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    Is Nika Maria Conlon redux ?

    It is not even close...Nika is a hundred times better than Maria......No disrespect to Maria but it is what it is.......In every possible way. Did Maria even play 30 seconds a game her freshman and sophomore year? Much less start. Bottom line is Nika looks like a big time player.... Again...
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    Lots of Paige threads... [merged threads]

    Paige is incredible. She only reminds me of Diana.
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    Reminder - game is on FS1

    Why doesn't the University of Connecticut update their tv schedule......It keeps saying the game starts at 7pm on ESPN... So I sat there watching ESPN and missed the first 5 minutes of the game... Geez.... Good thing I flipped the channels... I don't think it is too much to ask for to have the...
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    Is Evina UConn’s best ever transfer?

    Yes Evina is the best transfer player Uconn ever had by a mile. People forget she was the number 2 ranked high school player coming out behind Walker..... I have always felt that Evina was a far better player than Walker.....
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    TN Postgame Thread [merged]

    Re: Tennessee As a Tennessee hater it was nice to see they have a good basketball team again. I think having a good Tennessee basketball team is great for the sport.. They are definitely up and coming. It is nice to see this series again. I hope we go back to the 2 games a year format..
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    UConn - Tennessee TV Marathon Tomorrow (1/21) on ESPNU

    Watching the 1996 final four now. Before there was someone called Maya there was Nykesha Sales. Before there was a Diana there was a Rizzotti... I almost forgot how good those two were.
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    Saylor is coming!!!

    I am happy that we are getting another great player but... Just out of curiosity how do we find playing time for everyone? Unless they change the rules teams are still only allowed to play 5 people at a time. And we only have 40 minutes per game... And it seems like we have about 12 really good...
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    Villanova Postponed

    Wow. I would like to take back what I said the other day.. Re: we will be lucky to get 20 games in.... I don't even think we will even get 12-15 games played this season at this pace... When is our next game Feb 25th? (Being sarcastic)
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    Paige Bueckers Finishes With 23PTS, 4REB, and 5AST | UCONN VS Providence

    Yes her play also reminds me of Maya's freshman season too. Paige would have had a great shot at destroying Maya's freshman scoring mark... Except this will most likely be a very shortened season... (ie: we are lucky if we get 20 games in vs. a 40 game season like we normally play) But the...
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    UConn/Baylor Game Cancelled

    To be honest , I don't even know why they bothered to start the season...This entire season (if you want to call this a season) is going to be a joke anyways... What are the betting odds that there won't even be a tournament? I was definitely looking forward to tonight's game.
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    Evolution of Evina

    Re: Evina I saw her play many times when she was with Tennessee...I always thought she was a really good player. She was just on a very poorly coached team to say the least.... Personally I think she is a much better player in every way possible than the "number 1 player" of the 2017...
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    You also can't play "4 on 5" on defense either.... I was always taught that defense wins ballgames too.. That is why I like Aubrey Griffin. If I remember correctly, Gabby didn't shoot like Michael Jordan or Larry Bird in the beginning either..... It was her defense/rebounding and atheletism...
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    The biggest problem Geno will have is getting enough minutes for everyone.... Practically every single player is good which is very unusual.....Usually he only has 6 maybe 7 players at the most who can contribute... I would like to see Griffin getting more playing time... Personally I thought...
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    Re: Paige She is very impressive. (Reminds me of Taurasi big time. In every way) This whole team looks very impressive....We finally have some size underneath at long last.. Edwards looks like she can play big time.... The weird thing is....I still think Griffin has the most potential... No...
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    CBS power ratings Louisville 1 UConn 6

    Does anyone truly believe there is even going to be a full season....Those "power rankings" are a joke anyways...Even under normal conditions (minus games being lost to covid)...Uconns conference schedule has always been a joke... There are high school teams better than many of those AAC...
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    Andra Espinoza-Hunter to Seton Hall [merged thread]

    I thought she graduated 12 years ago...Lol. It seems like that.
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    Partial TV Schedule for SNY

