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  1. huskeynut

    Coach Flo out

    Auburn AD announced Terri Williams-Flournoy out as head coach. Her 9 year record at Auburn was 140 - 138 overall. Conference record was 48 - 96.
  2. huskeynut

    OT: Another Legend

    Legendary coach Don Shula has died at age 90. Still the only NFL coach with an undefeated season.
  3. huskeynut

    Texas vs USF

    End of the first quarter: USF 13 Texas 7. USF shooting 6 for 13 Texas shooting 3 for 13.
  4. huskeynut

    Lou Sighting

    Lou Is not in game attire.
  5. huskeynut

    Congrats Lou!!!

    With all the teeth grinding, hand ringing and second guessing - no one thought to post the fact that Lou scored her 2,000th point. What a fantastic accomplishment for a very deserving young lady. Go Lou!!!!!!!!
  6. huskeynut

    USF's Laksa lost for the season

    In last night's game against Bethune-Cookman, Kitija Laksa went down late in the 3rd quarter, grabbing her right. She had to be carried off the court to the locker room. USF's worst nightmare has been confirmed. Laksa has torn her ACL. The wife and I were at the game. The fans and team were in...
  7. huskeynut

    USF vs. Albany

    Saw USF play last night against Albany. The final score was 74 - 37 USF. I don't think anyone would be surprised. So here is the breakdown of USF. Starters: PG - Sydni Harvey - 5' 10" freshman SG - Laura Ferreira - 5' 11" senior Wing - Kitija Laksa - 6' 0" senior F - Alyssa Radar -6' 2" junior...
  8. huskeynut

    Game Time Change

    Tomorrow's game with ECU will tip off at 2 PM, not 7 PM. Change made do to impending weather conditions.
  9. huskeynut

    OT: USF vs LSU

    It’s 28 - 25 at the half in favor of USF. Neither team has shown any sembelence of an offense. Jespersen and Laksa have 26 of USF’s points. Most of USF’s offense is 3 point shots. No inside game at all. LSU has two bigs but they are slow and poor shooters. LSU is a guard oriented team and not...
  10. huskeynut

    Deshields injured [merged thread]

    SECN reporting that Diamond was taken off the court on a stretcher after a collision on the court. The video showed Diamond taking a shot to the head. I would assume the medics took standard precautionary measures but it did not look good. Awaiting further updates. Never want to see this...
  11. huskeynut

    ND goes down. New rankings prediction

    Unranked NC State just took down ND. So we have until Monday to ponder the new polls. Who do you have in what spot? Here's my Top 10: #1 UConn #2 Maryland #3 Baylor #4 Mississippi State #5 South Carolina #6 ND # 7 FSU #8 Louisville #9 Washington #10 UCLA
  12. huskeynut

    Season Tickets

    The email notification came today. Time to buy season tickets for the XL Center, Gampel and the AAC tourney. Put in our request for the XL and the tourney. We even were asked what section we would like. Who else put in for season tickets?
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