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  1. Phoenixhusky

    New Details on Freeman’s Departure

    Don’t believe anything Jacob’s writes, won’t even read it. He’s a hack.
  2. Phoenixhusky

    Recruiting Transfers - April

    I will never say bad things about Cuse players after eating my words on Buddy Boheim.
  3. Phoenixhusky

    COVID Vaccine Thread, the Sequel

    Got the second Pfizer shot yesterday. Just a sore arm.
  4. Phoenixhusky

    UConn, still awaiting word on Tyler Polley, mapping out potential transfers, recruits for next year

    I Agree 100%. Danny keeps recruiting stiff close to the vest. We will know something when he wants us to know something. I still think he’s shooting for a reclass or a 2021 recruit that recommits from another school.
  5. Phoenixhusky

    UConn, still awaiting word on Tyler Polley, mapping out potential transfers, recruits for next year

    If the head coach has not called him it’s obvious we are not very interested.
  6. Phoenixhusky

    2021 Recruiting: 2021 Recruits and 2022 Possible Reclassifications

    I think Hurley likes keeping recruiting info close to the vest.
  7. Phoenixhusky

    Recruiting Transfers - April

    Do not think Hurley will fill all three open scholarships. I think we add one more player via transfer or reclass and save the other two until next year.
  8. Phoenixhusky

    Sean Miller Out at Arizona

    About dang time!
  9. Phoenixhusky

    Big East Transfers

    Seton Hall is loading up. That is good for the big east!
  10. Phoenixhusky

    Florida transfer Noah Locke

    I still Hurley will land a reclass.
  11. Phoenixhusky

    Kadary Richmond Transferring

    Hard pass!
  12. Phoenixhusky

    B Adams to GW

    Great fit for him. He was so important as a culture builder.
  13. Phoenixhusky

    OT: Enoch Boakye to Arizona St

    I plan on going to a couple ASU games in the 2021-2022 season. I am excited to see the talent the Sun Devils are bringing in.
  14. Phoenixhusky

    Georgetown’s Qudus Wahab in transfer portal

    This one is surprising.
  15. Phoenixhusky

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    Great teammate and helped rebuild the culture.
  16. Phoenixhusky

    Borges says Bouk is gone

    If he can be a lottery pick that helps our recruiting immensely.
  17. Phoenixhusky

    COVID Vaccination

    Got my first Pfizer shot yesterday. Sore arm and pretty nauseous today.
  18. Phoenixhusky

    Buddy Boeheim Question

    The kid can shoot, geesh!
  19. Phoenixhusky

    UConn's Season a 'Huge Success' - Dan Hurley

    The season was a huge success based on the last five years and how far we had fallen.
  20. Phoenixhusky

    Hurley Should Have An Honest Talk With Bouk

    he is gone, too much guaranteed money but it will help our recruiting if he’s a high pick. Hurley can sell recruits on his development.
  21. Phoenixhusky

    Hurley signs 2-year contract extension

    Great news! I am excited about the future.
  22. Phoenixhusky

    Tyrese Martin Waiver Approved!

    Whaley deserves to start!!!
  23. Phoenixhusky

    Kenya Hunter to Indiana

    Hurley knows what’s he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll bring in a great assistant and he already likely knows who.
  24. Phoenixhusky

    2022 Recruiting: Rodney Rice

    I think he’s 2022
  25. Phoenixhusky

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins Commits to UConn

    Hurley and his staff have done an incredible job recruiting.
  26. Phoenixhusky

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins Commits to UConn

    Great video shouting out UConn’s historical past!
  27. Phoenixhusky

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    So sad and shocked. Was way to young. Very sad day!
  28. Phoenixhusky

    Ray Allen with some strong words on UConn..

    To clarify, who would cover campus policing if the campus police departments disbanded? The local municipality or the state police? So shouldn’t students pay directly for their own policing service through tuition then having local taxpayers foot the bill?
  29. Phoenixhusky

    Ray Allen with some strong words on UConn..

    I agree tone deaf by Ray. Campus security is a huge issue and really important to students and their parents.
  30. Phoenixhusky

    Bob Hurley vs ASU AD Ray Anderson drama

    Good job by Hurley!
  31. Phoenixhusky

    Favorite characters from The Wire

    Easily the best show ever!!!!
  32. Phoenixhusky

    Favorite characters from The Wire

    Omar. “I’ve never put my gun on a citizen.” Live his code and how he makes you root for a guy that robs drug dealers!!!

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