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  1. Phoenixhusky

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan Interview

    Admits he’s a Michigan Fan.
  2. Phoenixhusky

    Anthony Ksmbala

  3. Phoenixhusky

    JUCO Emmanuel Ugboh

  4. Phoenixhusky

    Jonathon Kuminga

  5. Phoenixhusky

    Jaiden Delaire

  6. Phoenixhusky

    First workout today

    Jalen posted an Instagram video of the players in the locker room after the first summer practice. The team looks tired and they are all collapsed in chairs.
  7. Phoenixhusky

    Sharife Cooper

  8. Phoenixhusky

    Eric Cobb

  9. Phoenixhusky

    Hassan Diarra

  10. Phoenixhusky

    Aidan Igiehon

  11. Phoenixhusky

    Andy Katz interview with Coach Hurley

    sorry if this was posted already.March Madness 365 with Andy Katz by Andy Katz, NCAA March Madness on Apple Podcasts
  12. Phoenixhusky

    Trip Doherty Tweet

  13. Phoenixhusky

    Transfer Anthony Tarke

    Not sure if this was already posted.
  14. Phoenixhusky

    Grad Tranfer James Scott

  15. Phoenixhusky

    Lukas Kisunas

  16. Phoenixhusky

    Jaden Delaire

  17. Phoenixhusky

    Chris Mccullough dismissed from Brewster Academy

    I know we recruited him at one point. He committed to Syracuse.
  18. Phoenixhusky

    OT Jabari Hinds

    to Umass per Alex Kline, sorry if someone else posted already.
  19. Phoenixhusky

    OT Marquette's Vander Blue NBA bound!

    per Alex Kline, think we recruited him back in the day.
  20. Phoenixhusky

    Aaron Crosby to Illinois

    per Alex Kline. Reports were UConn contacted him, but this should hopefully be an indication that Bazz is back.
  21. Phoenixhusky

    OT Rutgers recruit Shane Rectro reopens recruiting

    Per Alex Kline and as a result of the Mike Rice situation.
  22. Phoenixhusky

    OT Russ Smith entering NBA draft
  23. Phoenixhusky

    OT Ledo entering NBA Draft!

    Will never play for Providence. So much for that backcourt of Austin, Ledo and Dunn.
  24. Phoenixhusky

    Schilling to Michigan State, Croaker to Texas

    per Alex Kline.... What does this with Kendal Harris to Texas which is where reports state he is leaning.
  25. Phoenixhusky

    Uconn -4.5
  26. Phoenixhusky

    Cincy -5.5
  27. Phoenixhusky

    How much money is Uconn going to get?

    How much of the early exit fee pool will Uconn keep after they okay giving up the big east name? They have to split it with Cincy, temple and USF but it may be enough money to float sports for a year or two? What does everyone think?
  28. Phoenixhusky

    Damarcus Croaker

    De-committed from Murray State, just outside the top 100. Is Uconn going go after him. 604 Guard.
  29. Phoenixhusky

    Georgetown Favored -2.5 I like it! Go Uconn!
  30. Phoenixhusky

    Anton Beard 2014

    Decommits from Mizzou! Shows a Uconn Offer. Anyone have an info?
  31. Phoenixhusky

    Herbst must go!

    I have no confidence in her ability! This should have been us!
  32. Phoenixhusky

    Terrance Samuel Tweet

    terrence samuel‏@TsamuelUconn I hope my bro kentan facey signed his letter of intent today like planned I love this kid and would take him over B. Austin anyday.... Cannnot wait to see you at Uconn....
  33. Phoenixhusky

    Benny Boatwright, Trevor Stanback

    UConn just offered 2015 Alemany forward Bennie Boatwright, per a source. Cannot find the link on the offer! Trevor Stanback half way down! Look for Chaminade star gets big time offer! Ollie is going to target So Cal it looks like!

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