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  1. Northbound

    Duke to NBA

    Hadn't seen it posted here.
  2. Northbound

    Chief Spotted?

    @Chief00 you chasing Andre around his hometown? Edit: The actual conversation My wife: What the hell are you doing Me: Taking a picture Wife: You're going to hit the guy Me: Nah I'm good Wife: Why do you need a picture Me: Something for the Boneyard Wife: You're an idiot Me: True, but you...
  3. Northbound

    Joe Girard III

    The kid is a junior and is already in the top 8 of all-time New York State scorers. He’s a guard that can shoot the lights out of it, actually from Jimmer Fredette’s high school and has crushed all his old records. I’ve seen him play a number of times and his stroke is effortless and range...
  4. Northbound

    Uncle Cliff

    Good to see he's well regarded in his second career.
  5. Northbound

    BYU are you kidding me

    Holy hell
  6. Northbound

    Looking for PHP help

    Some of you may remember me posting about the business we launched earlier this year ( it's a company that is in the high school sports space and I just can't stand losing revenue opportunities because of the inability of our digital "agency" to meet deadlines. They...
  7. Northbound

    Ot-While we're showing new businesses - here's mine

    We're still finessing somethings on the homepage (i.e. video needs to be above the fold on all screen sizes, link to sign up for the newsletter, linking the social media icons) We've not completely assembled our Editorial Board, but we're close, just looking for a few more athletic trainers...
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