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    Mansfield ApaRedevelopment

    University is considering the construction of 800-850 apartment units on the existing Mansfield Apartments site. Construction of a new dormitory complex on South Campus is also planned. I would suspect that some of older dormitory complexes days are numbered. September 29, 2021 TO: Members of...
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    Message From AD Benedict: Re Financial Donations

    Significant support during the Pandemic.
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    Message From AD Benedict: Re Financial Donations

    Significant support during the Pandemic.
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    Why no outdoor field turf practice field?

    Why doesn’t UConn Football have an outdoor field turf practice field? This weekend and last weekend football camps have used the new soccer field for practices. There are two grass practice fields above the Sherman Family Athletic Complex. One field should be field turf.
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    10 Schools that should add hockey
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    Tyler Davis Article From UConn Today
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    HCRE and Former BC Coach O’Brien Golf Champs
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    Hockey Arena Groundbreaking May 22

    Significant donations secured and more in the pipeline. Original fundraising goal of $9 million dollars was increased to $20 million dollars.
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    Joe Lunardi Early 2022 Bracketology

    UConn is the 6 seed in the West Bracket vs Northwestern.
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    Latest Hockey Arena Update (Approved)

    Per recent Building & Grounds Committee meeting minutes. Final approval for the new arena and parking area by BOT is scheduled for April 28. Total budget is $77 million dollars with the arena costing $70 millions. Updated interior rendering shows chair back seating with no bleacher seating...
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    Record Number Of Applications Despite Pandemic
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    NFL Donates 3 Million Dollars For Athletics

    Per upcoming BOT agenda and UCONN 2000 Report: I didn’t know the NFL donated to college athletic program. UCONN 2000: Private Financial Support For first three months of fiscal year 2021 the Foundation raised $14 million in new gifts and commitments, $1 million designated to endowed accounts...
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    Family & Friends Allowed Access To Games
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    Outdoor Rink Constructed on Great Lawn

    An outdoor rink has been constructed on The Great Lawn to help students alleviate pandemic stress.
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    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    Three hundred acres including runways to be marketed for warehouse developments. Should have some negative impact on stadium parking.
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    Azzi Fudd: Top Market

    Hartford Business Journal lists Fudd as one of the nations top marketing prospects. Article incorrectly identify her as a freshman.
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    Benefit of New Turf Fields

    New turf fields will allow games and practices to held after inclement weather. A big benefit for many programs.
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    Resolution Of Ollie Arbitration Delayed
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    XL Renovation Update
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    New York Times: Courageous Huskies
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    15 Best College Town and Cities

    Storrs makes the list
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    Hockey Rink Campaign

    Fundraising Campaign for new rink has started.
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    Pitino: May Madness

    Delay the season and have May Madness instead of March Madness.
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    Nick Saban Tested Positive For Covid

    Saban and Bama’s AD tested positive for Covid.
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    UConn moves up one spot in U. S. News rankings
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    Louisville Dismisses Soccer Players After Party

    Not football related but shows how fast covid can spread among student athletes. 29 Louisville athletes infected after attending a house party.
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    Record Fundraising Year For UConn

    Someone donated 13.5 million dollars for athletics.
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    Record Fundraising Year For UConn

    Someone donated 13.5 million dollars for athletics.
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    UConn Foundation Record Year

    Foundation raised 89.5 million dollars in fiscal year 2020.
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    UMass Fall Semster Mostly Online

    UMass Amherst fall semester will be mostly on line courses with professors teaching from their homes. Students can live on campus if they adhere to social distancing rules. Does UMass allows any sports for the fall semster...
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    UMass Athletics Fall-Winter Sports Plan

    UConn mention
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    Another Kentucky Scandal
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    Boston College AD To UCLA<>Temple AD to BC (updated) BC fans aren’t happy on their fan forum: BC
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    St John’s: The biggest recruiting miss in college hoop history
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