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  1. Bigpetunia

    Mike Neighbors

    As a fan of women's basketball, I find it so gratifying for my favorite team to go up against truly classy teams, made classy by their truly classy coaches, to wit:
  2. Bigpetunia

    No Kibitzer??

    Np Badass(es) of the game awards? Is The Oracle ok?
  3. Bigpetunia

    Kellie Harper

    Traditionally, on our Board, a lot of posters have been so mired in Tennessee hatred that they were blind to how great the rivalry once was for women's basketball. The dismal results achieved by UT under Holly Warlick obviously took a lot of the edge off the prospect of that rivalry, which was a...
  4. Bigpetunia

    Aaliyah Edwards!

    Well, just because she deserves a thread of her own!! We Husky fans, insanely spoiled as we already are, find ourselves on the threshold of a new platinum era for our favorite program. Paige, of course, is going to grab the lion's share of the attention, and deservedly so...she's the real deal...
  5. Bigpetunia

    OT: Lifetime Badass Award

  6. Bigpetunia

    UConn Huskies "Bad For The Women's Game?"

    The ongoing refrain to which we’ve all been treated during the evolution and the flowering of Geno’s dynasty has been that the resulting inequity was “bad for the women’s game.” We’ve been lectured on how devastating an effect the dominance in Storrs would inevitably have on national fan...
  7. Bigpetunia

    Ania, Part Cinq, Part Dix, I've lost track...

    European experience notwithstanding, one must not lose sight of the fact that Ania is still just a Freshman. Many of my fellow posters have recognized her unique abilities from the very outset, suggesting that once she got over the early jitters and her shot came around, she'd be truly...
  8. Bigpetunia

    Ania, part trois

    What can I say? Are there really remaining doubters out there in Boneyardland? Look, this Freshman (repeat, FRESHMAN) kid is, and will continue to be, a work in progress. But a failure to appreciate where this project is inevitably headed? C'mon, our forum is populated by more savvy basketball...
  9. Bigpetunia

    Ania, part deux

    Like many other fans of UConn WBB, I find seasons such as the current one, when NC contention is certainly no given, nevertheless highly entertaining. Seemingly unlike many others, I think Geno really does know what he’s doing, and that assessment does not fluctuate on a week-to-week, or...
  10. Bigpetunia

    Ania Makurat

    From reading posts all over The Boneyard today, I realize that this is supposed to be gloom and doom time for a fanbase that has been encouraged to believe that our favorite team is predestined to win a National Championship each and every year. At the risk of getting folks more riled up than...
  11. Bigpetunia

    UConn Husky Logo

    If you're a fan of watching the dog logo, or, alternatively, of watching paint dry, you cannot spend your money more wisely than by subscribing to For uninterrupted basketball, try elsewhere!
  12. Bigpetunia

    Saturday Morning

    I am something of a sports nut, and have been all of my life. Although I played multiple sports in my youth, and was pretty decent in a few, I was never even close to achieving the kind of “elite athlete” status that would have resulted in anything more than a lifetime mainly as a spectator and...
  13. Bigpetunia

    The Parity Thing

    In recent weeks, those of us who are apparently deemed among the uninformed have been treated to a variety of posts by our peers on the Boneyard who seek to edify us as to the decline in the fortunes of UConn WBB. We have, lucky us, had the news “broken” to us that the current team falls short...
  14. Bigpetunia


    I think this kid has the potential to be great. She's got a lot to learn, and greatness will obviously not emerge overnight. Her rebounding and her shot-blocking ability combine to offer her team a real contribution immediately, while the rest of her game develops. But I have to say that I'm...
  15. Bigpetunia

    So, who's #2?

    We know who #1 is, but ND, after suffering an 18 point beatdown at home, clearly has to drop a few notches. I'd say Mississippi State deserves it.
  16. Bigpetunia

    What I Learned From Purdue Replay

    Well, nuttin’ really, since I had already gotten it from reading our forum over the past several days: The coach’s methods are no longer relevant for today’s players and his fundamental approach is outmoded. Fortunately, my ex-social worker wife didn’t see this, but at one point it appeared that...
  17. Bigpetunia

    Ma Nishtana...?

    This Friday night will indeed be different from all other nights: In addition to the usual Big Ten, six bonus plagues will be unleashed on the Irish nation. Their names are Crystal, Lou, Kia, Gabby, Napheesa and Azura. Heaven help the poor afflicted!
  18. Bigpetunia

    Hating Notre Dame

    OK, hate is, admittedly, a very strong word, and I mean it, of course, only in the "sports rivalry" context, but the abundance of reasons to "hate" pretty much everything about them is inescapable. First and foremost among those, ironically, is not even through any fault of their own, but can be...
  19. Bigpetunia

    Molly Bent today!

