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    Syracuse DI Hockey?

    This came up before at Syracuse…nothing really came of it. Doubt anything will now or in the near future. As to Hockey East, no thank you. It is the New England league. If we need a new member, find one here. If I could have anyone it would be Harvard, but of course that is impossible.
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    Parcels applies, I’d hire him.
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    Why isn’t Diggins playing?

    Just guessing here, but maybe because Hurley is trying to win the games he plays, so he uses the guys he thinks give him the best chance. Right now, based on seeing him EVERY DAY, not on some made for pr public practice or recruiting highlight reel, he has concluded that right now, Diggins...
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    AJ - I don't see it

    Um, Josh Boone started 37 games including the NCAA final as a freshman. Jackson can only wish he gets to Boone’s level.
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    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    You might be right. Bob Stoops was terrible. He only has an .832 winning percentage, zero losing seasons, a national championship, 10 B12 titles, took a team that hadn’t won the B12 in a dozen years and won 7 of the next nine. Oh, and hired Reilly. But he didn’t coach 2 Heisman Quarterbacks...
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    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    I don’t think he is. Maybe for a year or two, but he is a guy who started on third base and everyone thinks he hit a triple. I give him credit for not screwing up at Oklahoma, but HE inherited the best program in a weaker P5 league. Stoops had 3 seasons without double digit wins in his time...
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    Does this push ND to join a conf?

    No intention of leaving. LOL. If the right opportunity came along, UConn would leave the New Big East faster than Kelly left Notre Dame (a place he had no intention of leaving, his words). UConn would leave mid-season if the ACC or the Big 10 called. For the B10 they’d leave midway through...
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    Totally agree with you. Texas and Florida have averaged 320+ players a year (2008-2019). Connecticut: 10.2. Over that 12 year period the most we had was 18 which happened once. So in a typical year, even if we locked up every FBS player in the state, we need just as many from “ away.” And...
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    I'm assuming everyone is content with our play

    Did it ever occur to anybody that Springs and Johnson dont play because they aren’t that good? One thing I think last night showed was the impact of the 3. Seemed like they couldn’t miss for a while. We need to get guys like that. Im assuming Sonogo was hurt early. He was being outplayed...
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    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    What I can’t wait for is the first of these mega coaches to get fired and the school to be on the hook for 7-8 years of payments, plus having to pay a new guy in another 10 year deal. My guess is 1. Michigan State. They gave a very mediocre coach who coughed Up a hair ball in his big game an...
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    I’m sure Coach Mora can read the same data I can and he isn’t going to invest lots of time in getting Connecticut kids. A few now to fill slots maybe and build some bridges, but over the last 15 years or so Connecticut has averaged 10 FBS signees per year, highest number in 2019 with 18...
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    Mora Introductory Press Conference- Saturday November 27th 10:30am Rentschler Field Club Level

    I like that he doesn’t concede games. Playing Michigan? Let’s put together a game plan the beat Michigan. No more planning to keep the score reasonably close.
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    UConn v. Colgate (Saturday 11/27/21 @ 4:05 @ XL Center on

    What was pleasing about this one was they played hard for 3 periods and never Let Colgate back into it.
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    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    LOL. Back in the day there was a manager who walked Pesky to get to Williams, so I suppose replacing our best player with a guy who doesn’t get off the bench is something someone might do.
  15. F

    This game showed that all the…

    Coaches fall in love with players and don’t see their faults just like fans do. Great coaches manage to avoid that. Hurley is in love with Jackson’s athleticism but looks past he defensive lapses, French pastry when white bread would be fine. He reacts on defense, doesn’t anticipate. Over...
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    Late Game Management

    We don’t have anyone who can shoot from outside. What else are they going to do? The basic rule of basketball is get the ball to your star and get the heck out of his way. If you have Ben Gordon AND Emeka, you can make a choice. If you just have Sonogo that is your primary option. And he is...
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    UConn v. #15 UMass Lowell (Saturday 11/20/21 @ Tsongas Center @ 3:35p on NESN & Sunday 11/21/21 @ XL Center @ 3:35 on CW20)

    I’ve been saying the power play is a disaster for years. You would think Cav would maybe seek out some advice in the off season. Maybe watch a peewee game. I’m not asking the best in the country. Merely slightly below average would do. Ours is slow developing. Nobody moves around. Poor passing
  18. F

    End of the block C?

