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  1. The Viking

    New York Giants - 2020 Draft Night

    Alright, it's draft-day. Sadly for us Giants fans, around week 8 this is the night that we look to as our Super Bowl Sunday. Before I hit on the G-men, let's talk about the top 3 teams above us - Cincinnati, Washington and Detroit (for now). While most people assume that Cincinnati is taking...
  2. The Viking

    The Hartford Courant and it's hockey "coverage"

    So UConn is having probably the best run its had in its 6 years a member of one of the top hockey conferences in the country. It's a run that has put them from likely not even qualifying for the 8-team Hockey East playoff to a position where they now control their destiny to host a 1st round...
  3. The Viking

    2018 World Series: Los Angeles vs. Boston

    Figured we could spike out conversation about the World Series into a new thread instead of a "Jackie Bradley" thread. Here's the schedule, with all games on FOX: Tues, 10/23: LA @ Boston - 8:09pm Wed, 10/24: LA @ Boston - 8:09pm Fri, 10/26: Boston @ LA - 8:09pm Sat, 10/27: Boston @ LA 8:09pm...
  4. The Viking

    Sell Me On Cavanaugh

    Just got back from the XL to see our third offensive dud since the break ended. We just lost to the 10th place team in the HE and even worse got completely owned in the final 10 minutes on home ice. I always try to cut our coaches slack more so than others on the BY but I’m losing patience with...
  5. The Viking

    Next time just drop the ball Hergy

    The season could not have ended any worse. A missed XP that was really a missed FG because Mayala had to make sure the first thing he did after the TD catch was to talk to the defender on the ground. I mean better to do that then just celebrate with your team and get ready for the next...
  6. The Viking

    Ollie: Hopefully Gilbert plays in Hawaii

    Just said postgame he felt bad for "Al", said UConn has a great medical staff and hopefully he'll be ready for Hawaii. Who knows, but hell of a lot better than I figured.
  7. The Viking

    2016 Boston Red Sox Playoff Discussion

    Alright, might as well fire this up a little early, we can discuss playoff roster, potential 1st round opponents, etc. The 1st round of the ALDS is scheduled to start on Thursday, October 6th (as well as 7th, 9th and 10th, 12th if necessary) AL Div winner #3 @ AL Div winner #2 AL Wild Card...
  8. The Viking

    Mike and the Mad Dog laughs

    I think there should be a thread just on the hilarious moments of these two - or even better, the hilarious impersonations of them. I'll start with Sour Shoes who might the king of all impersonators. Here he calls into the Dan Patrick show the morning after the Radio City event a few weeks ago...
  9. The Viking

    WolfPack trying to cut into UConn's base?

    Strange, I've never bought tickets to a Wolfpack game - I went to one where a ticket was given to me so I could watch my wife's nephew play between periods - then all of a sudden this week I get a voice mail from a Wolfpack person - called back, went to VM so I just let it be. Then last night...
  10. The Viking

    The Hartford Courant and UConn Hockey

    The morning after the best comeback and perhaps best win in their brief Hockey East existence, the hometown paper has a small blurb tucked in the 2nd page. Knowing that after Friday's win, UConn was in position to host its first Hockey East playoff round, the Courant decided not to send anyone...
  11. The Viking

    Berry Tramel on WTIC

    Berry Tramel - sports columnist for the Oklahoman - will be on WTIC with Gresh at some point between 4:30-5. Figured this might be worthy of it's own thread since this guy talks to Boren and has some CR juice to his name.
  12. The Viking

    Warde talks UConn at Michigan presser

    Starting at the 1:45 mark
  13. The Viking

    Tomorrow's practice at Gampel

    Perhaps we can try this:
  14. The Viking

    Blaudschun's latest: UConn/Big 12 and Michigan AD search

    He posted this today, not sure if he is aware of the rumors that Big 12 may be headed toward a compromise leading to no expansion....but here goes anyway: Also mentions Michigan getting closer to an AD decision.
  15. The Viking

    The New York Giants: What's Next?

    Alright, the Washington win has officially knocked New York out of the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. Changes have to be made. I'd have to think that with all the respect the Giants organization has had for Tom Coughlin that there is no way that they merely axe him while letting GM Jerry...
  16. The Viking

    What's worse the UConn offense or the Giants defense

    I'm a fan of both. It's been rough this year. I honestly don't know which unit is worse at doing its job. I think I have to go UConn offense because at the least the Giants worst player had his hand blown off. Can't think of a comparable excuse for the UConn offense.
  17. The Viking

    The 2016 Boston Red Sox Roster

    They've traded for Kimbrel, signed Chris Young as a 4th OF and spent big bucks on Price. Curious as to what their roster will look like..we can modify this as need be. Starting Lineup - Appears set barring a trade of Ramirez should they eat half the cost or if they make some kind of trade...
  18. The Viking

    Blauds: UConn / BC all but official

    Figured I'd start a new thread to wipe all the bickering with Yawkey away... a new start. The key of course, is the resumption of BC vs. UConn, which will start next November at Alumni Stadium. The Eagles will return the trip in 2017, take a few years off and...
  19. The Viking

    Diaco livid post-game

    Anyone here Diaco's post-game interview with Joe D after the game? I was expecting a calm response, well we shot ourselves in the foot, it's too bad we played well enough to stay in the game in a tough environment yada yada But what I got was Diaco being pretty enraged at how dumb his team was...
  20. The Viking

    Is Alex using PED's in 2015?

