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  1. RockyMTblue2

    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    Never know with DT.
  2. RockyMTblue2

    Member Of The Nika Club?

    Then you'll enjoy this:
  3. RockyMTblue2

    Azzi and Paige in training

    I think not.
  4. RockyMTblue2

    The view from...Pittsburgh?

    There was a cover up of alumnus Sam Gilbert's nefarious doings with recruits and players for years and years. The dark side of the UCLA basketball dynasty
  5. RockyMTblue2

    The one thing about this years team that I enjoyed the most is ..

    My favorite thing about the year is the transcendent Ms. Paige Bueckers, a freshman who started as point guard and didn't just pull it off, but gave us a show the likes of which we have never seen and to the amazement of every voting group for every major end of the year award she was qualified...
  6. RockyMTblue2

    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    @mbr33ct buddy, your chart illustrates the war that practice and early games will be. Geno ended up with two freshman starters this past season and I would not be surprised to see another added this fall. Then the bigs are a whole 'nuther battle. But can I slice up the clock now ... nope.
  7. RockyMTblue2

    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    A short press piece with comments from the greats of the game:
  8. RockyMTblue2

    It's a Brave New World in WBB

    Paige-Azzi-CW ... shouldn't we ask them to play together for a season at least? 😉
  9. RockyMTblue2

    The Paige Bueckers Phenomenon

    I keep running into examples of the magnetic appeal of Paige. I have an example here that I have literally seen but not seen 50 or 60 times. Yes, I confess to having watched the overtime of the South Carolina game that many times. But it took me until today to see her draw demonstrated on...
  10. RockyMTblue2

    Shea's New Digs

    Spacious and pretty swanky. A llittle airport and then you get there.
  11. RockyMTblue2

    Who might be interested in UCONN

    I am assuming Geno is looking to hire a guard coach. Kara would have to coach on her knees.
  12. RockyMTblue2

    Asst Coach Job Posting

    Or in the words of the posting : "coaching experience at two or more universities that are members of Power 5 conferences." Amazing how many posters are chatting up candidates who do not meet this qualification, such as Carla Berube.
  13. RockyMTblue2

    Who might be interested in UCONN

    Jen petered out eventually at Hartford and took a good club at George Washington down hill and got fired recently. - Your favorite newspapers and magazines. She wouldn't be my choice.
  14. RockyMTblue2

    It's Official: Shea Ralph Named Vanderbilt Coach

    Last time I looked she owned a real estate business which she did not forgo in order to coach.
  15. RockyMTblue2

    Paige and Azzi

    They'll get whistled for delay of game! 😃
  16. RockyMTblue2

    It's Official: Shea Ralph Named Vanderbilt Coach

    Here is an article from last week discussing 10 people who might be candidates. Shea isn't one of them.
  17. RockyMTblue2

    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn
  18. RockyMTblue2

    It's Official: Shea Ralph Named Vanderbilt Coach

    Surprised no one has come forward with Jen Rizzotti. Her career has been damaged and it would be a bad matched in my estimation. It doesn't have to be a UConn former player/coach. I still nominate Shea. I figure her name is Vandy speculation.
  19. RockyMTblue2

    The WNBA Rumbles At Caitlin And Paige (merged thread)

    I don't recall Cappie doing that, though she did leave Rutgers in the fall of her junior year for a time.
  20. RockyMTblue2

    The WNBA Rumbles At Caitlin And Paige (merged thread)

    There is an extended article by ESPN that explores the pluses and minuses of accelerating eligibility for the draft for those like Oaige and Caitlin. Sue and DT chip in some thoughts. We get deep in the article before it is let out that the realistic time frame is 2026 when the collective...
  21. RockyMTblue2

    What is up with Cuse?

    A short summary article. Kiara Fisher becomes 11th Syracuse women’s basketball player to enter NCAA transfer portal
  22. RockyMTblue2

    New Anna to Transfer thread

    You are right. Memories aren't the greatest. Here is a contemporaneous article about what she said: "Sophomore guard Evina Westbrook spoke to reporters after the Lady Vols’ 89-77 loss to UCLA in the first round of the tournament, and she was candid with her responses. When asked if there are...
  23. RockyMTblue2

    For those who don't read the UConn recruiting thread - Caroline Ducharme

    Last April she had a surgical repair of a torn labrum of the right hip. Two years before she had a torn labrum repair of the left hip.
  24. RockyMTblue2

    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    He should do himself a favor and assign an intern to strain the idiots out of his e-mail.
  25. RockyMTblue2

    Perspective and a bit of sarcasm from Coach

    So is Geno addressing his dissertation to the 5% or less who hold the views he is condemning? Or is he scolding us all? What is accomplished by laying this stuff out to the public?
  26. RockyMTblue2

    Happy birthday Nika Muhl!

    Charge into the new year improved and continuing to inspire the Huskies.
  27. RockyMTblue2

    Sweet Caroline! Doty joins Marisa's Staff at Wisconsin!

    Somebody had to do this: Caroline Doty Rise and Fire Part II Don't miss Part II - it's a killer and with guest b ball artists.
  28. RockyMTblue2

    Sweet Caroline! Doty joins Marisa's Staff at Wisconsin!

    She has had some HS coaching per the article. Moseley completes coaching staff | Wisconsin Badgers The Edy Haskell of UConn basketball. Smart as a whip. I wish her well and much success. And then she can join the UConn staff.
  29. RockyMTblue2

    "Uncoachable Christyn Williams" - I dislike the way it's mischaracterized

    Geno has been around this bunch of "reporters" for decades. If he puts an "uncoachable" comment out there he darn well knows what those folks will do with it. This kertuffle is as much his as anyone's and really more. Let it be a learning exercise Geno; yes you are still learning.
  30. RockyMTblue2

    April 2021 Recruiting Thread

    I would not damn Saylor with faint praise. She got dumped in the deep end and was concentrating the grey matter on basic movement in whatever the Huskies were doing on the floor. Very recently Geno said Saylor is an excellent shot. This fall she'll get comfortable and her shots will be...
  31. RockyMTblue2

    Stewie And Paige Pt II

    Why #5, the recruiting process (Paige screwed up a bit), etc etc. Nobody liked Pt I, so we'll see.
  32. RockyMTblue2

    Geno warns Paige not to develop an ego

    This next level is not to be confused with that other gear CD says is engaged particularly when she's getting fouled?

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