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  1. Ts5034

    Kimani Young candidate at Illinois

    I always figured the next job for Kimani would be a head coaching position. That would actually be a tough loss for us whenever he decides to leave.
  2. Ts5034

    Leitao Joins Ollie's Staff

    Im sure he would rather have one of his guys working in the business as opposed to being an unemployed coach.
  3. Ts5034

    Mike Rehfeldt Returning to Cincy

    Sal was here for Hurley’s first two years, then we hired Rehfeldt who only lasted one year. This will make 3 strength coaches in 3 years. Its not the worst thing in the world, its not like 3 different Offensive coordinators in 3 years. It’s still a little bit of a shock considering he just...
  4. Ts5034

    Kentucky Derby Preview

    Hasnt the odds on favorite won the Derby for the last like 7 of 8 years?
  5. Ts5034

    How Kevin Ollie’s new gig at Overtime Elite may change NCAA basketball (Paul Doyle)

    Just looking at this from the KO perspective, I think the ultimate goal for him is to get back into coaching at the college or NBA level. This is probably going to generate a lot of positive publicity for him, and I would be surprised if KO is not on the sidelines again in some capacity within...
  6. Ts5034

    My most frustrating season as a fan what was yours?

    Theres a difference between most frustrating losses to end the season, and most frustrating seasons in general. 2006 was actually a dominant season outside of the George Mason Game. I would love it if we can have a season where we go 27-2 in the regular season like that team did, but obviously...
  7. Ts5034

    New Assistant (Poll)

    I voted other because I think Hurley is going to surprise us with this one. Guaranteed he already has a short list of people in mind. Whoever it is, I trust Hurley’s judgement that It will be somebody good.
  8. Ts5034

    Kevin Freeman stepping down from coaching, but will remain at UConn

    I don’t think It will be Leitao, I think Hurley will go another route bringing in one of “his” guys. I would not mind if he did in fact hire Leitao though. Im pretty sure it’s been brought up on here recently how some fans would like Hurley to have somebody on staff to play the George Blaney...
  9. Ts5034

    Were injuries the biggest factor in the 2021 disappointment?

    True, but you can also look at it as if we didn’t have the injuries, maybe we rack up a few more wins and are a 5-6 seed instead of a 7, and maybe we get a better matchup in the NCAA Tournament.
  10. Ts5034

    OT: DMX Hospitalized After Heart Attack

    Somebody needs to find that picture ASAP.
  11. Ts5034

    DiMauro: “The ‘new’ Big East: Is that all there is?“

    Yes, but that is going to be the expectation no matter what conference we are in.
  12. Ts5034

    Final KenPom ranking

    I swear I saw somebody share on Twitter how this was our 10th best Ken Pom finish ever??
  13. Ts5034

    Isaiah Whaley is back!, thread cleaned up

    I can’t wait to see Whaley after a full off season in Rehfeldt’s strength and conditioning program. Does Whaley win back to back Big East Defensive Player Of The Year Award’s??
  14. Ts5034

    Bad Postgame Question

  15. Ts5034

    The streak continues

    If you are a team trying to complete an undefeated season, there is probably a lot more pressure now compared to 20-30-40 years ago. With all the national media, and all the social media, you probably cannot go more than 5 minutes without being reminded of it or asked about it. The whole...
  16. Ts5034

    Bad Postgame Question

    The journalists in these press conference situations are just asking open ended questions to try and get good quotes for their stories. A lot of times the questions are stupid, but that’s the case across the board in all sports.
  17. Ts5034

    Way Too Early Top 25 (2021-2022)

    It’s good for recruiting that we are now mentioned consistently as a top 25 team. Its been said about 1,000 times, we are on the rise, but we still have a long way to go to be a Final Four or NC contender. Since Hurley took over, our D had been real solid. We just need to improve offensively.
  18. Ts5034

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25 for 2021-22

    He really liked Shabazz...but I don’t think UConn is hated under Dan Hurley. First of all, we have not been the goliath like we were under Calhoun. When you get to the top of the mountain, a lot of people try to knock you off, but we have not gotten there yet. The Hurley’s are very well...
  19. Ts5034

