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  1. CTrefugee

    Caroline Ducharme making strong first impression

    It's like a ballet. Enjoy it for the art.
  2. CTrefugee

    Kiah Stokes waived by Liberty

    Why would they expand and lose more money than they lose now?
  3. CTrefugee

    Inappropriate touching

    Silly topic. Was D harassing Geno? Was Paige harassing Geno ? Two individuals can decide w/o people making dumb rules and generalization.
  4. CTrefugee

    If you grew up in CT and now live elsewhere, why did you move?

    taxes and weather. NC does not tax my pension. I moved to the Research Triangle. Duke, UNC, NC State nearby, so there is much more to do than where I lived in CT. Woops ! sorry. I did not read the subject carefully enough. I did not grow up in CT. I grew up in New York City and went to...
  5. CTrefugee

    OT Current and Former New Yorkers, I'm Curious

    I was a New Yorker until 1965. I was a Yankee fan. My father played semi-pro ball and was a Giant fan, so I had to go to the Polo Grounds most times. I hated the Dodgers ad Ebbets field. In high school, I got a job as a day camp counselor at a Boys' Club. The Yankees always let us (and...
  6. CTrefugee

    Bill Introduced To Allow College Athletes to Form Unions [merged thread]

    OK. Then they can pay tuition, room, and board. They can also be dumped if they don't live up to expectations. A two edged sword.
  7. CTrefugee

    OT: The eight perfectly made films

    Was it better than Citizen Kane ?
  8. CTrefugee

    OT: The eight perfectly made films

    ZULU with Michael Caine, Master and Commander with Russel Crowe,
  9. CTrefugee

    OT: Worst movie of all time

    most boring: Manx
  10. CTrefugee

    If you could have dinner with any two Huskies who would they be

    Being an old timer, I would choose Lobo and Berube (or maybe Elliot). Lobo because she is so intelligent in so many areas and Berube/Elliot because I loved how they were able to consistently perform at a level that , I think, was above their natural athletic ability. They were a joy to watch.
  11. CTrefugee

    Women's 3-point line has been moved

    If it's an advantage, why didn't Geno have them move out before? There is no limit on how much you can move out. I guess you see something Geno does not. Head bang
  12. CTrefugee

    Women's 3-point line has been moved

    If it is an advantage for us, why didn't we do it before (to spread the floor) ?
  13. CTrefugee

    Why do I smile whenever Syracuse has a problem ?

    Was he coach for the "if we can't win, then let's beat them up" UCONN game or was that before his time. I recall that the women were so mad, when Geno wanted to pull them at garbage time, they wanted to stay in and gave the cuse a major ass whuppin'.
  14. CTrefugee

    Why do I smile whenever Syracuse has a problem ?

    12 years right? Not much to show for it.
  15. CTrefugee

    Why do I smile whenever Syracuse has a problem ?

    "Not in panic mode" probably means -"I still have x years on my contract, so I get paid no matter what."
  16. CTrefugee

    Why do I smile whenever Syracuse has a problem ?

    Because UCONN fans have long memories ! ha ha Hillman
  17. CTrefugee

    The one thing about this years team that I enjoyed the most is ..

    ....watching a bunch of women having fun and enjoying each other's company. I think Geno was having fun too. (He wouldn't admit it)
  18. CTrefugee

    Shea --Missing The Big Picture.

    time to end the thread.
  19. CTrefugee

    Shea --Missing The Big Picture.

    I don't know of any protocol that lasts for 3 weeks.
  20. CTrefugee

    Shea --Missing The Big Picture.

    She was also a favorite of Geno. He once said, if he had to pick one player to take a game deciding free throw, it would be Carla. "She has no heart beat." I have watched her coach and she also exudes CD-like class, which hopefully would maintain standards both on and off the court. One of...
  21. CTrefugee

    Next Year's Roster

    Gino is the janitor at Gampel. Auriemma meets with her every day to get advice.
  22. CTrefugee

    Did Geno throw the team under a bus ?

    You must have a special TV. He wasn't very negative on the presser I saw. He gave them all credit.
  23. CTrefugee

    Disappointed in Kim

    I agree with Kim on this.
  24. CTrefugee

    If Chis D were coach.......Paige

    If you have to ask, you wouldn't agree with me.
  25. CTrefugee

    If Chis D were coach.......Paige

    would be Freshman of the Year (not "co").
  26. CTrefugee

    WBCA CO-Freshman of the Year

    If Paige played on IOWA, she would have at least 10 more ppg. Bad vote.
  27. CTrefugee

    Oh. Poor Baylor without their PG

    Did any of the announcers mention that we were without our starting PG who is one of our best perimeter defenders? Their starter missed less than a half. The game was so poorly called that I turned off the sound for a while.
  28. CTrefugee

    Is there a thread that has next years roster?

    I have lost track of who is coming in. Is it a good recruiting class? Thanks
  29. CTrefugee

    Time to have a discussion

    Send your recommendations to the committee forthwith so they can have a serious discussion of this.
  30. CTrefugee

    Nice Rizzotti article

    You do if Geno recommends you. Also, a bench coach working with guards is a far cry from head coach.
  31. CTrefugee

    Iowa game: Saturday (1PM EDT) [merged thread]

    2020-21 Women's Basketball Schedule - University of Connecticut Athletics
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