    The starters, quite obviously, were off the chart today, but the mismatch in talent on the floor was so vast that the more valuable takeaways from today's game, I think, relate to the performances off the bench. In that regard, I thought Molly was exceptionally confident, sure-handed, and...
  20. Bigpetunia

    Did anyone notice?

    USF, I will grant, is a vertically challenged team. Still, the gal who jumps center has Gabby by a couple of inches. Nevertheless, if you will check out the game’s opening tip on replay, the USF center “concedes” the tip to Gabby, much like what we used to see in the men’s game when all tieups...
  21. Bigpetunia

    The ULTIMATE Badass!

    If one truly understands the game of basketball, and if one examines all of the elements that go into contributing to any team's winning games, how does one avoid one inevitable question?: Understanding that in any particular contest different players on our favorite teams will have big nights...
  22. Bigpetunia


    OK, I know it's just been a couple of exhibition games against hopelessly overmatched opponents, but... Because we UConn fans are so outrageously spoiled, extending even to totally unrealistic expectations of Freshman players, particularly those adapting to the hardest-to-learn positions at the...
  23. Bigpetunia


    I am a man of a "certain age." Although now retired, I am, not to be smug about it, in possession of several advanced academic degrees and spent my long career both practicing and teaching in a highly technical field. While not "dense" on the subject, I readily cop to being considerably less...
  24. Bigpetunia

    R.I.P. Connie Hawkins

    One of the true greats...will never forget him at his best!
  25. Bigpetunia

    2017-18 NPOY...Gabby?

    Like most of my fellow Boneyarders, I find myself, two months shy of the season opener, chomping at the proverbial bit. Few if any of us, at this very juncture last year, were predicting a fifth consecutive championship, and, alas, we were right, though just barely. Now, for many good reasons...
  26. Bigpetunia


    I hesitate to inquire...and maybe I just missed something...but has anyone seen or heard from our resident Professor lately?
  27. Bigpetunia

    House Money

    In prior posts on our forum, I have been a vocal advocate of the idea that our favorite team, playing so far beyond any remotely reasonable preseason expectations, is essentially playing with the House’s money at this point. I well-remember our mutual discussions of several months ago, when we...
  28. Bigpetunia

    Conspiracy Theories

    If our favorite team, as I fully expect, wins it all yet again (!) this year, it will be, as usual, because they boast the best team in the tournament...not necessarily a roster of the best players, but the best team, the best-coached, and most cohesive unit in the entire field. Yes, they may...
  29. Bigpetunia

    Lisa Stockton, Tulane, and the AAC

    As many of my Boneyard friends are aware, I, in my retirement years, divide time between residing in Connecticut and in my original hometown of New Orleans. As an ardent fan of UConn WBB, and of WCBB in general, I am afforded by my dual life an opportunity to get an interesting, up front and...
  30. Bigpetunia


    A'ja Wilson was the only player on the floor who posed a serious threat to UConn. The adjustments Geno made at halftime, three players collapsing on A'ja on every touch, took her out of the game after the break. Holding SC to barely breaking 50 an unbelievable accomplishment. Oh, and by the way...
  31. Bigpetunia

    Team Conditioning...UConn and ND

    We Husky fans, quite justifiably, hate it when people around the country talk about how bad UConn's level of success is for WCBB. What makes the reality of this kind of shallow thinking so fundamentally annoying is the simple truth that "the UConn way," if I can use that term, is undeniably...
  32. Bigpetunia

    The Maryland Game

    In every team sport, there exists only one, true Holy Grail, and that, of course, is each season’s National Championship. Consecutive game win streaks are nice, and almost unbelievable insofar as the lofty numbers UConn repeatedly establishes are concerned. Likewise for undefeated regular...
  33. Bigpetunia


    How often, in opponents' post-game interviews after playing UConn, have you heard the phrase from players and/or coaches, "I/we just had an off-night?" Does it strike anyone besides me how remarkably coincidental it is that opposing teams' off-nights so often come against Geno-coached defenses...
  34. Bigpetunia


    Despite its early level of success – a level beyond which even the optimists among us predicted – our favorite team is clearly not yet the well-oiled machine that usually characterizes a Geno-coached squad. Though it’s far from the “be-all-and-end-all” contest that it might otherwise be later in...
  35. Bigpetunia

    Ahhh, Schadenfreude!!

    Navy, wait, did I say Alabama, Ohio State, LSU??, nooo Navy 28, Notre Dame 27. Yagotta love it!!!
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