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  1. TheChamps990411

    This may be too early but

    Is this team preseason top 5 going into next season? I mean our frontline is going to be absolutely loaded with Sanogo,Akok,Sampson,TMart,Ajax and possibly Whalley coming back. The backcourt will be iffy but likely still good and a lot of the weight will fall on Cole. We do have two talented...
  2. TheChamps990411

    Spence v Garcia who ya got?

    Spence is the common sense choice but im going fanboy tonight and say DSG pulls the upset by split decision. Anyone besides me watching?
  3. TheChamps990411

    Just my thoughts on starters

    Cole and Bouk will be the starting backcourt and i absolutely love the idea of Gaffney and Adams playing together off the bench. Gives us scoring, ballhandling and passing. I dont think Polley/Whalley rebound well enough together to start at the 4 and the 5 so im guessing we`ll see a lineup...
  4. TheChamps990411

    Top 5 coaches of all time. Calhoun in or out?

    Wooden K Rupp Smith Knight Roy Calhoun These seem to be the names that are pretty much in the debate. I find it interesting that Calhoun is just 14 wins away from passing Bobby Knight for #3 on the all time wins list which im assuming he will get this upcoming season with St. Joes. The stats...
  5. TheChamps990411

    High Blood Pressure

    Ive been recently diagnosed with HBP and have been prescribed Hydrochlorathiamide pills. Apparently salt is an issue for me even though im not a big salt guy or at least I thought. So whenever I eat anything with even moderate salt I feel terrible and my bp goes through the roof. So are my days...
  6. TheChamps990411

    This team isnt very good but

    The officiating last night is among the worst I've seen in 30 years of watching cbb. Im not blaming the loss on the refs but they were absolutely atrocious! Im guessing and hoping that the power 5 conferences have higher quality officiating. Im hoping this is the case in the Big East because man...
  7. TheChamps990411

    Wheres the love?

    For Jalen Gaffney? Kid really seems to be hitting his stride and is finally looking confident and comfortable out there. Ive got to say it feels really good to see a kid playing PG who is pass first. I like how he had a couple of open shots but passed it off for even better shots. Nice court...
  8. TheChamps990411

    Quick observation of Akok

    He is really, really impressive when he puts the ball on the floor for the blow by and blow by is exactly what he does. He is quick and long so if he gets that step the defender has no chance. When the jumpers start falling he is going to be a serious problem. Man I am absolutely drooling at the...
  9. TheChamps990411

    Where does signing of Ferguson leave

    Cliff Oneouri? Are we still in on him or now out?
  10. TheChamps990411

    How about

  11. TheChamps990411

    Perfect end to the half

    for Alterique. That has to be the worst half of basketball I've ever seen him play. Absolutely ATROCIOUS especially on defense. Wow!
  12. TheChamps990411

    OT: Best place to get a Gyro?

    I just went to a Mets game last week and while in Manhattan I ate a Gyro from a food truck that was absolutely incredible. Ive been having an craving for another and was wondering if any local places make a good gyro?
  13. TheChamps990411

    Going to be in Manhattan

    Saw the what to do in Philly thread and thought id post something similar. Ill be Manhattan in a couple weeks and was looking for some food spots and other entertainment within walking distance of MSG. Any suggestions would be great.
  14. TheChamps990411

    Thoughts on Zion/Cam/RJ

    Watched the Duke/UK game tonight and it was great to see Uk get wiped all over the floor but of course i couldnt fully enjoy it as it was Duke after all. Got a real good look at the big 3 and in a word, scary! This is their first game of the season and theyre obviously going to get better and...
  15. TheChamps990411

    Basketball: A love story

    This is pretty good but im wondering. If anyone has seen the whole thing if theres a segment on the rise of Uconn? Jim Calhoun may have done the greatest build from the ground up basically in the history of the mens game and Geno obviously the best build and dominance in womens history.
  16. TheChamps990411

    Best place to get Uconn Mens jerseys?

