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  1. superjohn

    Springs Scores

    I don't understand why people are worried about having 4 bigs for next year. We only play 3 this season.
  2. superjohn

    6 guys in double figures

    Just responding to what you said. This is a much better team at sharing the ball and every other way than they were. The new players adapted to this level and the team drastically changed with the addition of Bouknight and Jackson.
  3. superjohn

    6 guys in double figures

    Ball movement is way better lately than it was earlier in the season, night and day difference.
  4. superjohn

    The Reason For It All- Sanogo

    Nope, I'm convinced a lot of fans don't know what a travel is.
  5. superjohn

    Seton Hall's Bubble is About to Pop *NM

    No Bouknight or Jackson.
  6. superjohn

    Duke is horrendous

    Was curious so looked it up earlier, 9 players ranked between #12 and #49 coming out of high school. It's now down to 8 players since Jalen Johnson left school.
  7. superjohn

    Gaffney! WTH man?!!!

    He'll be playing mostly at shooting guard next season since we have Diggings coming in. Should see a major jump in his game.
  8. superjohn

    Kenpom #24

    Let's win the next 3 and get a #4 seed.
  9. superjohn

    UCONN BET Hype Video

  10. superjohn

    We are NOT an 8 seed

    Love me some Rothstein.
  11. superjohn

    "He's the best athlete I've ever seen in person."

    I've been saying this since day 1. He's the best run jump athlete we've ever had and he's a point guard.
  12. superjohn

    Any objection to our 3 seniors starting Saturday?

    I never liked it in an important game, tomorrow is an important game. Honor them and I guess you can start them but the four of them on the court together is a really bad lineup and I don't want to get down big early. First sign of any troubles sub them out.
  13. superjohn

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    3 open. Cole, Gaff, Jax, Rese, Akok, Sanogo, Springs, Diggins, Hawkins, Samson. I'm more talking about we all of a sudden aren't crazy deep. It's hard to get 3 good contributors in Spring/Summer.
  14. superjohn

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    Yes. I'm hoping and thinking we may have a senior or 2 possibly stay.
  15. superjohn

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    It was always known he is graduating this year. Really impressive to graduate in three years with the enormous commitment of being a high level D1 basketball player.
  16. superjohn

    Hurley signs 2-year contract extension

    Hurley signs contract extension Boneyard response- I'm worried Hurley is going to leave
  17. superjohn

    Hurley signs 2-year contract extension

    He's buddies with Rothstein, Goodman, Zags etc. It's a great thing after years of what seems like a bit of an adversarial relationship with UConn and the tri-state and national guys. On first glance it seems totally ridiculous but I'm pretty sure the buyout remains $0 with Edsall.
  18. superjohn

    Tyler Polley’s mercurial UConn career is winding down

    Why would Whaley only have a six year window of making good money playing overseas?
  19. superjohn

    Is UConn Now The Favorite To Win The Big East Tournament In its First Year Back In The Conference?

    I swear I think some posters think Miami, West Virginia, Louisville, Va. Tech etc. were in the original Big East.
  20. superjohn

    Some perspective...

    You got Ollied.
  21. superjohn

    Our Seniors

    Yes. We have a three bigs rotation this season with Whaley 28 mins per game, Sanogo 17, and Josh 12.
  22. superjohn

    Big Bubble Night Discussion

    They're down 25 points and DIckie V is still hyping them up.
  23. superjohn

    Our Seniors

    You have no clue if that's true.
  24. superjohn

    No headlines! What a welcome change!

    Can we please ban all the posters from the women's board?
  25. superjohn

    Gillespie with a nasty knee injury

    Don't pull a Nelson, I didn't compare him to them as a player, they are obviously both much better. I said they jerked their heads back all the time to draw calls, Gillespie draws fouls all the time by backing people down and creating contact. It's what good smart players do.
  26. superjohn

    Gillespie with a nasty knee injury

    So what, Kemba and Bazz drew calls all the time jerking their heads back. You play with what you got and what the refs will let you get away with. Gillespie is a really good college point guard.
  27. superjohn

    Jim Christian out @ Boston College

    What am I missing here? ECU is terrible and so is their recruiting.
  28. superjohn

    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    I was responding to the comment that his offense is somewhat overblown, it's not. He has been bad on offense lately, don't need him to play like he did offensively last night but he needs to get back to making layups which he did last night.
  29. superjohn

    Random UConn v Seton Hall memory

    Danny Hurley.
  30. superjohn

    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    5.7 points on 38% shooting his last 9 games before last night. The offense has been really bad with a bunch of missed bunnies, luckily the defense is always really good.
  31. superjohn

    Hurley for BE COY?

    Wright hasn't had to deal with anything up until last night with Gillespie. His team is a very good veteran laden team that has slightly underperformed their preseason ranking.
  32. superjohn

    Hurley for BE COY?

    He really should win it, no coach had to deal with more.
  33. superjohn

    NCAA Seeding Discussion

    Agreed, it should and will factor in. It isn't 100% numbers, there is the eye test as well and we pass that. Anyone watching knows we're easily a top 25 team when healthy, they probably don't want a potential second round matchup with UConn playing a #1 seed.
  34. superjohn

    This may be too early but

    Of course not but should definitely be top 25.
  35. superjohn

    Syracuse is screwed

    Duke isn't in.
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