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  1. whaler11

    The Big Picture

    UConn plays South Florida this week. Two state sponsored institutions of ‘higher’ learning. (South Florida isn’t in South Florida which gets them off to bad start for playing school.) You need to be as old as Pudge to remember the last time UConn beat an FBS team. They have spent 20+...
  2. whaler11

    Anyway - David Pindell

    1. Guy could play - tricked many into think the oline was good 2. Guy was good enough to stay healthy behind that mess of an offensive line Should we quote some of the best anti-Pindell takes for fun?
  3. whaler11

    Palatine’s dream season

    change quarterbacks every 15 seconds while things spin out of control.
  4. whaler11

    UConn Triple Option

    1. End this nonsense. Kill the program at the end of the season. 2. Force Edsall to retire gracefully. Extract every possible dollar left from boosters. Fire Benedict. Take a flier on the right hire. 3. Keep running clown college. No Spring Game. No 2-Deep. Recruit Canada...
  5. whaler11

    Down 28 w/17 minutes left

    + territory run run run let quarter expire i like how in game 3 edsall is already playing to keep the losing margin low rather than competiting #culture
  6. whaler11


  7. whaler11

    Time to get rich y’all Illinois (-20) @ UConn

    get paid yo
  8. whaler11

    Skip and Bob

    What do you think the interview was like? Skip: What did you think of Storrs Bob: Hated it Skip: Hired!!! *narrator* Louisana Tech proceded to get annihilated */narrator* Enjoy Ruston jerkoffs.
  9. whaler11

    Boneyard Posters in Pictures

  10. whaler11


    This program is an unfunny joke. I can see people already twisting themselves into pretzels to defend that disaster. Only 2 more years until the 5 year plan starts.
  11. whaler11

    The thread where we guess who is injured

    Leon Robinson
  12. whaler11

    Springtime for Hitler (2019 Season Thoughts)

    I very much hope that I am wrong. I grabbed lunch at Maggie McFly's in Glastonbury last week. On my way back to the highway I was reminded of a great memory. I was with my daughter at Smiles for the Future the day after Christmas in 2016 when we learned Diaco was relieved of his duties...
  13. whaler11

    Anyone dumping Wagner tix?

    Need two if anyone is looking to sell.
  14. whaler11

    Why cant this program act normal

  15. whaler11

    Born too early?

    If Brandon Bisack had eligibility.... would he start against Wagner? I say yes.
  16. whaler11

    The worst of the horde

    This guy is such a genius his job is covering east lyme girls basketball. Lecture us some more...
  17. whaler11

    Guess which Boneyarder

    I’ll start with @Storrssouth
  18. whaler11

    We’ll look back fondly on the bundle
  19. whaler11

    Outback instead of Ruth Chris...

    Here we go.
  20. whaler11

    Minutes from insider info

  21. whaler11

    MAL to BCU

  22. whaler11

    Station Eleven

    They are making a TV show of this. If you’ve never read Station Eleven - do yourself a favor and read it.
  23. whaler11

    Should I hit confirm?

    It let me pick a reason, went with ‘apology’...
  24. whaler11

    Swimming in the hate

    The more hate that rains down from the media, the AAC fanbases, the moranic Boneyard trolls... the better the move gets. If the AAC doesn’t want UConn so badly - they sure seem mad about the departure. If the programs at UCF and Houston and Memphis are just so great their fanbases can’t...
  25. whaler11

    Now I get memes

  26. whaler11

    Two more things on the agenda

    Ol Ned Lamont likes the move. 1. Great - get your legislature to invest in XL. Normally I’d say wasted money - but your last budget made it clear we ain’t ever paying so why stop borrowing. 2. Since we are gonna fix XL - cancel the on campus rinky dink - no need for uconn to waste...
  27. whaler11

    5 conf mates in Andy Katz Top 25 6 in top 36. 3 more in the mix. But tell me more about how the AAC is a better basketball league than the Big East.
  28. whaler11

    Random Thoughts

    Let’s see how this ages: 1. This is the best thing that has happened to UConn’s athletic department since Kemba went berzerk. 2. Edsall’s hire makes so much more sense now. He’s still closing recruits for a reason. 3. The AAC was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life...
  29. whaler11

    AAC Upside Delusion Syndrome In 2032 it’s 7 million gross and produce hundreds of events for ESPN. Twenty Thirty Two. The market told the AAC to go scalito themselves - for a decade +. But yeah other than that, the...
  30. whaler11

    Who has a better future in football?

  31. whaler11

    I Love It

    We don’t have enough details yet to know if it’s good or bad or a wash. But they stopped monitoring the situation and did something. Since 2003 they sat on their rear ends and got left behind. Action. Decisive action. Fortune favors the bold. I LOVE IT
  32. whaler11

    Welcome Campers

    Fleck shoulda stayed. They could have rowed boats.
  33. whaler11

    UConn 125-0

    This week Shutdown Fullcast is about beatdowns. Plenty of Rutgers and Temple stories... UConn also played a starring role. Newport Naval Training was one of the last WWII military teams and in 1949 UConn beat them 125-0. Suck it Willimantic YMCA. @Butch
  34. whaler11

    Funny one from Corey

    Siri - give me a three word quote that doesn’t describe Randy Edsall.
  35. whaler11

    This is going to be an amazing implosion You are going to employ 14 WNBA writers. oh. ok.
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