    Im looking to get a Uconn mens jersey but not liking the surprisingly limited selection online. Anyone know any places online or local to pick one up? No i dont get out much lol!
  17. TheChamps990411

    Business Insurance

    Friend of mine is shopping for business insurance and looking for a reasonable price. Havent been thrilled with what hes seen so far so he asked me. Honestly im not sure so thought id ask here in case anyone knows.
  18. TheChamps990411


    Ill say under but only because it took JC 13 years to get his first when he came to Connecticut. I dont think itll take Hurley that long to win one but im not sure he gets one in his first 5 years. The cupboard isnt as bare as it was when JC first got here but its definitely not as talented as...
  19. TheChamps990411

    Im too lazy to do the research but

    Can someone give me Uconns combined record against UK, Duke, Unc, KU, UCLA and Sparty?
  20. TheChamps990411

    Holy crap!

    I dont usually watch the womens game but man! Thats one of the best games ive seen in a long, long time. Wow!
  21. TheChamps990411

    OK, who wins this final four showdown of champs

    Uconn 99 vs Uconn 14 Uconn 04 vs Uconn 11
  22. TheChamps990411

    This just feels right

    I dont know what it is but it feels like order has been restored at Uconn and im 1000% convinced within the next 5 years we`ll be back to being the program we were over the last 30 years. Hurley is a great fit and seeing Moore back just feels right! We`re not even in April and i already cant...
  23. TheChamps990411

    Is the HC job at Uconn

    the highest profile? Is it at the top of the list for available coaches? Read an article on CBS that thinks it is even through the recent struggles.
  24. TheChamps990411

    For those calling for Ollies head

    Whom do you replace him with that has a realistic chance of bringing this program back to where it needs to be? Is it a guy who isnt going to jump ship to the NBA after winning for a few seasons?
  25. TheChamps990411

    Where the (bleep) is the Uconn/MSU game?!!!!

    Is it not televised?
  26. TheChamps990411

    Pitino placed on "leave"

    Looks like hes on his way out at Louisville.
  27. TheChamps990411

    Now that the schedule is out

    Whats youre record prediction? Overall 21-12 Conference 13-5 I think this team starts off a little rough but really hits its stride later in the season. Become dangerous at tournament time and actually become some peoples dark horse pick.
  28. TheChamps990411

    Best 3 teams over last 30 years?

    I saw the post about best pgs and thought what were the best teams ive seen in that time. Id like to see what everyone else thinks . My top 3: 1 1990 UNLV Pretty much at or near the top of most peoples list. 2 1992 Duke Yeah i know but that team was fantastic. 3 2004 Uconn No bias here...
  29. TheChamps990411

    Not sure where im going but theres a point somewhere in there

    I keep reading posts calling for KO to be fired because hes "not a very good" coach who has not developed players over the last 4 years. I personally disagree completely with this as i believe in KO as much as i did the first day he was announced and when you know, WON A NATIONAL TITLE. Of...
  30. TheChamps990411

    Triangle offense

    would this work on the college level?
  31. TheChamps990411

    What i see

    Our veteren players Purvis,Brimah,Facey stink! And our younger talented guys Gilbert,Adams and Larrier arent ready to be leaders and go to guys at this point. Enoch,Jackson,Durham,Diarra and Vital are limited in what they can do for various reasons. I think Gilbert, Adams and Larrier will get...
  32. TheChamps990411

    Does anyone here know

    A physical therapist that i could speak with personally outside of making an a formal appointment?
  33. TheChamps990411

    Recruiting: Are we out on

    Mohamed Bamba? Whats his status? Arizona just got a C so this might cool him off on going there? I see Us listed on BSPN as being on his list.
  34. TheChamps990411


    On HBO this weekend. Anyone else watching? Thoughts? I find this an intriguing fight although i fully expect GGG to connect and put Brook to sleep at some point. But the intrigue is in what happens before the likely ko. Does Brook look overmatched? Does he expose some flaws in GGGs` game? Is...
  35. TheChamps990411

    Which Minivan?

    Im looking to buy a used MV and looking to buy something used from `11 to `14. My choices are either a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey. What are the pros/cons of both and which would you recommend?

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