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Search results

  1. Waquoit

    OT: CT Sun Cyber Monday sale

    The Sun are selling an 8-pack of lower bowl vouchers for $99 today. I'm in. it's cheaper than the $300 for 6 last year.
  2. Waquoit

    Cleansing Ceremony

    I believe closure is important in order to move forward. Our way of finding closure was a cleansing ceremony.
  3. Waquoit

    I was wrong

    I thought the Yard wouldn't totally suck since we actually won the game.
  4. Waquoit

    The Freak Brothers

    One of the funniest of the Underground comix way back when was The Fabulous, Furry, Freak Brothers. I actually, not figuratively, LOL'd at a lot of the stuff. They've been threatening to make a show for decades but it wasn't until today when it made finally it to the screen on Tubi of all...
  5. Waquoit

    OT: NBA for tonight

    I have a 20% "NBA Profit Boost" for today. Can anyone tell me who is covering tonight?
  6. Waquoit

    Betting Soccer

    The new sports betting set-up lets you propose a soccer score and will give you betting odds. For instance, I tried 3-1 Liverpool over West Ham for Sunday and they offered +1150. I just might go for it! ADD: L'pool 4-2 pays +2800, that's where I put my sawbuck.
  7. Waquoit

    Album Recs Needed

    Specifically, I'm looking for any albums you enjoyed (didn't have to love them) made by artists past their "sell by" date. Good albums that might have missed without the airplay, etc... For example, I just heard ZZ Top's "Recycler" for the first time and was surprised by how much I liked it...
  8. Waquoit

    OT: Jeopardy Host Search

    We just finished up last season's Jeopardy. They really saved the best for last. Nobody was better than Joe Buck. I wonder if he wants the gig?
  9. Waquoit

    Champions League 2021-22

    Starts tomorrow with Barcelona v Bayern. Liverpool v Milan on Wednesday. Games at 12:45 and 3pm.
  10. Waquoit

    Hartford Athletic on ESPN2 tonight!

    Big game tonight on the Deuce at 7:00pm. This puts HA on ESPN more than the Yard Goats and Wolf Pack! But less than the CT Sun and Manchester Little League.
  11. Waquoit

    OT: ESPN+ - Apple help sought

    I'm going on the road so I want to make sure my iPad is ready for the Peacock and ESPN+ games I want to see. The ESPN app is requiring me to update before it lets me in. The update requires iOS 13.0 in order to download. My iPad says my 12.5.4 is up to date. Any suggestions?
  12. Waquoit

    D.L. Hughley @ Funny Bone tonight 7/3

    We caught D.L. Hughley last night, he's truly a King of Comedy. Can't remember who I saw in a club who was better. Incredibly sharp, his improv jokes were as smooth as his prepared material. Worth a trip to the mall, the entire bill was funny.
  13. Waquoit

    OT: Tour de France - 2021

    The Tour starts tomorrow. I thought it wasn't for another week, so heads up! I get my info from the yearly Tour thread on the BY so I'm a bit disappointed to be the one starting it. No team time trial, is that controversial? Here's my jam to get in the mood:
  14. Waquoit

    OT: Trivia Question

    I came across a pretty good one. Name the two songwriters that have composed two different state songs. It's tough enough coming up with one, can't imagine coming up with a dozen at a time.
  15. Waquoit

    Mike Gorman in the Hall Of Fame!

    Longtime Celtics TV voice was just named a recipient of Basketball Hall of Fame's 2021 Curt Gowdy Media Award. Longtime UConn fans remember Mike did the women's games at the beginning of UConn's climb to greatness. I'm convinced Mike's play-by-play was a big reason the program became so popular...
  16. Waquoit

    Preakness Legend Ignored

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of Kegasus. the ultimate party manimal, and I haven't seen or read bupkis. Some say he saved the Preakness.
  17. Waquoit

    Hartford Athletic - 2021

    Athletic has just been approved for 50% capacity, so games will be twice as good as last year. I can't wait for the season, I think they hired a good coach and the franchise has a plan.
  18. Waquoit