    Dicky V, ESPN Extend Contract Through 2024

    Well, with Covid, they made it so its easier to call games remotely. I wonder if thats something they will do with him?
  20. Ts5034

    Mick to the final 4

    Honestly, I feel happy for Mick, especially after watching his post game interview with Allie. He came off really humble and even thanked all of his players that ever played for him.
  21. Ts5034

    COVID Vaccination

    Just got my second shot yesterday. I was fine after the first other than a sore arm, but I was tired all day yesterday, and I couldnt sleep because I had chills and body aches.
  22. Ts5034

    Borges says Bouk is gone

    I don't know If anybody pointed this out yet, but I think the fact that Bouknight got hurt this season pretty much sealed the deal for him declaring for the draft. I don't think he would risk coming back for another year to improve his draft stock and risk getting hurt again to put him in a...
  23. Ts5034

    OT: Rutgers will require vaccinations for students fall '21

    I was a little worried about getting the vaccine at first because of how rushed it was. I eventually decided to get it because I think it’s pretty obvious where things are headed for the near future. You will need proof of this vaccine to travel...plane, cruise, etc. You may need this vaccine to...
  24. Ts5034

    What was this team’s ceiling (if...)?

    Even though we won win 2014 as a 7 seed, and this year being a high number of double digit seeds making the Sweet 16 like Syracuse making it again as an 11 seed, It’s still a lot harder path to the Final Four. I would like to see us improve in the regular season. That’s where it starts. If Bouk...
  25. Ts5034

    OT: NCAA president Mark Emmert’s $3.5 billion mistake will define his failed tenure

    The guy has made many mistakes that will define his career...
  26. Ts5034

    Question About Bill Self

    Let me start out by pointing out that Bill Self is in the basketball hall of fame, so If he stopped coaching tomorrow, he doesn’t really have to prove anything to anybody. But...if you needed to win one game, and you needed to choose one active coach, Bill Self would be pretty far down the list...
  27. Ts5034

    Happy It’s Late, It’s Tate, It’s Great Day

    Bob Haussler was the play by play guy on the radio call. Dick Stockton was on the TV call.
  28. Ts5034

    Whaley/Polley/Carlton Watch

    Out of the three, I can see Carlton being the one most likely to return. I don't think returning would help Polley or Whaley, but another off season in the program, and another 30-35 college games could potentially help Carlton play himself into a pro over seas.
  29. Ts5034

    This is not the team Hurley envisioned..

    When it comes to this season, there are a ton of what If's? What if we had a full non Covid off season? What if we never had so many Covid pauses? What if Bouknight never got hurt? What if Jackson never got hurt? As far as the injuries, we have had really bad luck with that lately. Im hoping we...
  30. Ts5034

    Superstitious Behaviors

    I have a very strange superstition when it comes to us playing in the Final Four. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be home for the start of our semi final game. In 1999 I was at a friends house for the Ohio St game. In 2004, I was picking up a pizza. In 2011 I was at a stag, but in...
  31. Ts5034

    March 22, 2018 . . .

    And hopefully many more to come.
  32. Ts5034

    Mike DiMauro: Hurley, Huskies get their mulligan

    I agree. This is a whole different feeling compared to our last game of the season being a 80-40 slaughter at the hands of Houston in the AAC Tournament like a couple years ago. If the staff recruits at the level they have been, things are going to improve. Keep in mind, the better you play in...
  33. Ts5034

    UConn's Season a 'Huge Success' - Dan Hurley

    As for another conversation in this thread. UConn was absolutely expected to be an east coast version of Gonzaga, or Memphis in Conference USA under Calipari. That was at least the expectation of the majority of the fan base. Coming off a National Championship in 2011, then again in 2014, we...
  34. Ts5034

    UConn's Season a 'Huge Success' - Dan Hurley

    When the Big East move was announced, I was wondering If there was an off the record conversation with Hurley, or that information was relayed to him in some way when UConn was approaching him for the job. Who knows? Maybe another one of the reasons Ollie is so bitter about the situation is...
  35. Ts5034

    Syracuse is terrible

    Exactly what I’m sayin! But it looks like help is in fact on the way. Hawkins seems like a solid shooter, and Johnson looks like a big guy who has range.

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