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    Might CBS Sports Network know something about our Feb 12 game at Georgetown

    Regardless of the reason why CBS Sports is picking up that game , I for 1 am just glad to get to see my Huskies on live tv......This season has been so truncated and different than any other that a glimpse of the Huskies on live tv is worth celebrating.
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    UConn adds Arkansas

    Isn't Arkansas home to Christyn Williams? Maybe this will be a sort of Homecoming.
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    Tomorrow’s game is also postponed

    Can't be . Not again 😫😫 Somebody shake me, slap me , throw some cold water on me , please wake me up !........I know I must be having a nightmare !
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    Fairfield, Makurat is in the starting lineup for more than scoring. She gives the team an extra ball handler to help against any pressure, a good rebounder, a passer, and she knows the offense. All skills Geno values highly. Though her scoring is off , she brings so much more to the lineup...
  5. HGN

    Who will guard Siegrist

    I think Uconn will play team defense on Siegrist. Between Evina , Aubrey , Paige , and switching defense , Uconn should keep her under control. She won't be shut down completely, but kept under control enough for the Huskies to win.
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    Seton Hall Postgame Thread

    You know , I think Paige should start a 'Dime Jar'..:)......Something like a piggy bank. And charge her teammates ten-cent for every missed or open layup they miss after receiving a good pass (dime) from her. And charge herself five - cent for every turnover or bad pass. And use the money...
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    The Top 3 Things You Want to See on Saturday

    Let me see now, my Top 3 would be: 1) A Win , and 2) A Win , and 3) A Win. I just can't seem to think any further than that right now.
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    Van Lith - First 2 Games

    Doowop, I wouldn't either. Both are good. But we have Paige as our lead point. Give me Muhl.
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    Van Lith - First 2 Games

    Just inspiration for Paige.....just inspiration.:)
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    Andra Espinoza-Hunter to Seton Hall [merged thread]

    My thought is whether she is immediately eligible? Seems like the NCAA allows every player is immediately eligible to play as long as it's not at UConn.
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    Stewie on the cover of Slam Magazine

    Not only earned , but well deserved! CONGRATULATIONS Stewie.
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    Bad news: Positive Covid Test- Team to Pause Activities [MERGED THREAD]

    For us fans , this is cruel and unusual punishment. If this was the month of April I would think it's a joke. But unfortunately it's true. I know the players are disappointed , while we fans are devastated. Hopefully , the team and coaches will pacify us with more practice footage or...
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    Happy Birthday, Megatron!

    Happy Birthday, Megan.......Have a great day and a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
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    Team Photo

    Paige indeed looks stronger . Her arms are not skinny looking as they did in HS. And Autumn has gained a pound or 2 as well. Don't tell me those are muscles in her calves?
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    Happy birthday Aubrey

    Happy Birthday Aubrey.
  16. HGN

    Any MIR news?

    I'm sure Charlie was assuming that Uconn had a good lead or it was a blowout at some point.
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    OT: Sean Connery has died. [merged thread]

    My All Time favorite Bond. No one ever did it like Connery....RIP.
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    November 2020 UConn Recruiting Thread

    France, I like the format and info is very informative. Also easy to follow.
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    Thanks UconnCat for that video. Evina is a great player as the video showed. Adding her to the returning group , plus the incoming freshmen , is going to make Uconn even more dangerous. No question the loss of Crystal and Megan is significant. But the addition of Evina and the outstanding...
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    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

    Bigpetunia, no worry about me keeping quiet.....I couldn't repeat that if I tried.
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    The Sophomores!

    "She's not heavy ; she's my sister"......Outstanding contributors as freshmen. And I think they will be great contributors as sophomores.
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    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

    A team can never have too many good players.
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    Labor Dept. rules UConn underpaid females on 2014 women's basketball coaching staff

    It's untold who may have filed the complaint, but it didn't stop the coaching staff from doing their job , because the Wbb team won the NC that 2014 year. Most schools make the argument that their Men's basketball program generate more revenue than their women's bb program. Thus , they pay...
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    1st Practice Today

    Good point....
  25. HGN

    Starting 5 predictions for 2020

    Ktuck911, I respectfully disagree on one selection. I do not think Bueckers will start on day one. I would replace her with Makurat. Bueckers will be just like most other superstars at Uconn beginning their freshman year, coming off the bench for a few games before starting. Just my 1.5 cents.
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    World Exposure Class of 2022 rankings “Ice” Brady #1

    But Enigmatic, don't you think that would make UConn bad for basketball again? :)
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    Seattle should persue Liz Cambage

    Could this be an opportunity for The Storm to improve its Offense by playing good Defense? By signing Cambage to keep her away from LV or The Sparks. Liz Cambage may be toxic to some teams chemistry in the traditional sense , but could bring just enough size, rebounding , and scoring to offset...
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    October 2020 off-season transfer thread

    I would like to know just what is going on at Maryland and Ohio State? Seems like annually they have 2-3 players transferring out.
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    Fudd is down to UCLA and UConn

    So , it's down to East Coast or West Coast.....Opposites. I can see good rationale for either choice. She can go West and hope there are other good support players and be The Team , or stay East and be on a potential NC team playing with her BFF. I know what I would do. But who knows the...
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    doowop, I second that motion.
  31. HGN

    Why is there so little information about Azzi Fudd?

    Patience my friends.......patience.
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    Some HoopGurlz 2021 movement

    Saylor up to #10 in Blue Star.
  33. HGN

    Happy Birthday Saylor Poffenbarger!

    Happy Birthday Saylor.
  34. HGN

    2021 Caroline Ducharme to UConn

    Yep , Milford if we can close the deal and get lucky and pull in that 4th vital piece, it will be time to celebrate.
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