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    There will be some decommittments as there are with any new coach. What we don’t know, and likely never will know, is how many left because their is a new head coach and how many left because the new coach said thanks but you don’t fit our needs any more.
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    OT: So Louisville, huh? The gift that keeps on giving...

    Assistant coach gets fired. Tries to extort money or he will blow the whistle on illegal activities in the basketball program. Oh and he sent videos of some improper activities by email. So we have yet another Louisville NCAA investigation, PLUS a criminal investigation of a former assistant...
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    Time to revise the selection process for the Dance

    Given all the brand names going down to really lesser known programs, this might be the time to rethink the analytics generated selection process. I actually have thought it was badly unbalanced for a long time largely because all the models give way to much weight to strength of schedule...
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    High school to the NBA coming soon?

    I recently came across an brief note in a longer article that said the NBA will be taking players directly from high school starting in 2 years. Any body else here that? Personally I am in favor of it and hope it is true for 3 reasons. 1. It will greatly reduce the 1-done nonsense 2. from the...
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    Penny = Calipari II

    He recruits like crazy but Hardaway is an awful coach. He follows the Calipari method of just letting guys go out there and do what looks good to get to the NBA and hopes the talent will carry them. Doesn’t put players in position to do what will help his team win. Precious shooting from...
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    Is the Tulsa game replay anywhere?

    Missed the big win last night due to a previous commitment and didn’t record it due to a technical error ( I forgot when I left yesterday morning). So that explains my minimal comments after a win.
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    Serious question. How long does Hurley get?0

    I was talking to someone at the football game on Saturday and it got me thinking. This will be Year 2 of the Hurley regime. If we are not a tourney team by next year does he get another? The guy was saying Edsall is in year 3 and hasn’t turned the program around yet. My view was given the mess...
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    Is Ollie part of s new paradigm?

    It will be interesting to watch over the next couple of years but I wonder if we aren’t seeing a change in the way schools deal with coaches. The actions by UConn, Pitt, Florida and some others in football to fire for cause could be a movement away from huge contracts with long term guarantees...
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    Pumped for BC tonight

    This is what college hockey is about.
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    Blauds - Big 12 Alive & Kicking Butt, But....

    Arizona & ASU makes a kind of sense but whether it's worth reading being bossed around by Oregon Washington and the 2 LA schools for being bossed around by Texas and Oklahoma would make an interesting doctoral dissertation. BUU and Houston, well Houston says yes in a nanosecond. BYU brings...
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    Something of a big week coming up

    Two winnable games this weekend with Merrimack the PC Wednesday. Not a vintage Friar team. It would be a good time to put together a little positive streak and make a move in the league standings.
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    Someone has to ask the question

    We have struggled mightily to be successful in this league. Is it time to face facts and move basketball to America East where we will be more competitive then put more emphasis on sports where we are in a premier league (hockey) or that are critical to any hope of eventually getting to a P5...
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    Thoughts on Edsall and Recruiting

    I have read a number of concerns about whether Edsall will be able to recruit to the AAC like he did to the Big East. To me there are a number of silly assumptions behind these views. First and foremost is the idea that because Diaco didn't recruit well Edsall won't. The problem there of...
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    Choose your excuse

    Northeastern is a really good team. LOL UConn has lots of freshmen Brimah the AAC
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    This weeks keys to the game

    1. This game is 60 minutes. Play all 60 for once 2. If ever there was a week to establish the run this is it. Youth all over the Orange defense. Long demoralizing drives to eat clock and keep the speed boys off the field. 3. Pressure the passer. Don't let him get comfortable. He won't...
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    Scooter's Key to the Game-UVA

    Four keys: 1. Football games are 60 minutes. Play the full 60! 2. Virginia starts lots of youth on defense. Several true and redshirt frosh at key positions. We need to impose our will. 3. Don't be afraid to throw the ball. This is a pass defense that doesn't pressure the passer and...
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    What excuses will we hear?

