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  1. Deepster

    Did COVID help form this team?

    It is clear as a bell that this team is one cohesive unit. They like each other and they KNOW each other on the court. No matter which combination has been on the floor, they all play well together. It got me to wondering. Did the last 18+ months help that? They were quarantined together...
  2. Deepster

    Bauer with some pretty serious allegations against him. This would be so Mets if he signed with them, then while in first place this came out. Glad they did not get this guy.
  3. Deepster

    Happy 90th to Willie Mays

    Mays is the only player to have both 50 hrs (1955) and 20 triples (1957) in a given season. Mays had 660 HRs and played 34 games in 1952 and missed the entire season in 1953 for military service. He is the only player in MLB history with at least 3,000 hits, a .300 average, 300 home runs and...
  4. Deepster

    Darnold to the Panthers

    Darnold to Carolina for a 6th round pick in 2021 and their 2nd/4th rd picks in 2022. Basically a dump of the overall #3 pick for a bag of hot garbage in draft picks. I don't know what Joe Douglas' plan is....but he sure hasn't looked all that bright so far.
  5. Deepster

    Remain calm. All is well.

  6. Deepster

    The Judge Speaks: Do with him what you will.

    After being hung, for the purposes of the Mojo, this simp had the nerve to pick FSU in the East Region Final Four. Don't blame me here, folks. I sentenced him, he whined like a bitch, changed his signature unwillingly then...
  7. Deepster

    The Judge Speaks

    Your honorable Judge has shaken his robe out of the moth balls and loyal Hangman Swami has plenty of rusty piano wire at the ready. It has been a while since we stretched some necks here so let’s get into it and administer some good ol' fashioned Boneyard justice. Our beloved Huskies are back...
  8. Deepster

    Hmm. Who am I gonna hang?

    Soaking in that sweet victory tonight got me to thinking. I need to find me a victim in the next couple weeks. The Judge is a wise and fair administer of Boneyard law and lives by the “guilty until proven innocent” credo. And I’ll listen to your suggestions. Even the really stupid ones. But...
  9. Deepster

    Welcome to your new world, PC.

    Outclassed on the court. Outcoached on the sidelines. More talent up and down the roster. More athletic at every spot. Better class coming in. PC better pray BC doesn't hire someone with deep recruiting roots. If they do, UConn and BC will choke their talent pipeline like a boa constrictor...
  10. Deepster

    I hope we beat Providence by 1,000 tomorrow.

    Let's get Bouk back and just murder this annoying little program into a bloody pulp. Such a whiny group of hothouse flowers. Yeah, yeah....Ernie D. Marvin Barnes. We get it. They hate that we're back in the Big East, stealing blue chippers right from under their nose. That we were "let"...
  11. Deepster

    The Official Mets 2021 Thread

    Buzz on Twitter is a 3 year deal for 90m and an opt out after year 1 for Trevor Bauer. Jesus. deGrom, Bauer, Thor, Stroman and Peterson/Carrasco? And a pen behind it???
  12. Deepster

    Can you dunk?

    Creating this poll off CliffSpliffy's comment below. Right now, can you dunk a regulation men's basketball on a regulation hoop? I would guess the Yes result is 5% or less. We'll see.
  13. Deepster


    Just watched the first 4 episodes of Servant on Apple TV. Directed by M Night Shymalan. There are two seasons and and so far all I know is it’s about a couple who lost a baby and hire some help to come live with them to deal with things. So far I’m giving it a strong thumbs up. We’ll see where...
  14. Deepster

    The Robert Saleh Era Begins.

    NY Jets coaches since I began following them: Walt Michaels Joe Walton Bruce Coslett Pete Carroll Rich Kotite Bill Parcells Bill Belichick (for 3 minutes) Al Groh Herm Edwards Eric Mangini Rex Ryan Todd Bowles Adam Gase Is Robert Saleh my savior? Or the next in that line of decades in...
  15. Deepster

    Offbeat Holiday Movies

    I've seen all the regulars ten times over. My weekend is pretty freed up and I would like some good holiday specials/movies that might not be on the "usual" list. Really think about what you're going to post. "Love, Actually" is not a sleeper. Neither is "Die Hard". Open to period TV...
  16. Deepster


    My daughter wanted to watch this and I prepped her that it was three hours long. To my disbelief she watched the whole movie through and was captivated the entire time. I saw it was made in 1998 and I will say this: Its schmaltzy with the romance. Amazingly the effects still are awe inspiring...
  17. Deepster

    The Queen's Gambit

    Binged the first 4 episodes Friday and Saturday. Really enjoying it and I have no clue on how to play chess. The actress in the lead role is riveting and it's a unique, well told story so far.
  18. Deepster