    I have always preferred the white helmets. I like the block C. As someone else said clean and professional looking. And has represented UConn for its entire fbs time
  19. F

    End of the block C?

    The single worst design in the history of helmet design. And yes, I have seen Maryland’s.
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    UConn v. #15 UMass Lowell (Saturday 11/20/21 @ Tsongas Center @ 3:35p on NESN & Sunday 11/21/21 @ XL Center @ 3:35 on CW20)

    For whatever reason, we seem to struggle early In the year. I had hoped we were over that, but after last weekend, I’m not so sure. This week will tell a lot about whether we will turn it around or just take the season off until the New Year.
  21. F

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    I think where we need to focus in the portal are quarterback, offensive line and linebacker. I’m not sold on any of our quarterbacks. It is possible that with a different coach one of the current crop steps up, but I wouldn’t count on it. P was exciting, but he doesn’t throw the ball that...
  22. F

    Big East OOC tracker

    LOL. Yeah we won 2 games by 40 and one by 59. We played 3 teams who had no business playing us. Respect would have been to play the walk ons for the second half. Respect, truthfully, would have been not to schedule games against teams you know you will humiliate. And make know mistake...
  23. F


    There will be some decommittments as there are with any new coach. What we don’t know, and likely never will know, is how many left because their is a new head coach and how many left because the new coach said thanks but you don’t fit our needs any more.
  24. F

    Twelfth Team to the Big East

    The problem, of course, is you can’t bring in too many mid-majors and still be considered a Major. The NOOB has already brought in Xavier, Butler, Creighton in recent years, plus it has Providence and Seton Hall who basically scream mid-major, and DePaul who screams low D1. At some point you...
  25. F

    Twelfth Team to the Big East

    Temple. They can’t be thrilled with the new AAC. Plus Villanova would have a rival.
  26. F

    LIU Haiku

    Why LIU now? Little Sisters of the Poor Don’t play basketball.
  27. F

    Two Duke Players Arrested for DWI

    They are just poor misguided lads. No reason to hold them responsible for anything. After all they are just youths.
  28. F

    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    So all you Lashlee fan boys see him as a choice anywhere but FIU?
  29. F


    There is something to be said for that for sure. I’m also think he might just be doing this because he wants to get back into coaching. Simple as that. I just took a new job after retiring mainly because I wanted to get back to doing what I liked to do. At UConn he gets a program with likely...
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    Realistic 5 Year Goals for Coach Mora & UConn Football

    I give 2022 a pass but long term for the program should be: 1. FCS game is an automatic win 2. win 50% of games against mid-tier P5 teams 3. Win 1 payday game every 4 years 4. Win 2 out of 3 against G5 teams excluding UMass 5 Beat UMass most years. Bowl game most years. I think this is...
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    Washington’s coach just fired

    If it was 2025 and we were sitting at 10-0 and the pundits were debating whether we belonged in the CFP, I’d be worried. In the current situation, not so much.
  32. F

    UConn Coppin State thoughts

    I don’t know. These games are like playing the walk ons in a scrimmage. I know it is different, but the son of a friend played football at a d1 school. His sophomore year they started 3-0 playing an FCS game, a horrible Army team and another really bad MAC team. Then they started their...
  33. F

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Can we please stop with the taxpayer nonsense. I get it but UConn and UConn Health are almost $3 billion budget. The taxpayers contribute about $400 million. Plus another $200 million in bonding payments. So around 13% of the operating budget. Ideal word UConn would be spun off as a...
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    The next OC

    DC is almost irrelevant in the current college game. When a ball control team like Army scores in the 50s and gets blown out, what else is there to say. NC State scores 42 and loses. With the current pass coverage rules it’s pretty much impossible to play decent defense. Basically put 11...
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