    UConn played a vanilla offense and defense and still won. If it hadn't been for a missed block that led to the fumble UConn wins going away. This was Maine's Super Bowl. Biggest improvement is from game 1 to game 2. Feel free to add your own.
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    Big News about the Civil ConFLict...Huge

    According to the Hartford Courant the Civil ConFLict will be known from now on as just the ConFlLict! Wow! Apparenybghis was announced at the AAC weekly media event. As Trump would say, this is HUGE.
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    This is a great series on the future of college football I agree with lots of the points. It is based on Michigan, but it is...
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    Dave Berard named Holy Cross Coach

    I didn't see it posted here but I think its worth a mention that Dave Berard was recently named the head coach at Holy Cross replacing Paul Pearl. Dave did a really fine job as interim head Coach at UConn. Best of luck to Dave in his new position.
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    OT-Oops! $60 million Stadium lasts 2 years!
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    OTish: Florida State, and what some folks will do to win This report, if accurate, shows that Florida State and the local police were more interested in protecting their star than protecting a female student. This is disgraceful.
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    OK, so I was wrong...

    Ollie is a pretty fair coach!
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    Does anyone else think it was somewhat strange to schedule Spring

    practice the way we did? A week of practice, then a week off before coming back to practice again? Seeems a little disjointed to me.
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    Gotta Love the NCAA!

    The following violation was self reported by Oklahoma. May 10, 2013 Violation: Three current student-athletes received food in excess of NCAA regulation at a graduation banquet. The three had graduated from the school but returned for an additional season of competition. The players were...
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    Sota I guess I'd prefer Jesus in the fanbase than "funky" Undies The other interesting thing is that white evangelicals pray for victory...
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    Hockey times this weekend??? What the heck?

    Thursday at 7:05 and Friday at 5:05? What the hey is up with that? I know they've played a couple of Saturday games at 4, but Friday at 5? Are they trying to keep the gate down for some reason? Anybody know the thinking?
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    Sort of OT...Clemson

    Can someone please explain how these guys get taken seriously every single year? They played 2 FCS teams, for heaven sakes. got run out of their own stadium by Florida State. Then got run out of the Stadium again by South Carolina. As usual these guys are the biggest bunch of posers in...
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    Can we finally admit that going to Boyle was a mistake?

    He is no more ready to be a D1 starter at this level than my Aunt Sadie is, and I don't even have an Aunt Sadie. Blowing this kid's redshirt was a crime. He isn't anywhere close to ready. My concern is that this experience ruins him for the long term. He has some skills but he is far from...
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    The kicking game...

    Our kicking game isn't very good. Christen has really limited range. Missing that field goal Saturday was huge in my view, and something that has been ignored by most reviews of the game. Here's a guy who is 2/8 from 40 yards plus over his career really 1-5 from 40-49 yards. Look, I get that...
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    Gotta give credit where its due, Dez asked Weist who calls the plays

    and Weist took responsibility. Says he has autonomy. And has done a bad job... I know Nan has this linked already, but I think it deserves its own thread...,0,475959.story
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    Good thing pasqualoni isn't coaching at Grambling...

    He would likely be out of a job...
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    Has Pasqualoni created a quarterback controversy on top of all

    the other problems? This announcing Boyle as the #2, combined with what looks to be setting the stage for replacing Whitmer looks to me as having the potential to be yet another distraction for this season. I have a hard time believing that he is moving Boyle up the ladder with no intention...
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    So I'm driving to a job site and hear the Suze on the radio...

    and she's being interviewed about UConn football...on NPR of all places. Kind of confirmed my view that when it comes to athletics, she is either clueless or doesn't much care. Highlights of her comments: 1. We're not Alabama, nor are we LSU (did youknow Towson almost beat LSU last year? Not...
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    OT??? Did Warde get a new job? I htough so when I heard the new logo was sleeker and more powerful.
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