    The Social Dilemma

    Anyone watch this yet? As someone admittedly more addicted to screens that I might like, it was a real eye opener on how companies are using humans to their advantage.
  19. Deepster

    COVID and the NFL

    Per ESPN: 58 positive tests (20 players, 38 other team personnel) among more than 330,000 NFL tests administered between Aug. 1 and Sept. 26. There were 26 positives (11 players, 15 personnel) between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, and the bulk of those came from Tennessee. 23 positive cases on the...
  20. Deepster

    Cam Newton tests positive for COVID
  21. Deepster

    Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons

    Disclaimer: I post inflammatory takes here. I barely read more than the ESPN article. I think that, generally speaking, protests are often ineffective and wastes of time. What exactly...
  22. Deepster

    Cam Newton to the Pats. So much for that “I am really excited to see what Stidham can do!!!” Nonsense.
  23. Deepster

    Time to let Jamal Adams go.

    For the last year, all he's done is piss and moan about his long term deal. We get it. You were clearly the best player on a crappy team. You are a good clubhouse leader. You deserve a fair contract, maybe even a little more. Enough is enough though. All the mine, mine, mine talk has...
  24. Deepster

    What was your first order on Amazon?

    You can go to your order queue and drop down to your first year. Dean Martin's Greatest Hits CD - January 18, 2001 - $12.99
  25. Deepster

    Chuck E Cheese passing itself off as another restaurant

    In order to sell more pizza and wings on Grubhub, they set themselves up as "Pasqually's Pizza and Wings", even though it's the same address as Chuck E Cheese. A spokesperson says it's a completely different product with thicker crust and more sauce. And "Pasqually" is "Pasqually P. Pieplate"...
  26. Deepster

    Reggie Miller is better than Steph Curry

    A) If they both played during Miller's prime, I think Miller would have been the better player. If you look at games played, Miller played 79+ games in 13 different seasons. He was more durable, tougher physically and for the game on the floor at that time? No different. Curry's body is...
  27. Deepster

    Donyell Tweet - Fractured UConn "family"

    Donyell responded to a tweet from the official UConn Men's Basketball twitter page yesterday. Kevin Ollie was one of the 300 likes. Clearly, there's still a pretty big rift between some of the older Calhoun era guys and the new regime. Not sure that has much/anything to do with Hurley, but...
  28. Deepster

    Tell me about your chickens.

    Clearing out some space in the backyard and getting rid of an old playset and a dilapidated shed. Thinking of putting a chicken coop back there. Pros: I have the space. I like to cook. The thought of fresh eggs is a plus. I'm not a pet person, so if a hawk plucks one up? I don't care. I...
  29. Deepster

    HORSE Tournament on ESPN

    Did anyone watch this thing all the way through yesterday? I tuned into the first matchup (Trae Young vs Chauncey Billups) and wow, was it awful. They basically took 3's and FT's and either called bank, swish or left handed. What a bore.
  30. Deepster

    OT: Did the Patriots make a mistake letting Jimmy G go?

    Yeah, yeah. I know they're 10-1. But so is San Fran and it's arguable that Jimmy G is having the same year: NAME POS GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG YDS/G TD INT RTG Tom BradyNE QB 11 273 439 62.2 2,942 6.7 267.5 15 5 88.5 Jimmy GaroppoloSF QB 11 232 337 68.8 2,731 8.1 248.3 20 10 100.6...
  31. Deepster

    Black Crowes to tour this summer

    7/24 at XFinity. Tickets on sale now. Already looking forward to this one. Saw them at the Bushnell in 1993. Maybe the best show I've ever seen.
  32. Deepster

    Being a Jets fan really sucks.

    They hire Gase who was a failure in Miami and burned bridges with players there. Gase appears to be a maniac at his initial press conference. Gase clashes with MacCagnan. MacCagnan signs high priced FA's Leveon Bell and CJ Mosely. Gase states he wouldn't have signed either of them MacCagnan...
  33. Deepster

    El Camino

    Watched it this weekend and really enjoyed it. Trying to keep it spoiler free here, I thought the story was great. There was suspense. Good flashbacks. Good performances from some Breaking Bad faves (Skinny Pete especially). I also appreciated that it stayed focused on one character and...
  34. Deepster

    Pats release Antonio Brown

    Per Schefty and multiple other sources. What next?
  35. Deepster

    Dennis Rodman 30 for 30

    All the 30 for 30's are generally well done and worth the watch, but I really enjoyed this one. What a complex story and maybe one of those most unique players (on and off the court) in the history of the NBA.
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