNBA thread

    Maybe we can do a monthly thread about WNBA action and news? Sky vs. Liberty is on ESPN right now. Absolute shoot out, both teams ripping the nets. Sky up 31-28 thru Q1. Heal making her debut for the Sky, Howard making her debut for the Lib. Whitcomb has drilled 3 3's already. Sloot has 7...
  9. nwhoopfan

    proof that Rotten Tomatoes is a sham

    There have frequently been fairly big discrepancies between critic and user reviews/scores. This one is impossible to ignore though. TBS was aggressively shoving previews for their new series "Chad" in our faces all during the NCAA Tourney. It looked AWFUL! There was no way I was ever going...
  10. nwhoopfan

    Looking ahead...

    For the 3rd round of the Tourney, some of the matchups for the #1 seeds are not compelling at all. UConn vs. Iowa will have tons of hype and buildup because of the 2 Fr. stars. Iowa might have a tiny bit of a punchers chance, but this probably won't be very close. If Stanford muddles around...
  11. nwhoopfan

    games on ESPNU

    Not much happening on the main ESPN channel. A few NBA games later today. Absolutely nothing currently. Really disappointing several games are relegated to ESPNU, which is not part of my cable package. I know, I know, you can get the app, whatever, but I find it irritating you have to get...
  12. nwhoopfan

    Who is #5 in the Pac 12?

    Currently: USC 8-8 Colorado 7-8 Oregon St. 5-6 Arizona St. 5-7 Washington St. 7-10 I'm absolutely clueless how to actually rank them. Anybody else want to take a shot at it?
  13. nwhoopfan

    cornucopia of sports

    In D1 athletics, we currently have men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball, baseball, softball, women's soccer and it looks like men's soccer in a very limited basis, all happening simultaneously. That's a lot of sports! What a strange last 11 months it's been.
  14. nwhoopfan


    Okay, I'm fully on board now. No amount of hyperbole is too much. She just about won this single handed, especially in OT. Needs some teammates to step up and go along for the ride with her.
  15. nwhoopfan

    "Sorry For Your Loss" on Facebook Watch

    I didn't even know that was a thing, just stumbled across a mention of this show starring Elizabeth Olsen. Tried an episode just to see. I'll definitely check out more. I already knew she's a very talented actress, very much on display here. She plays a widow a few months after the death of...
  16. nwhoopfan

    The Society on Netflix

    Anyone watch that? It was slow going at first, about episode 4 it got more interesting. I'm thru 8 now, almost done. A group of high schoolers goes on a field trip, but has to turn around and go back. They arrive home late at night, none of the parents are there to meet them. The next...
  17. nwhoopfan

    WNBA news--Vickie Johnson new coach of Dallas Wings

    So....8-26 as the head coach of the San Antonio Stars in 2017 in her only head coaching gig. Was a an assistant w/ the Stars for several season prior to that and has gone back to being an assistant w/ the Aces ever since the franchise moved. Seems like a remarkably underwhelming hire to me.
  18. nwhoopfan

    How good is Vandersloot?

    She's so good, she's still accumulating assists after the season is over.
  19. nwhoopfan

    WNBA standings thru 8/5

    Ladies and gentlemen, we officially have a log jam. 7 of 12 teams are either 4-1 or 3-2. Everyone thanks New York and Connecticut for their contributions. :rolleyes:
  20. nwhoopfan

    OT: songs referring to other musicians/songs

    I thought of this a while ago, but forgot about it. Can be direct or indirect. Can be positive or negative. First off Lynryd Skynryd letting Neil Young know they don't think much of him or his opinion. :rolleyes: This video includes a Confederate flag, but it's from 1974 so...
  21. nwhoopfan


    I'm a little confused. I think it had some online streaming content previously maybe? But July 15th was some kind of big launch and now it's tied to your cable if you have xfinity. I tried a couple episodes of Brave New World. Not really hooked yet, might keep trying. Jessica Brown Findlay...
  22. nwhoopfan

    something wrong with Amazon Prime streaming?

    Last few days have been terrible when I try using it. Constantly freezes and then boots me out. Sometimes it gets going eventually, but sometimes I give up. Maybe just not enough bandwidth for the demand. It seems worse during what would be prime time viewing hours for the East Coast. Later...
  23. nwhoopfan

    OT: rainbow songs

    There may not be a whole lot of these. I know of several. I'll leave a few of the more obvious ones for someone else to scoop up. Maybe this was a hit, I wasn't aware of it until the last few days when it kept popping up on Sirius XM while I was driving around with my dad. I really like it.
  24. nwhoopfan

    The Stanger on Netflix

    Anyone seen this? I don't have streaming. Just ran across this title. I'm a big fan of Hannah John-Kamen. Trailer looked somewhat interesting. Just curious if anyone has watched it yet. oops, should be Stranger, don't think I can edit that
  25. nwhoopfan

    Maryland (10) @ Penn St.

    Didn't see a thread for this one. Terps have been on a role but are running into more resistance than expected today. Leading 46-45 at the half? O is better than D for both teams apparently.
  26. nwhoopfan

    Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    Got home from a concert, not ready for bed, flipping channels, stumbled onto the pilot for this. I saw Jane Levy, so I stopped flipping. Might be really weird, but maybe interesting. She suddenly has an ability to hear people singing songs that only she can hear, that reveals their innermost...
  27. nwhoopfan

    Missouri St. @ Drake

    I think this one deserves it's own thread. MVC supremacy on the line. MSU up 39-31 at the half.
  28. nwhoopfan

    movie trailer thread?

    What the heck happened to it? I can't find it. Lots of good stuff in that thread. I was gonna add to it that "The New Mutants" finally got a release date after seeming to be stuck for about 2 years (4/3/20).
  29. nwhoopfan

    sneak preview of HBO and Cinemax this weekend

    Just FYI. Seems like there are quarterly free weekends of the premium cable channels. I just randomly check sometimes to see. At least on Fios/Frontier, can't vouch for other providers.
  30. nwhoopfan

    College Cup

    I just have never been able to get into soccer. Stanford and North Carolina played 90 scoreless minutes, then another 10 or 15 in overtime. Penalty kicks are actually exciting at least, I caught that part. Stanford wins 5-4 in kicks, 2nd Title in the last 3 years for them.
  31. nwhoopfan

    surprising freshmen

    There was a general thread for early season surprises and a few Fr. were mentioned, but I think those were mostly high profile recruits that have had a big impact early. What about under the radar frosh that are making their mark right out of the gate? Dyaisha Fair from Buffalo averaging...
  32. nwhoopfan

    Gonzaga @ Montana St.

    Zags have their hands full early, leading 15-14 early in Q2. Streaming thru Pluto TV, whatever that is:
  33. nwhoopfan

    triple double for UCLA's Japreece Dean

    yesterday vs. Yale. 20 pts 11 reb 10 assists 9-14 FG. Not a bad day on the court. Ionescu makes it seem routine but for everyone else it's fairly rare.
  34. nwhoopfan

    Bird, EDD and Chiney playing UNO w/ Katie Nolan

    (Chelsea Gray is there too but doesn't really get in on the conversation). This was from All Star weekend. I don't remember seeing it before. Some interesting comments. According to Sue, UConn players know how to party. And she cheated at UNO and still lost.
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