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  1. connboy77

    Shea --Missing The Big Picture.

    The new asst. coach must be able to recruit which is in my opinion the most important ingredient! I really don't care if she is a former UCONN player or not.
  2. connboy77

    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    Barring key injuries you may be right, at least I hope you are!
  3. connboy77

    April 2021 Recruiting Thread

    What about unexpected injuries? It is always better to have more then less!
  4. connboy77

    Based on the roster as we know it right now, who do you think starts next season?

    Take Nika out and put Edwards in her place and I would agree with you!
  5. connboy77

    Next Year's Roster

    The best five should start whether they are seniors or freshmen! If a senior is not getting the job done she should get serious bench time!
  6. connboy77

    Makurat to transfer

    Every recruit that comes to UCONN wants to play when the game is on the line so I can't really blame her for leaving. I don't believe Anna played in the Baylor game and I'm not sure about Arizona since I didn't watch to much of the game because of the late starting time. I wish her the best of...
  7. connboy77

    April 2021 Recruiting Thread

    If there are no transfers and Westbrook coming back, and the possibility of signing a guard in the 2022 class, if my math is correct UCONN doesn't have any room to sign anyone else!
  8. connboy77

    Who Do You Want To See UConn Play Next Season?

    Iowa, Arizona, Stanford, South Carolina, Tenn., ND, Baylor, Oregon!
  9. connboy77

    We learned alot

    I know we are not allowed to question Geno's coaching, but if he asked me which he wouldn't I would tell him to start using the bench. UCONN has Mir and a 6'5 freshman siting on the bench that are more then capable of playing quality minutes. There is no need in most games of playing someone...
  10. connboy77

    Will Nika Play?

    It would be wrong to take any opponent lightly and I don't think UCONN will do that. If UCONN plays the way they have been in the tournament this game will be over early.
  11. connboy77

    Azzi High School Player Of The Year

    Azzi would have won the award no matter how many games were played. She is that good!
  12. connboy77

    Maybe now the experts will stop wetting themselves over Baylor

    Before the Baylor/Michigan game I was very worried about UCONN facing Baylor. I like UCONN's chances a lot better now.
  13. connboy77

    Guarding Caitlin

    I'm not sure anybody on UCONN can guard Caitlin one on one.. You are not going to shut her down completely. She is just to good for that to happen. A better strategy may be to limit her touches. If she doesn't have the ball in her hands she can't score.
  14. connboy77

    Ayanna Patterson Interview

    I liked it when she said that she would play any position that Geno wanted her to play.
  15. connboy77

    Ayanna Patterson to Uconn

    Oh Baby, Thank You, Thank You; Life is good !
  16. connboy77

    Ayana Patterson 2022 #3 Ranked Player UConn in Final 5

    If Patterson is not UCONN'S secret 2022 Verbal then which recruit could it be? I would think that it would have to be another elite recruit since it has not been announced.
  17. connboy77

    Who will be the starters the season after next year?

    Does it matter? UCONN will win regardless of who they start!
  18. connboy77

    March 2021 Recruiting Thread

    I also hope the second commit is Patterson. You think ND Posters hate UCONN now just think what would happen if we landed Patterson!
  19. connboy77

    Caitlin be the judge

    Wouldn't it be great if UCONN played Iowa in the tournament? Then we could see first hand Paige against Caitlin!
  20. connboy77

    Prognosticators Tournament Game 3 (Marquette) Predictions

    I do not feel it will be as close as the last time they played. UCONN by 20+!
  21. connboy77

    Has Paige hit the wall?

    No, no, and no again. Have any of you watched other parts of her game? She is doing other things just as well as she has done from day one. She may be missing some shots she normally makes, but everyone has dry spells like that not just freshmen!
  22. connboy77

    Nika this morning!

    She gives a new meaning to the word tough! Most other players would be finished for the season!
  23. connboy77

    February 2021 UConn Recruiting Thread

    I would like to see one more quality Post to go along with Ice and then UCONN should call it a day!
  24. connboy77

    UConn vs. South Carolina Badass Award goes to...

    I thank god every night for sending Paige Bueckers to UCONN!
  25. connboy77

    NC St #1?

    There isn't a clear favorite to win it all this year. the NCAA Tournament should be very interesting. A number of teams can win the championship.
  26. connboy77

    January 2021 UConn recruiting thread

    I would think that ND is the favorite to land her!
  27. connboy77

    December UConn recruiting thread

    My gut says ND!
  28. connboy77

    Xavier vs UConn BADASS Award Goes to...

    The offense was great the defense not so much!
  29. connboy77

    Baylor scores 136 points

    Baylor does love to run up the points against an inferior team! Can't wait for the game January 9th to see just how good they really are!
  30. connboy77

    Looking forward

    After watching the first game I can see the potential these players have. Yes, the opponent was weak, but most of the players have a very high ceiling. Geno has the luxury of subbing players in that are just as good as players coming out. As you can tell I really like this team.
  31. connboy77

    The Top 3 Things You Want to See on Saturday

    It is great to see UCONN play, but I'm not sure we will learn very much because the team UCONN is playing is not very good. To bad the games against Miss. St and Louisville were cancelled. We would have learned a lot more about our team.
  32. connboy77

    MSGRET Prognosticator's Predictions Game 1 UMA-Lowell vs UConn [merged thread]

    125-35 Geno pulls the starters at the half!
  33. connboy77

    December UConn recruiting thread

    I will be shocked if Brady is our only recruit! I see UCONN adding one or two more quality players for 2022.
  34. connboy77

    So, let's face it:

    I'm 75 in fairly good health, but you never know what tomorrow might bring!

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