    OT: Green Tea

    The COVID thread was closed just as I was trying to post this. I started drinking green tea on Sunday before my 2nd Moderna shot. It's been 23 hours since the jab and no side effects have hit yet. Maybe it's the placebo effect but I don't care. It's worth a try.
  19. Waquoit

    Congrats to Mick Cronin

    Mick has his team in the Sweet 16 the first time eligible, winning 3 games already. Not bad for a guy that was never going to get past the first weekend again. Now he's one of the few coaches with a team in the dance for 10 straight seasons. Yet, I've read on the Yard that he's not a good...
  20. Waquoit

    UConn in Prime Time

    Prime time Sunday night for our Huskies. Again. ESPN could put any team in that slot, including all those teams that the experts say are better. But they know the people want to see America's team.
  21. Waquoit

    Why did the Paige Buckets thread get moved off the men's board?

    It seems unprecedented to me. It makes no sense. It was labeled OT. I've seen to occasional thread on the women's board discussing the men's team. Never once was the thread moved to the men's board. It's a different discussion when the thread is on the women's board. It appears you gave into...
  22. Waquoit

    The Snoopy Show

    This show is not the cringe I was afraid of. It's new Peanuts done right, right down the music. It's a kids show no doubt but I'm going to watch the rest without borrowing a kid. Gentle humor is still funny to me.
  23. Waquoit


    Today's telecast had a promo that referred to UConn MBB as "storied". Sunday on FS1 is "UConn Doubleheader Sunday". This is what proper respect looks like.
  24. Waquoit

    OT: Coronavirus Good News maybe

    My partner works in healthcare and received the first shot the week it came out. One of her associates got the shot on the same day and last week both her husband and toddler tested positive while she has remained negative. Hubby is still very sick. Anecdotal but still...
  25. Waquoit

    S'mores Ice Cream

    I'm seeing more of the subject in the freezer section. Here's where we stand to date: 1. Gifford's 2. Ben and Jerry's 3. Breyers' Not close, imo.
  26. Waquoit

    UCL 2020-21

    Thank goodness for soccer during COVID. Some of these games have been unreal. I just finished Basaksehir-Leipzig, just a crazy good watch. The commie kickballers are missing out. They can stick with watching the 4th stringers.
  27. Waquoit

    OT: Mars

    Apparently Mars will be closer to Earth tonight than it will be for the next 15 years. Why am I just hearing about this now? Anyone out there on top of this?
  28. Waquoit

    Where are the Sun fans?

    What a great game last night. They look like a tough out to me. Especially with a determined Alyssa Thomas.
  29. Waquoit

    OT: RIP Diana Rigg

    Longtime Husky Nan avatar Diana Rigg has just died. Talk about a great run. She began her TV career as an icon and almost 60 years later she was still a TV icon. And inbetween she was a great classical stage actress and played the only character to marry James Bond!
  30. Waquoit

    Kemba wins for fun!

    Kemba leads every step of the way to win the 4th at Saratoga today. Was 10-1 on the morning line but bet down to 5-2.
  31. Waquoit

    Cricket's Back!

    The big Test match between England and West Indies started today. First international cricket in months and they can only play a short time before it gets rained out.
  32. Waquoit

    OT: Al Jaffee - RIP

    Another big part of my childhood is no more, Mad Magazine great Al Jaffee has died at 99 (!). He did almost 500 of his fold-in and the last one comes out next week. That will be Mad's issue of all new material so in effect Al and Mad will have died within days of each other. Mad had a great run...
  33. Waquoit

    OT: RIP Christo

    Visionary artist Christo has just died from natural causes. Anyone else catch The Gates? He did a lot of cool stuff, here's a good retrospective.
  34. Waquoit

    Seize the Day!

    Back when cable was pretty new, I worked with a big college football fan. I can't remember who his team was but I still remember who his bandwagon team was: the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Why? He had a bad back and couldn't sleep very well. And the only football on late back then was Hawaii. It...
  35. Waquoit

    OT: Tipping

    I'm only leaving the house for quick trips to the store and besides those items I put on the card, I'm not spending any money. I have almost the same cash in my wallet as I had a month ago. So I'm basically tipping any worker I come in contact with these days. I just got back from the S&S where...
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