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Search results

  1. Palatine

    Sanogo out

    Could be worse.
  2. Palatine

    Sanogo out

    Adversity builds character. With luck, this will make us a better team. Just hope the lessons are not too painful.
  3. Palatine

    MNT's 2021

    Zardes is back. MLS heavy roster for upcoming friendly.
  4. Palatine

    A new monument at Storrs will pay tribute to the dozens of alumni who have competed in the Olympic Games.

    Shouldn't the Olympic rings be on that thing, somewhere?
  5. Palatine

    AJ - I don't see it

    I don't see it.
  6. Palatine

    Reid retiring

    He won a NC. But it was time. Best to the coach.
  7. Palatine

    I like to hear this

    Love that Hurley took full responsibility for his team preparation. It will be interesting to see how they respond on Sat. Just once I would have loved to see Randy Edsall step up and admit his ownership of the football Huskies. Night and day.
  8. Palatine

    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    I completely agree that offering local products improves the local product. It's more than establishing good relationships. It's helping schools to build interest in football that translates into better football (and players) with the bonus of increasing interest in UConn.
  9. Palatine

    Hurley going all Kyrie Irving

    Doing this alone in an empty arena is not a cry for attention.
  10. Palatine

    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    Bridgeport to Tappen Zee to 287 to Port Jefferson (logical terminus for the Bridgeport to Long Island tunnel) is 120+ miles and takes, at least, two hours. And you will likely still hit traffic. A tunnel from Bport to Port Jeff would be about 18 miles long and take 20 minutes.
  11. Palatine

    Sanogo Triple Team

    One thing would improve his game (and our overall game). When he gets the ball 10-12 feet from the basket, pass the ball back out and reset deeper in the post. He will either get the ball back in better position or we will run the offense to get a better shot.
  12. Palatine

    University of Maine offensive stats.

    Just the numbers, don't know anything about their offensive philosophy or alignment. 337 yards per game. They were very balanced with 362 (3.9 YPA) running attempts and 347 (6.65 YPA) passing attempts.
  13. Palatine

    Hurley UMES post game presser

  14. Palatine

    Going small was the right move

    Took a while but Hurley figured it out. Hurley couldn't find an effective group until Whaley became the center. The small line up was much better defensively and the offense was decent all night. First time we really depended on this group. Anyways. Never thought we would lose at any point. But...
  15. Palatine


    If you can bring Martin back next year, you should. He's not perfect but he is always in the right place, tough as nails, is always giving 100%, great on both ends of the floor, is a leader, shows no fear, and improves every year. Hard to find quality like that.
  16. Palatine

    Tyrese Martin Out Vs UMES

    Best to let him heal completely even if it means some pain in the early season.
  17. Palatine

    Current In Depth Article on Overtime Elite

    And they called the 1980s the "Me Generation." “It’s not that young people aren’t sports fans,” Weiner says. “It’s that they don’t want to necessarily consume sports in the way that is traditional. It’s not always about the final score of the game. Or even about who won or who lost.”
  18. Palatine

    Steven Krajewski appreciation thread

    We have no idea how Mora perceives our current QBs? We have no idea who Mora's top QB target in the portal is? We have no idea what the UConn QB room will look like this spring? Except for that, it's settled.
  19. Palatine

    DePaul defeats Coppin State by 25

    Sometimes you take one for the team. Sometimes the team takes one (a few) for the program.
  20. Palatine

    Mora Introductory Press Conference- Saturday November 27th 10:30am Rentschler Field Club Level

    I was at the press conference. Most of it was the usual passion stuff and back slapping. One thing Mora said was actually important. He is student of game management. He has an analysis his own time management decisions, good and bad to learn from them. Having a coach that understands how to...
  21. Palatine

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    Our last ND QB transfer took us to the Fiesta Bowl.
  22. Palatine

    Scouting UMES

    Ideally, you put the game out of reach in the first half with mostly starters. They play enough to get in some work and break a sweat. The second half is for the frosh.
  23. Palatine

    Artificial Christmas trees?

    We always get a real tree. Love the scent it gives the house. And I like the idea that every Christmas is different.
  24. Palatine

    Trading a lottery pick in first season

    The Hornets picked Kobe Bryant in the lottery and traded him later in the day. So if the Hornets trade Bouk, he's in good company.
  25. Palatine

    Stepping Stone vs. Destination Jobs

    The destination is whoever pays the most.
  26. Palatine

    Does this push ND to join a conf?

    If Notre Dame joins a conference,it loses what make it special. Remember when Miami football left the Big East. They haven't been relevant since. Neither has FSU. The move made them both irrelevant.
  27. Palatine

    Week 3 Rankings

    We still have no idea how good this team is. We know they are deep. They have faced zero adversary. They haven't been behind in a second half so far. We will learn a lot about this team and where they should be ranked by the end of this week.
  28. Palatine

    Wasn't the Bearcat a Stutz, ThoughtZ™

    5. Hurley said after the game that Whaley is still fighting his way back from his injury.
  29. Palatine

    Hurley post game Binghamton

  30. Palatine

    Through first 4….

    Cole 11 PPG 4.5 APG. Those numbers are consistent with his play last year. Not spectacular but good.
  31. Palatine

    Report Card vs Binghampton

    Akok was our best player for stretches. Very active on both ends. He's killing Whaley in the three point shooting contest.
  32. Palatine

    I like watching college bb again

    You did misss a national championship. But you avoided the difficult times. So you abandoned the Huskies in the years when they had losing records. And now that they are winning you're watching again? Just sayin.
  33. Palatine

    Favorite Protest Songs

    They will still be playing this song a couple of centuries from now.
  34. Palatine

    Tim Boyle likely to start for Lions on Sunday.

    Of course, some BYers would prefer that Whitmer get the start against the Browns. Best of luck to the young man who has scraped out a pretty decent NFL career carrying the clipboard.
  35. Palatine

    Don Brown to UMass

    Love Brown. He was good for the Huskies. He'll turn 67 this July. Spendng more time with the grand kids is probably part of the reason he wants to return to New England
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