    Quick question.. I just printed off the upcoming schedule... Am I reading this right that there are only about 12 games or so scheduled?...To be honest I knew the season was going to be shortened but not by this much... I get the ongoing COVID19... But is this accurate about the number of...
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    Oregon 2019 vs. UConn 2016

    You must be really bored lol..... Let's put this to rest right now...Any team with Stewie and Jefferson would NOT lose to any team...of any era....on any court....any time....Lol.
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    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

    Re: Azzi I guess we are about to go 250-0 over the next 5-6 years..... With the second coming of Diana (Paige) And the second coming of Maya (Azzi) Lol. Do you think we can be satisfied for a while now? Or do we need more? We can still only play 5 players at a time. Last time I checked.
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    What player(s) are you most looking forward to seeing on the court this season?

    Evina Evina and Paige.... I saw Evina play many times and I know how good she is...(she was just on a bad team with a pathetic coach) Paige is definitely the most anticipated player since Stewart....But I would compare her to Diana from what I have seen so far... It's too bad none of us...
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    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

    You are right "we are stacked" big time....I am getting sick of these Fudd posts too. When and if she comes to Uconn so be it. We should be happy with what we have right now. Because we are going to win several championships with or without Fudd.. Reminds me of EDD... It turned out we didn't...
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    NCAA grants transfer guard Dara Mabrey immediate eligibility at Notre Dame

    Disgusting... A certain Uconn player should have sued the NCAA (with the financial backing of the University of Connecticut) I won't mention any names.
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    Double Standard and Evina Westbrook

    There is definitely a double standard when it comes to Uconn. I thought it was disgusting what they did to Evina. And I have a lot of suspicions that Tennessee was probably behind it. Although I can't prove it of course. I really hopes she stays both years.. She is an excellent player and I...
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    Way-Too-Early Top 25

    It is no secret that ESPN is biased against Uconn. And they call Baylor "the reigning national champions since there was no champion last year" It doesn't matter that we all knew Oregon was going to win...It also doesn't matter that Baylor lost 4 starters....Don't pay attention to Uconn...
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    Who is the Uconn GOAT? It's all in the numbers...maybe.

    I am Italian so I have a special love for Dee and Rizzotti. Lol. And Maya was awesome. But I won't deny Stewie the honor of being the "GOAT" ever in my eyes..
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    Who is the Uconn GOAT? It's all in the numbers...maybe.

    Does anyone really think Stewart isn't the greatest? As much as I love Taurasi and Maya...Should anyone be mentioned with Stewart as "GOAT".... She was basically perfect... Just my opinion.
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    Players or the system?

    Why don't you read my other post instead of trying to correct my spelling on a post that I didn't realize got posted...Because I hit the wrong key by mistake.....fee was supposed to be DEE. And I hit post without finishing my statement.. Another reason I don't come here often and post...Every...
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    Players or the system?

    It is about getting the right players for the system....Not necessarily getting the "greatest players" A perfect example would be Diana Taurasi and her final 2 championships. Yes she was great but she had a team of role players at best that did their jobs.....So this is a case of the right...
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    How I Came to Love Women's Basketball

    My mother made me watch the girls.... It was around 94-95...The year they won their first title.. My father and I always watched the men play and my mother would sit in her bedroom watching the girls on cptv....We used to make fun of her for watching the girls...Of course we didn't watch them...
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    Any updates on Azzi ? Or anyone else ?

    I agree.. All the guy did is ask a question....Big deal... He didn't deserve that response... That is why I don't post here very much... I have been a member here longer than many people. Ever since I was a junior at Uconn.... (2011) And I still have less than 50 posts because of certain...
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    Big East Cancels Non-Conference Fall Schedule

    I will say the same thing about baseball not finishing....I am a Yankee fan and couldn't wait for this season (before Covid19 hit) They might be starting their little 60 game schedule up next week....But I don't think they will finish it.....Already numerous players have contacted the virus...

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