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    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    Two shots of Moderna. Other than being out for the count the evening after each dose, no side effects.

    Veterans Day

    Thank you Vets and families for your sacrifice and service !

    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.


    POLL: VOTE for starters this coming season

    Evina 1. PG/SG Christyn 2. SG Anna 3. PG/SF Aaliyah 4. PF Olivia 5. C Like others, I base my starting 5 on positions. I believe Evina and Anna will handle the point during the course of the game with Christyn the shooter/slasher guard. After watching...

    Westbrook waiver denied

    Is anyone aware if Azura Stevens case was appealed ?


    I was watching the Princeton/Penn women's final today. During the course of the game I kept seeing who I thought was Jasmine Lister sitting next to Coach Banghart on the Princeton bench. Wrong. It was Jasmine's sister Cinnamon following her sisters footsteps in th coaching field. Try picking out...

    Geno’s Post game Notre Dame comments (own thread)

    Also sounds like Liv earned a lot more playing time.

    Post-game Presser

    i pulled up a post game presser with Geno on Facebook. I just typed in Uconn women's basketball and took it from there. I'm not sure how to "share" so maybe some tech savy boneyard can work their miracle and post it. It was pretty entertaining stuff.

    ESPN announcers’ grade: D-

    Couldn't agree more. D - is to good of a grade. One of these days the announcers will learn that the broadcast should be about the game and not themselves.
  10. DEFCONN1

    The Butler did it! 18 consecutive double doubles.

    Big fan of Natalie and imho she would have played meaningful minutes in the Texas game.
  11. DEFCONN1

    8th grader makes 17/24 3's in H.S. game. Guess where she wants to play in college?

    Dare I say she reminds me of a small statured player from Mississippi St. When your determined and driven, the sky's the limit. Yea, even Uconn.
  12. DEFCONN1

    Kibitzer Bad-Ass award - UCONN vs. Texas

    Katie Lou. Black eye. Bad Ass!
  13. DEFCONN1

    Kyla Irwin

    How about Kyla's performance today at Houston. Along with her career high 8 pts., I was impressed with the way she took charge in the huddles. This young lady "gets it". Geno also praised Kyla's performance during the post game presser.
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    ECU Game Time Changed to 2 pm

    When my in-laws lived in Charotte NC, a dusting of snow was a natural disaster!
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    At Mattamy desk

    Just curious. Does anyone know the seating capacity for basketball at Mattamy?
  16. DEFCONN1

    Who on here is a UConn Alum? And who is not? I am.

    Not an alum. I'm originally from da Bronx. My daughters both played high school basketball. I started following NYC product Sue Bird at Christ the King. I followed her exploits at UCONN but was not a real Husky fanatic at the time. My youngest played some travel ball with Steph Dolson and when...
  17. DEFCONN1

    Did anyone notice

    I noticed that too. I just thought I was losing my marbles, which is not all that unusual at this point in my life.
  18. DEFCONN1

    OT: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

    It's a Wonderful Life.
  19. DEFCONN1

    Texas at Tennessee (merged thread)

    Ouch. A very painful game to watch!
  20. DEFCONN1

    Texas at Tennessee on Sunday - Who Wins? (Poll)

    I picked Texas to win so misery loves company. That was one of the most painful games I've watched in some time!
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    OT: Yankees land Stanton!

    The Red Sox have reconstructed the green monster after hearing the Yankees acquired Giancarlo Stanton.
  22. DEFCONN1


    Are there any Katie Lou sightings at practice or updates if she will play on Friday against DePaul?
  23. DEFCONN1

    Let the games begin! Weekend (11/10-12) Games

    A game of interest for Huskie fans is George Mason, with Natalie Butler, @ Michigan on Friday 11/10.good luck Nat!
  24. DEFCONN1


    I seem to remember last year about this time UCONN was not ranked # 1. Many BY's argued the point that UCONN, the reigning NC, earned the right to be ranked # 1 and should stay there until knocked off their throne. This being the case and let's be fair from those who argued this point, South...
  25. DEFCONN1

    Pheesa and Lou Show

    I'm not sure how to post this but for those BYers who want to see Lou and Pheesa running around being "endearing" check out the UConn women's basketball site on face book. Very amusing
  26. DEFCONN1

    Updates on the Gampel Roof repairs?

    Why do visions of the Seattle Kingdome imploding keep coming to my mind when I read these posts..... Just saying
  27. DEFCONN1

    Saniya graduated

    Perseverance pays off. Congrats and good luck to one of my favs!
  28. DEFCONN1

    OR vs MD game thread

    Maryland in deep doo doo down by 12 with 8 min left
  29. DEFCONN1

    Katie Lou's Face

    Sorry, but the reason it should have been reviewed was they earlier very similar Day foul, also to Katie Lou's face. I'm not saying it was or was not a flagrant, but after the second foul, the refs should have taken some semblance of control and reviewed. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me...
  30. DEFCONN1

    Katie Lou's Face

    Can someone in BY land please explain to me why the refs didn't call a flagrant foul on Bria Day when she gave a forearm to Katie Lou's face on her layup in the fourth quarter . I would think the refs should have at least reviewed the play.
  31. DEFCONN1

    Don't Forget About The...

    Thanks for the heads up Java guy. I won't be home during air time and will add it to my schedule to record list!
  32. DEFCONN1

    Best UCONN WBB play of the Year Nominations

    The biggest bucket of the season has to be the one Katie Lou threw up in during the Md. game
  33. DEFCONN1

    HBO second part! Wow!

    Wait...the best line had to be when Katie Lou went to milk cows and asked Tierney how do you know it's a her and Tierney patiently answered they're all hers. Classic Lou
  34. DEFCONN1

    Player Nickname Sighting

    How about " Rodney" for Crystal beacause she gets no respect from her opponents (I know, ouch).
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