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  1. RockyMTblue2

    Member Of The Nika Club?

    Then you'll enjoy this:
  2. RockyMTblue2

    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    A short press piece with comments from the greats of the game:
  3. RockyMTblue2

    The Paige Bueckers Phenomenon

    I keep running into examples of the magnetic appeal of Paige. I have an example here that I have literally seen but not seen 50 or 60 times. Yes, I confess to having watched the overtime of the South Carolina game that many times. But it took me until today to see her draw demonstrated on...
  4. RockyMTblue2

    Shea's New Digs

    Spacious and pretty swanky. A llittle airport and then you get there.
  5. RockyMTblue2

    The WNBA Rumbles At Caitlin And Paige (merged thread)

    There is an extended article by ESPN that explores the pluses and minuses of accelerating eligibility for the draft for those like Oaige and Caitlin. Sue and DT chip in some thoughts. We get deep in the article before it is let out that the realistic time frame is 2026 when the collective...
  6. RockyMTblue2

    Stewie And Paige Pt II

    Why #5, the recruiting process (Paige screwed up a bit), etc etc. Nobody liked Pt I, so we'll see.
  7. RockyMTblue2

    Paige and Stewie Chit Chat

    I would have said 2 legends chat, but that would bring a debate. It is ayear old, but was just put up (again?) and we need things to do.
  8. RockyMTblue2

    Pretty Thorough Article On Caroline Ducharme "Caroline has watched every UConn game multiple times this season, including Monday’s controversial finish against Baylor (“If they didn’t call it it’s not foul,” Caroline said, according to her father). She is...
  9. RockyMTblue2

    How Is Your Paige Fix

    Into the off season without enough? Here's a new highlights cut I haven't seen 'til just today. Maybe you are in the same position? So watching it will chip away a little at your need for more Paige.
  10. RockyMTblue2

    Caroline and Azzi Square Off In 3 Point

    And a UConn commit dunker. Have to believe wearing a boot threw Azzi off some. Caroline is the real deal though.
  11. RockyMTblue2

    Could You Shoot 3s In A Boot

    Azzi can - 18 to be exact. I understand Caroline Ducharme won and won a shoot out with the male winner. Can't find confirmation. Sounds credible.
  12. RockyMTblue2

    Paige Wins Another Ann Meyers Drysdale Award and she is the first freshman. Joins 6 other Huskies. Breanna won it 3 times.
  13. RockyMTblue2

    The Question That Will Haunt Us

    Since Paige can no longer pursue a 4pete is that fact a factor in whether she leaves after 3? I admit to a certain paranoia about the question. For example I wandered over to ESPN this morning and saw this: "As good as Paige was this year -- and she carried our team through most of the season...
  14. RockyMTblue2

    The WNBA

    The draft comes soon and conventional wisdom is it's a weak draft Do you follow the WNBA and do you have a team and who do you want your team to draft. Come on now. We have to have something to do.
  15. RockyMTblue2

    S Short Vid About A Hooper Called Buecker

    An NCCA production. Better than biting your nails. You'll like it.
  16. RockyMTblue2

    Chapter 2: A Brave Little Teammate

    She's a exampe of courage A different, more extensive video about her.
  17. RockyMTblue2

    NIL, Paige & The WNBA

    Sue Bird says Paige should flee to WNBA as soon as she can, but if NIL takes hold the NCAA exposure and March is potentially big money. She does it on ESPN around 3:20 it starts.
  18. RockyMTblue2

    Two Weeks Into Practice Geno Knew He Was Wrong

    “Once practice started and once we were together for about a week and I saw the way she handled herself, the way she handled the things that were being thrown at her [...] that’s when it kind of went out the window and it was, you know, we’ve only been here two weeks but she’s the best player on...
  19. RockyMTblue2

    OT: Music To Wait By

    Some music themed for us fans waiting for the coming game.
  20. RockyMTblue2

    Who Is Aari McDonald Courant does a nice job of looking at AZ's sparkling guard.
  21. RockyMTblue2

    Will Nika Play? "Today she got on the...
  22. RockyMTblue2

    Rebuilding Time At Syracuse

    Over half of Q's team is in the transfer portal, including Emily Engstler - 8 count em 8! I'm sure he can get a few out of the portal himself because many kids don't look at such things as this maybe unprecedented stampede. Was the Huskies beat down the last straw?
  23. RockyMTblue2

    Paige Most Outstanding Player of Regional

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! Not. Anyway I hope I'm not being redundant. Have not seen it elsewhere. A freshman, but you'd never know it. Source...
  24. RockyMTblue2

    Good Game Article

    Not just numbrers, but the emotion of the game...
  25. RockyMTblue2

    "She May Burn Us"

    She better burn Baylor. I'm counting on it.
  26. RockyMTblue2

    "Buckets" Bueckers Highlights

    These videos are proliferating like mad. Why? Where is the money angle? Just a promo for the production company?
  27. RockyMTblue2

    Paige A Wooden All American Aliyah Boston (South Carolina), Paige Bueckers (Connecticut), Dana Evans (Louisville), Rhyne Howard (Kentucky), and NaLyssa Smith (Baylor).
  28. RockyMTblue2

    Paige and Analytics

    Wasting my life away browsing basketball I found this gem from yesterday which I don't believe has been posted here. Here's a snippet: "But to really appreciate what Bueckers is doing, it's best to take a look through her Synergy stats. Synergy compiles basketball data to provide advanced...

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