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  1. BGesus4

    Anyone getting screwed over with chips?

    Norm MacDonald is that you???
  2. BGesus4

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    The AIDS bit in For What It’s Worth might be the best 5 mins of comedy ever
  3. BGesus4

    2021 Recruiting: 2021 Recruits and 2022 Possible Reclassifications

    He may be very underrated but Duke has been grabbing top 10 guys 3 at a time every year for a while now. Theo John and Blakes seem like a distinct change in strategy. I guess trying to mix vets more with the young guys after the debacle this year—as Blakes will undoubtedly be there a while.
  4. BGesus4

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    Norm and Patrice are good calls
  5. BGesus4

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    I think Chappelle is playing his own sport. It would be hard for anyone else to surpass him as GOAT in my book at this point
  6. BGesus4

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    Jeselnik doesn’t have the resume yet but some of his stuff hits about as hard as any
  7. BGesus4

    #1 rated 2021 recruit, 7'-1" Chet Holmgren just chose....

    He is so unbelievably gawky and skinny I have a tough time watching him objectively and forming a solid opinion. He’s built like a Pixar character.
  8. BGesus4

    #1 rated 2021 recruit, 7'-1" Chet Holmgren just chose....

    Timme also a lock for NDOY... the bag kind
  9. BGesus4

    New Potential Assistant Coach

    go crawl back into your hole
  10. BGesus4

    2021 Recruiting: Transfer Rankings

    Is it possible Richmond just looked incredibly talented because he was juxtaposed against Girard? 🤔
  11. BGesus4

    Which NBA Players This Year Impress You the Most?

    Which is interesting because I thought Lonzo was going to be Jason Kidd reincarnated, and he fell a little short of even the more rational expectations at first.
  12. BGesus4

    New Potential Assistant Coach

    As @husky429 said, you have a roster of entirely black players. If you want your coaching staff to connect with those players as well as possible you better believe you want coaches of color on that staff. Right now coach Young is the only non-white coach on the staff, and he will soon be a head...
  13. BGesus4

    New Potential Assistant Coach

    The two are related boomer
  14. BGesus4

    Which NBA Players This Year Impress You the Most?

    Dame Lillard every year
  15. BGesus4

    New Potential Assistant Coach

    Definitely an important consideration
  16. BGesus4

    Kevin Freeman stepping down from coaching, but will remain at UConn

    I’m just kidding like Jason...unless ya gon do it
  17. BGesus4

    Kevin Freeman stepping down from coaching, but will remain at UConn

    I would guess this isn’t some huge surprise to DH and probably discussed during the season. Remember brought KFree as the best option under a crunched timeframe when Hunter jumped ship in a non traditional off season. Now he has the ability to run a more traditional process to get the new piece...
  18. BGesus4

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    He was a nonstarter who opposing teams had a full defensive gameplan against specifically due to his ability to change a game with how good a shooter he is. Ppl arguing they don’t like Polley cuz he’s not a good enough shooter need their piss checked. plus he was rocking a 99 championship t...
  19. BGesus4

    Rocket Watts?

    No that’s what you think makes a GOOD point guard. There are plenty of point guards who don’t do those things.
  20. BGesus4

    Rocket Watts?

    What is the difference between a primary ball handler who’s running offensive sets and a point guard? Asking for a friend
  21. BGesus4

    Rocket Watts?

    Yes. Wouldn’t have been the best guard under Calhoun obviously but also wouldn’t have been the worse. we are better off with RJ Cole as our PG next year than we would be with Craig Austrie
  22. BGesus4

    LaMarcus Aldridge Retires Midseason

    Interesting. I don’t follow the nba super closely but would’ve never guessed the metrics would say Aldridge is a sure fire HoFer.
  23. BGesus4

    Big East Transfers

    Yeah the icing on the cake is Tyty. I saw a scouting report the other day that said he’s way underrated as a borderline 5*. Would’ve been nice to have that talent in the league.
  24. BGesus4

    Alterique Gilbert lost potential

    Took the words out of my mouth. As a true freshman, already coming of an injury, he was already looking like a special player from his first minute on the floor. confidence is just a huge part of performance and his just got completely derailed with his bad luck. Not saying he’d necessarily be...
  25. BGesus4

    Donovan Clingan

    Lol. My vote for Comment of the Month
  26. BGesus4

    Recruiting Transfers - April

    Makes no sense. He’s already achieved preseason 1st team all big east. What else is there to accomplish??? Bouk never did that which is why he’s not a great husky.
  27. BGesus4

    Rocket Watts?

    Yeah, Watts would definitely be an additional reliable ball handler under pressure which as of Bouks announcement, Cole is our only player that fits that bill. If Watts can improve his shooting (obviously a big if) he can occupy a unique space of a scorer-distributor who can get his own shot...
  28. BGesus4

    OT: Boston College signs 10-year apparel deal with...

    Had my money on Keds when I saw the thread title
  29. BGesus4

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Here you go buddy. This one will deliver to you. $6.49 for a large:
  30. BGesus4

    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    Amazing. Doesn’t get more blue blood than NAIA
  31. BGesus4

    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    They can have Locke and we can take Carlik
  32. BGesus4

    Starting lineup for first game in November

    This thread does a nice job of highlighting the collective brainpower of the boneyard
  33. BGesus4

    OT: DMX Hospitalized After Heart Attack

    How many HS teams did layups to What’s My Name

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