    Tomorrow A-Rod turns 40 years old. A year ago the Yankees were trying desperately to find a loophole to get out of his deal and NY fans had had enough of him, hoping the team would just cut him. He is currently 10th in MLB in OPS. 14th of his 23 HR's are over 400 feet and a few have gone over...
  21. The Viking

    4/20/10 - Cowherd predicted UConn to the B1G

    Well I mentioned it in the key tweets thread but maybe it deserves its own thread instead of getting lost in a tweets thread. He correctly nailed 2 of 3 moves on the same day - he was 2 months ahead of the Utah and Colorado invites to the Pac 10. What happened with the UConn thing? Who knows...
  22. The Viking

    How about starting games at 7:30 from Mon-Fri?

    Who decides on start times, is it the Hockey East or is it up to each team? 7:30 would make it a bit easier to get to the seats on time and it's only a 2 hour or 2:15 event really. You'd get out at 9:30-9:45. Are there really people who wouldn't go to a game because they think a 7:30 start...
  23. The Viking

    NESN hits another Home Run

    Meet Nikki Reyes, the newest NESN studio analyst Some demo work
  24. The Viking


    I'm sure the PA Announcer is a nice individual and for all I know he's the second coming of Mother Teresa and god bless him for that if he is, but that was the worst job I've ever heard in any arena, in any stadium, in any sport. Is he a UConn PA guy? An XL Center guy? Is this guy going to be...
  25. The Viking

    More bad news for Louisville Football

    No Teddy Bridgewater No Charlie Strong And now top WR DeVante Parker has suffered a foot injury and his season could be in jeopardy. The ACC gave up any...
  26. The Viking

    Summary of Boston's moves

    So pretty dull week in Boston, other than almost 1/3 of the major league roster being shipped out. How did Ben Cherrington do? Traded away: Jake Peavy (FA after '14) Jon Lester (FA after '14) Johnny Gomes (FA after '14) John Lackey (500K thru 2015) Steven Drew (FA after '14) Doubront (Minimum...
  27. The Viking

    Brian Cashman - Time to go?

    Pros - Since his reign started in 1998, he has four championships and has missed the playoffs only twice. Cons - He's one one ring since 2000 while spending 2.6 trillion. 3 of his rings were largely due to the foundation left behind by Bob Watson and Gene Michael His minor league system has...
  28. The Viking

    BCU fires Donahue

    If only BC and Calhoun got along...
  29. The Viking

    Coach Calhoun's crystal ball

    I was at an event today where Coach spoke and he took Q&A's afterward. I asked him 10 years from now what conference he thinks we will be in. He gave a nice long response, but I'll cut it down to size for you. He said right now he would have to say the B1G. Said because they are clearly...
  30. The Viking

    2013 Gold Glove Winners

    AL C Salvador Perez (KC) 1B Eric Hosmer (KC) 2B Dustin Pedroia (BOS) 3B Manny Machado (BAL) SS J.J. Hardy (BAL) LF Alex Gordon (KC) CF Adam Jones (BAL) RF Shane Victorino (BOS) P R.A. Dickey (TOR) NL C Yadier Molina (STL) 1B Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) 2B Brandon Phillips (CIN) 3B Nolan Arenado...
  31. The Viking

    THE KASONGO THREAD - 10/4 and beyond

    One thread on the kid. Starting now.
  32. The Viking

    Tonight's Weather

    Per US Nexrad site: TAILGATE TIME 5pm: 64% cloud cover, 40% precip - chance of rain GAMETIME START 8pm: 74% cloud cover, 40% precip - chance of Thunderstorms 4TH QTR 11PM: 81% cloud cover, 80% precip - chance of Thunderstorms You know, it's been great weather the last month and right around...
  33. The Viking

    Football coaches and Timeouts

    I could put a monkey in front of a PS3, have him play Madden and in 2 hours he'll know how to utilize timeouts more than PP and a lot of other football coaches. The decision-making in the final minutes of the first half was laughable. Dear God this isn't Rocket Science.
  34. The Viking

    The Buffalo Lion thread

    Even the morning after expansion looks to have cooled, he still is defending us on the WV site in a thread about expansion slowing down with the ACC GOR (I've done the bolding for emphasis, not Buffalo). If expansion is indeed over for now, I will dearly miss him. Fare thee well, Buffalo Lion...
  35. The Viking

    Non-Key Tweets

    This had to be done months ago. I would suggest putting all tweets from MHer, the Dude, etc in here and letting the semi-serious tweeters get more conversation time in the Key Tweets thread. Everytime I open that thread I go from hopeful to wanting to put a fork in my nutsack.
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