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  1. Palatine

    University of Maine offensive stats.

    Just the numbers, don't know anything about their offensive philosophy or alignment. 337 yards per game. They were very balanced with 362 (3.9 YPA) running attempts and 347 (6.65 YPA) passing attempts.
  2. Palatine

    Hurley UMES post game presser

  3. Palatine

    Going small was the right move

    Took a while but Hurley figured it out. Hurley couldn't find an effective group until Whaley became the center. The small line up was much better defensively and the offense was decent all night. First time we really depended on this group. Anyways. Never thought we would lose at any point. But...
  4. Palatine

    Hurley post game Binghamton

  5. Palatine

    Tim Boyle likely to start for Lions on Sunday.

    Of course, some BYers would prefer that Whitmer get the start against the Browns. Best of luck to the young man who has scraped out a pretty decent NFL career carrying the clipboard.
  6. Palatine

    Hurley post game presser - LIU

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere.
  7. Palatine

    3 straight 90 point games. First time since 95 NCAA tourney

    We went 4 straight in the 1995 NCAA. Binghamton is officially on notice. I know it's hard but try not to read too much into these games.
  8. Palatine

    One LIU stat worth noting.

    LIU gives up over 90 points a game (two games).
  9. Palatine

    And another thing, why isn't Burns our short yardage and goal line back?

    He's our biggest RB and he doesn't dance. Carter won't move a pile and running Mensah on third (or 4th) and short is like waving a white flag. Just one of the many things we do (or don't) that make little sense.
  10. Palatine

    What do these coaches see when they watch Jack Zergiotis?

    He must be a completely different player in practice. I mean, he has a great arm, he could throw a ball through a brick wall. But chances are he would miss the wall. They have to see something that doesn't show up in games.
  11. Palatine

    Bouknight sent up.

    Back with the Hornets. Let's put a positive spin on Bouk.
  12. Palatine

    Benedict/Mora presser.

  13. Palatine

    DePaul defeats Coppin State by 25;/g/11ry4n57nz;3;/g/11ckvf54fz;dt;fp;1;;
  14. Palatine

    Monday Night Football - Manningcast

    This is on topic for the following reason. Strahan was a guest. He noted that the Giants defensive back tackling technique was faulty. "Take another step." Don't lunge. Strahan noted this as the DB went for the feet and missed the takle. This is something the Husky defenfensive backs have done...
  15. Palatine


    Joel Embiid was rested last night so Andre got the start and played 30+ minutes. 14 points, 15 boards, 7 assists and 5 steals in a 10 point win over Portland. He will NOT play for league minimum next year.
  16. Palatine

    AP preseason top 25

    130 schools play D1 football. 350 schools play D1 basketball. So currently 35+% of the total basketball schools (the major football schools) hold 85+% of the top basketball positions (in 2020 it was over 90%). At the end of last year D1 football schools held 43 of the top 50 basketball spots...
  17. Palatine

    According to the MTSU QB...

    ...what the UConn defense shows you pre-snap is what they play. In other words, there is no disguise. It makes it easy to be in right play to defeat the defense. It's hard to imagine a more damming appraisal of the Husky D. I knew the coaching and game planning were bad. But this is...
  18. Palatine

    Bouk nailed to the bench in opener

    DNP coach's decision.
  19. Palatine

    MLB will provide housing for minor leaguers, it's about time.

    This is defnitely a step in the right direction especially for the lower minor leagues
  20. Palatine

    We are staring into the abyss

    Not to be dramatic, or maybe to be dramatic. I have seen UConn +3. Underdogs. I do know this. Lose this game and another victory will come, maybe, September of 2022. I don't know who going to play or coach? Who has Covid or Bubonic Plague? I don't care. Let's go Huskies. You can do this.
  21. Palatine

    Biden visiting UConn on friday.

    No joke.
  22. Palatine

    Why did we bring Jay Rose to Amherst?

    If we didn't intent to ever look at him, what was the point? Just bizarre.
  23. Palatine

    UMass manhandled us.

    Maybe if we take a couple of years off we'll be big and strong enough to compete with them. They owned the line of scrimmage. They pushed our defense right down the field. They beat the tar out of our QB. In the 4th quarter they were ready to play and we were looking for spot to take a nap. I...
  24. Palatine


    According to the university as of June 30, 2021 the endowment has reached 602 million dollars. Thanks to strong investment earnings, the total university endowment made historic gains this fiscal year and grew by more than 26 percent, a phenomenal increase. Specifically, the endowment grew from...
  25. Palatine

    Spanos is a good guy but he makes a lot of dumb decisions.

    He does get kudos for bringing in a real offensive coach. And his team plays harder than we saw under Edsall. But his game decisions are out there.
  26. Palatine

    30 yards of penalties on the last Vandy drive.

    What can say?
  27. Palatine

    We looked much faster against Wyoming

    I suppose, it could be that Wyoming was slow. That's possible. But there were a lot of freshman on the field who seemed to move pretty good. My guess is that Spanos values speed more highly than Edsalll did and is making an effort to get faster players on the field even if it means sacrificing...
  28. Palatine

    Slightly off topic. Giants were NOT offside on play that cost them the game.

    He looks offside but he timed the snap perfectly. He is ahead of the other defensive linemen and he jumps back which makes it look offside. But Dexter Lawrence moved when the ball moved.
  29. Palatine

    K seemed comfortable in the pocket.

    Small things. The pass blocking was fair even though we tried to block a DE projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft with a redshirt freshman and no help. K kept his eyes downfield. He seemed to read the defense pretty fast even as the pass rush was reaching him. If Medlock doesn't...
  30. Palatine

    It will take a couple of game to wash the taste of Edsall out of our mouths.

    Today was more of the same. But perhaps, Sopanos is capable of learning. We know Edsall wasn't. We are entering a period where there are a group of winnable games but we cannot play conservative football and win any of them. We rolled out the QB today, we threw a a couple of screen passes. We...
  31. Palatine

    I would welcome a moral victory today.

    Just a good performance, anything that is not an embarrassment is an improvement. Go Huskies.
  32. Palatine

    Will the defensive line move pre-snap this week?

    Watching other games this week end, you see defensive linemen shifting trying to confuse the opposing offensive line. UConn's d-line line is complete vanilla. Four guys kine up and four guys remain in the same spots until the ball is snapped. You also see other teams putting a LB on the LOS...
  33. Palatine

    Edsall should leave this minute. NOW!

    The players have already tuned him out. The swan song makes it worse. Besides he is the same low life who turned his back on the team in Phoenix. Give him he boot.
  34. Palatine

    Scott Frost.

    Ran into a buzz saw as Oklahoma head man. Will probably be fired at the end of the year. First HC job was taking over 0-12 UCF. Went 6-7 then 13-0. Very creative offensive mind. Was OC at Oregon. As a player he QBed a collegient national champion. In the NFL he played under Bill Walsh, Bill...
  35. Palatine

    A few things that can slow a pass rush.

    To say Randy Edsall lacks imagination is to say Manute Bol was tall. But there are things even a conservative coach can do to slow the onslaught of defensive rushers with the goal of creating a clean pocket, time to pass, and a more confident QB. For starters there are screen passes, they can...
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