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  1. Northbound

    AJ - I don't see it

    I feel like this conversation was had about Taliek for 4 friggin years. As dumb now as it was then.
  2. Northbound

    OT: Seeking advice for new dog owners

    If you really want it trained, like really trained, then send it away to be trained. You're not going to be able to replicate what a professional trainer can do. You can 100% tell dogs that have had professional training - you won't be doing this, but for guys that hunt their dogs know what I...
  3. Northbound

    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    Jesus go sell crazy someplace else we’re already got plenty to go around.
  4. Northbound

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    I’m now waiting for the posts about not liking the “dunk shot” and complaining about fundamentals. Jesus, I think my father may be posting under a few different names on here.
  5. Northbound

    AJ = Royce White without the fear of flying

    He's closer to Harold Miner than Royce White and I am NOT saying Harold Miner is a comp. To get to Royce territory he'd have to gain a 1/4 person and have a back to the basket game.
  6. Northbound

    Fixing Your Shot Over The Summer

    He's just developing a shot now because he never needed it in HS. He could just hammer whoever Academy was playing physically. Kevin Huerter is from the same area and was a 4 star, but was always a shooter. AJ was never that, never. His weakness acknowledged by "experts" when he was being...
  7. Northbound

    OT: Ice Dams

    A few things: 1) Roof rakes are a pita but work 2) A lot of ice dams are due to poor interior insulation 3) typically the ice dams are in specific spots so most folks don’t need to roof rake all parts of the roof 4) Sledge hammers work and i’ve done it on a ladder with 5” of ice built up in the...
  8. Northbound


    I’d encourage folks to try and get their hands on Wayward Lane in Schoharie, NY. Very very good.
  9. Northbound

    Bouknight Sent Down!

    He scored 33 in a g league game. Happy for the young man. Hopefully he realizes that’s not the sole metric that any team uses to evaluate most players. You typically have to be more complete to have a meaningful role. I’m sure someone has a +/- on him. Just keep doing that night after night...
  10. Northbound

    Assistant Coach Search

    Sometimes I think it’s because CE knows how to tweet. CE is not going to pull the talent needed. He’s not going to he able to get kids the teams needs to be successful. Plus why the hell would you keep Edsall’s kid around. He needs to go. The less Edsall stink on the program the better.
  11. Northbound

    Unofficial Andre Jackson Nickname Poll

    that would be the Amsterdam Acrobat. He just went to academy. Amsterdam HS probanly wins one maybe two state titles of he and one or two other players don’t go the private school route. Albany Academy didn’t help him a ton. he was going to get love regardless if we when to AHS or AA.
  12. Northbound

    Need a favor

    Working as directed
  13. Northbound

    Road bicycling

    I used to ride to and from the office in NYC long before there was bike lanes some things I learned: 1) Flat bar with extensions 2) No clips 3) Wide tires 4) Comfortable saddle 5) Cars will always win, put the bike pride aside, people are, well, people 6) Doesn't need to be said, but will...
  14. Northbound

    Bouk nailed to the bench in opener

    Everyone here wants the guy to succeed, but he currently has fundamental flaws that any objective observer could/can see. 1) Does not have an NBA body 2) Isn’t a strong defender 3) Doesn’t create for others It’s not the end of the world. It’ll come down to how much he wants to work at it. He...
  15. Northbound

    RIP Bob Neumeier.

    That 45 was the best. The fight against the Minnesota Fighting Saints other side was the Brass Bonanza.
  16. Northbound


    I live in a heavy snow region - my answer would depend on if you're there full time or just on the weekends. Weekends only - hire someone to plow nothing worse that rolling up at 11PM and having do deal with anything beyond opening the door and pouring a drink. I did this for 12 years and I...
  17. Northbound

    UMass Post Mortem

    Brother man there is no pill for this football team, well prozac perhaps.
  18. Northbound

    OT: Best Places To Get A Drink After An XL Game?

    Honiss Oyster House - beautiful, haven't thought about that place in a while - fried smelts - tasty
  19. Northbound

    UConn Top 20 (Here we go again)

    Plus the guy was the PG to a national title team - jesus that guys gets no love around here ever. The guy started for 4 straight years as a point guard. He's always forgotten about. Is there a criteria for the list? If it's UConn career, Bouk doesn't crack the top 20.
  20. Northbound

    Kevin Ollie has forgiven UConn, focused on coaching at Overtime Elite: 'I'm doing great over here' (Borges)

    Yeah i think i was hammered for saying thst exact same thing when he was hired. You don’t bring a great field sales guy into run a Fortune 500 company - that’s what the program is a Fortune 500 company - he’s never even led an Inc 1000 company its was not a good match from the jump. Doesn’t...
  21. Northbound

    Kevin Ollie has forgiven UConn, focused on coaching at Overtime Elite: 'I'm doing great over here' (Borges)

    Didn't Miller author those defensive game plans? That's not meant to be shot at KO, I genuinely recall it being well known that Miller created those plans - specifically against Kentucky. The head coach gets the credit and blame for all his staff does so he deserves the credit, but seriously...
  22. Northbound

    CCSU @ University of Miami (9/25)

    Let's go Nas Smith - tear up those canes.
  23. Northbound

    OT: Gonzaga coach Mark Few cited for DUI, apologizes for 'lapse in judgment'

    The dude probably lives in Bridgeport. Which is fine, unless you're ripping on pretty much any other place.
  24. Northbound

    Corey Edsall’s future

    He’s out.
  25. Northbound

    Need a new coach, but the hate for Edsall is ridiculous

    To the ones comparing Edsall to Calhoun - Get some facts and come back and see us.
  26. Northbound

    Who's your list for next HC?

    i love the Griz, but this is 100% correct. Hauck is not the answer here.
  27. Northbound

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    Additionally, this is the biggest W of the season regardless of any on field “success”.
  28. Northbound

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    I feel like i should gather the family for a Thanksgiving dinner on this date every year from now on.
  29. Northbound

    Your Plans Next Weekend

    Become inebriated very early in the day.
  30. Northbound

    Anyone here ever purchase part of a cow, pig, etc?

    Every year, but have moved to just buying things I want in bulk from the farmer. More expensive, by a lot, yes, but i was giving away burger left and right anyway. Im not really a burger guy. My usual twice a year 16 2” porterhouse 6 2” strips 6 2” ribeyes chicken halves 40 pork chops 20...
  31. Northbound

    Cigar boxes; do you keep your empties?

    my father's a guitar man, got him a cigar box guitar made by a guy in the North Country in NY. It's a sweet display piece.
  32. Northbound

    OT: What is it you'd say you do?

    Former CMO, floundering start up founder and perpetually aggravated (i wish i could get paid for being annoyed).
  33. Northbound

    Quite frankly

    Quite frankly - I need a drink. I read the Chief started threads for their extraordinarily high unintentional comedy score. James your a guard, never mind the shooting practice son, let's get some quality repetitions on blocking the ball and keeping it in play because you've not demonstrated...
  34. Northbound

    Wyoming alumnus here

    He invited me to his place in Saratoga, Wyoming to go fishing with him, I like a fool passed as I didn't want to intrude. That was a dumb thing for me to do, but now when I'm invited someplace and I want to go, I go.
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