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  1. MilfordHusky

    Final, post-tourney poll

    1. Stanford 2. Arizona 3. UConn 4. South Carolina
  2. MilfordHusky

    Final Four Streaks

    Historically, these are the most consecutive years: UConn 5--Bird and Taurasi LSU 5--Seimone and Syl Stanford 5--Wiggins and Nneka Notre Dame 5--Diggins and KMac UConn 13--Maya, Kaleena, Stewie, Lou, Phee, and Paige Of the 4 participants in this year's Final Four, UConn has a streak of 13...
  3. MilfordHusky

    USA Basketball--Paige and her teammates

    The 2019 U-19 USA Basketball team was loaded. They won the Gold Medal, and Paige was the MVP. See if the names sound familiar and how they are doing this season AND post-season: Paige Bueckers, UConn Fran Belibi, Stanford Aaliyah Boston, South Carolina Cameron Brink, Stanford Caitlyn...
  4. MilfordHusky

    #3 Recruit

    I just watched parts of the Rice v. Middle Tennessee game. The featured players were Anastasia Hayes, former Tennessee player and nation's top-2 scorer for MTSU, and Nancy Mulkey, former Oklahoma player and Conference DPOY for Rice. Late in the game, MTSU put in a sub who made 1 of 2 FTs and...
  5. MilfordHusky

    Happy Birthday to MoJeff!!

    She turns 27 today! Best wishes for getting/staying healthy and having your career blossom!
  6. MilfordHusky

    Game of HORSE

    I’m not sure that even the master Caroline Doty managed this one.
  7. MilfordHusky

    Guess who leads the nation in shooting percentage?

    At .704, it's our own freshman star, Aaliyah Edwards.
  8. MilfordHusky

    Another New Article on Azzi

    From a local source. What a great kid with a great story! Well, it's not a new article, but I forgot I had seen it.
  9. MilfordHusky

    Saylor in the New York Times

    I hadn't seen this before, but the article on high school students going to college early includes a reference to and nice photo of our Saylor...
  10. MilfordHusky

    A different look at Paige's stats

    We've known for a while that Paige is one of the best 3-point shooters in the nation. In fact, she has been leading the nation for a while. She's at 55.84% on the season. Freshman Diamond Johnson of Rutgers is at 53.73%. Aleah Goodman of Oregon State and Katie Benzan are both in the 51-52%...
  11. MilfordHusky

    Big East POW

  12. MilfordHusky

    Holiday message from the team

    Just the freshmen so far:
  13. MilfordHusky

    Seton Hall player: Lauren Park-Lane

    Keep an eye on Lauren Park-Lane. We know from Crystal Dangerfield's play, that being 5'6" isn't necessarily a liability. Lauren is a sophomore and had a career-high 29 points tonight. She made All-State in Delaware 4 times. She also made All-Conference 5 times. You know who else made...
  14. MilfordHusky

    Message from President Tom et al.

    I haven't seen anything from the team yet.
  15. MilfordHusky

    DePaul game

    I know we play DePaul at least 2x this year (or so the schedule says), but here's my favorite DePaul game. We started out the game up by 37-3. Really! I know we came up short against Mississippi State, but that lineup of Pheesa, Gabby, Kia, Lou, and Saniya was really good.
  16. MilfordHusky

    Happy Birthday to Juste Jocyte

    This young Lithuanian star just turned 15 last week. She is arguably the best player in the world at her age. She played on the Lithuanian Senior National Team at age 13!! She is barely 15 and plays as if she is 20.ė_Jocytė
  17. MilfordHusky

    ESPN Picks: POY, FOY, Final Four, etc. All 4 analysts pick UConn and S.C. for the Final Four. I think 3 pick Louisville and Stanford. All of them pick Howard for POY and...
  18. MilfordHusky

    Happy Birthday, Megatron!

    Our 2019-20 first-team All-American turn 22 today.
  19. MilfordHusky

    OT: RIP: Alex Trebek [merged thread]

    The Jeopardy icon passed away at home today. It's a sad day!
  20. MilfordHusky

    OT: Remembering the great Rodney Dangerfield

    Rodney passed away 16 yeas ago today.
  21. MilfordHusky

    Semi- 2022 World Cup

    In case you missed it, the FIBA Women's World Cup will be held in Sydney, Australia, on Sept. 23-Oct. 3, 2022. The venues will be arenas at Olympic Park, a short train ride from downtown. It's a fabulous, fabulous city. Hopefully, the pandemic will be a thing of the past by then. The Aussies...
  22. MilfordHusky

    All-WNBA Teams

    Just announced at halftime of the Seattle v. Vegas game. 1st team: Wilson, Stewie, Parker, Sloot, Arike (Wilson and Parker unanimous) 2nd team: Diana, DeWanna, Phee, Skylar, Myisha
  23. MilfordHusky

    Lou, Karlie, and Bonnie

    Article on sisters dominating in sports.
  24. MilfordHusky

    OT: To our friends on the Gulf

    I hope you are in a safe place or can get to one. Laura is packing winds of 150 mph and a storm surge that could go 20-40 miles inland and is described as "unsurvivable." The other frequently used word is "catastrophic." My son is in Houston and will get wind and some rain, but the area...
  25. MilfordHusky

    Moriah needs another surgery

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mo is out for the season and will need surgery on her other knee. Best wishes to BonnBonn!! Love you!
  26. MilfordHusky

    Top 25 in the Bubble
  27. MilfordHusky

    Notre Dame cancels in-person classes
  28. MilfordHusky

    Semi- Conversation with BE Commissioner Val Ackerman

    I don't think I saw this posted.
  29. MilfordHusky


    The W season starts on Saturday with a triple-header. Huskies playing include Stewie, Sue, and Tuck for Seattle; Kiah and Kia for New York (I think Meg is still out); Diana and Bria for Phoenix; but Tina is out for Washington. Not only that, July 25-26 is the weekend that Geno's players are...
  30. MilfordHusky

    Paige’s Coach Retires

    Brian Cosgriff, not Geno. 7 State Championships and an active 62-game winning streak. Congrats to Coach!!
  31. MilfordHusky

    Happy Birthday, Morgan Tuck!

    She turns 26 today. I hope it’s a great one!
  32. MilfordHusky

    March 2020 UConn Recruiting Thread [merged]

    >>REFERENCE LINK TO FEBRUARY RECRUITING THREAD<< It's a new month, so a new thread.
  33. MilfordHusky

    February 2020 UConn Recruiting Thread

    >>REFERENCE LINK TO JANUARY RECRUITING THREAD<< It’s a new month! To answer HopJim’s question, I think Rivers may be an excellent defender.
  34. MilfordHusky

    Mir McLean, Live and In Person

    I got to watch Mir McLean and her Roland Park Country School team against St. John's Catholic Prep in Buckeysville, MD. St. Johns had beaten Roland Park at Roland Park earlier in the season. St. John's won this game as well. After a 25-25 first half, St. Johns got hot and won 65-47. Roland...
  35. MilfordHusky

    Saylor Poffenbarger, Live and In Person

    I had the pleasure of watching Saylor Poffenbarger and her Middletown High team play Tuscarora High tonight. Middletown won by 52-41 and led the entire game. It was worth the 2-hour drive through rush hour and the 1-hour drive home. Her (unofficial stats): 21 points (7-14 inside the arc, 2-6...

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