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  1. BGesus4

    NBA Draft 2021

    Figured a consolidated thread might be helpful here. Latest B/R mock has Bouk at 7, Juzang at 25
  2. BGesus4

    Best players we’ve played against this season

    I’d have to go with Mamu and Garcia from Marq. Zegarowski doesn’t even register. God only knows how he was preseason POY and Bouk was second team. Obviously Mobley is a massive talent but didn’t fully show it against us.
  3. BGesus4

    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Taking His Time with Recruiting Process (Syracuse on SI)

    Imagine being a grown man and your job is to try to convince 16 year olds how much you know about 2k and call of duty... have fun with that GMac
  4. BGesus4

    Strength Coach

    Team looks noticeably bigger and stronger than in years past. Kudos to him. Amazing that the two best physiques on the team are 18 year old freshman, and that's not a knock on the rest of the team.
  5. BGesus4

    The real Power 6

    Read this and smile: (Think you need espn+ to read it. If someone knows how to get around that please post. )
  6. BGesus4

    OT: Redskins cheerleader scandal

    anyone hearing about this? Is this real??
  7. BGesus4

    Bouknight's Defense

    Has really improved. That combined his offense makes it tough to take him off the floor.
  8. BGesus4

    Age at which you need your own ticket

    Does anyone know at what age you need your own ticket to get into Gampel? Apologies, I know this has been listed within threads before but I couldn't find it.
  9. BGesus4

    Team Needs

    We need to play more above the rim (rebounding and finishing). We are leading the country in blocked shots but I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't close in getting blocked as well. I haven't been as big on Cliff Omoruyi as some here, not because I don't think he's talented but because he...
  10. BGesus4

    Xavier Fans...

    ...are going to be easy to hate in the NBE
  11. BGesus4

    Pork Chop's Energy

    He was the the switch that turned around that horrendous start. I'm of the belief that we shouldn't be recruiting kids with his high school profile (ranking, reasonable projections). That being said and given that, huge kudos to the young man for his mental toughness and determination to...
  12. BGesus4

    CBS sports chairman rooting for Kentucky

    CBS Sports Boss Sean McManus: Kentucky Loss 'Really Hurt Us'

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