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  1. superjohn

    Andrea Hurley NY Post article
  2. superjohn

    Nova getting annihilated by Butler

    Butler doing whatever they want against Nova on CBS.
  3. superjohn

    RJ player of game

    They were totally out of sorts and looked dead in the water with their season about to end and he had 14 second half points, he had 6 steals on the game with 7 assists and 0 turnovers. One of the grittier performances from a UConn point guard in a while. Now let's please play a much more...
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    The game was there for the taking and we just didn't do anything to take it. Bouknight was hurt and tired and Wright adjusted to stop him, after a great start Bouk was really bad and nobody else stepped up. We never adjusted and we got bullied down low which just shouldn't happen. Looking...
  5. superjohn

    Blackhawks vs. Whalers

    Turned on the TV tonight and the Blackhawks were playing the Whalers. What kind of bulls^*t is this?
  6. superjohn

    Xavier thoughts

    After another awful start maybe the best we've played. RJ player of the game without a doubt. Couple typical sloppy plays from him but he hit all the big shots and made some really good passes that were botched. After a poor first half Tyrese was a huge difference maker in the second half, he...
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    Not getting the most out of them

    This was just a brutal performance and things are getting worse each game. I think it's more than just Bouk being out, the uncertainty of the situation is weighing on them and you can see the season slipping away. We have a lot of complimentary pieces with no go to guys and our two best...
  8. superjohn

    Steph Curry putting on a show

    On ABC. 46 points, 10 threes, made 14 of his last 16 shots. Still the third quarter.
  9. superjohn

    Hurley on Jackson

    We're going to hold you to that coach... Charlotte Carroll on Twitter: "Hurley on Andre Jackson: "Once he gets a feel, and we get Bouknight back, we're gonna look much different."" / Twitter
  10. superjohn

    UConn- lineup & thoughts

    Once Bouknight is back, hopefully next game the lineup needs to be Bouknight, Jackson, Tyrese, Sanogo and either Cole or Gaff. I'm leaning Gaff, it's always been about confidence with him. He has to know how good he is after today. This was by far the best version of Seton Hall, we simply...
  11. superjohn

    Super Bowl- Andy Reid's son

    Andy Reid's son, the Chiefs linebacker coach crashed his car into a car with little little children in it. A five year old has life threatening injuries. My mind goes right to his past, hope it's not the case and hope the kids can recover.
  12. superjohn

    Screech RIP

    if you're my age you grew up watching him and basically everyone of every age has heard the name Screech. Sadly, like many kid stars he was left with no money and had a pretty rough life. RIP Dustin Diamond.
  13. superjohn

    2023 recruiting: Simeon Wilcher

    Interview with Corey Floyd Jr.'s backcourt mate. Hurley's first offer for the '23 class, could be our first 5 star McD's all-American under this staff. Here he talks about UConn at the 20:15 mark...
  14. superjohn

    Geno end of game coaching

    Caught the last 4-5 minutes of their game. For as great of a coach as he is I never really know what he's doing at the end of close games. They happen so infrequently but the times I've seen it the team always looks confused... Tonight they are down 3 with around 30 seconds Arkansas ball...
  15. superjohn

    Most hated coaching decisions in sports?

    For me, not fouling with like 5-6 seconds left in college basketball games up 3 points and NFL coaches going for 2 points early in games. I've also always hated the 2 fouls and you sit for the rest of the half rule some coaches employ no matter the time and score. It worked out for Calhoun...
  16. superjohn

    No complaints- Creighton game

    Any team in the country is going to struggle without one of the best players in the nation and their two top recruits from the past 2 years. Hurley learned his lesson on Sanogo and I think he now realizes he needs to get something like 30 minutes per game going forward or as many minutes as his...
  17. superjohn

    George Springer gets paid

    Perfect fit for him in Toronto with a loaded young Jays team.
  18. superjohn

    Hurley coaching malpractice

    What the hell was that? Some of the worst in game coaching you'll see. Sanogo was the best player on both sides of the court. He took him out for what we thought was a 2 minute breather and he never sees the court again. The entire offense was being run through Sanogo. Loss is 100% on coach...
  19. superjohn

    Drummond big night

    Drummond with 33 and 23 tonight against the Knicks.
  20. superjohn

    Marquette annihilates Providence

  21. superjohn

    DePaul game thoughts

    Incredibly ugly game against a bad opponent but a very good win, a loss would've been terrible. We are excellent defensively and crash the boards, when things are ugly offensively and you have injuries that will still get you wins. Tyrese took the game over and we have two legit second scoring...
  22. superjohn

    Top 25, would be top 10

    Uconn is top 25 now and would be top 10 if we didn't blow the Creighton game. Butler is way down this year but they didn't even look like they belonged on the court with us and that's without Bouknight, Akok who isn't ready, and Jackson. Once we get healthy and the point guard play inproves we...
  23. superjohn

    Can we stop pretending we are physically weak

    During the chat last night many posters were saying we are physically weak, we need more length, and we're getting bullied by Marquette. We were losing badly because we missed a million bunnies and we were sleepwalking while Marquette was making tough shots. We were killing them on the glass...
  24. superjohn

    Polley beats Marquette

  25. superjohn

    Nikola Jokic - He's the most unique player I've ever seen in the NBA.

    He's the most unique player I've ever seen in the NBA. 18 assists for the big fella tonight. Another triple double and 42 assists through his first 3 games this season. It's remarkable watching a slow goofy looking guy dominate NBA teams game after game with his vision, creativity, and...
  26. superjohn

    Mavs score vs. Clippers 77-27 at half

    Largest deficit in the history of the NBA at halftime.
  27. superjohn

    Zags annihilating Virginia

    Kispert just had his 9th three rattle in and out, it's the start of the second half.
  28. superjohn

    RIP Kevin Greene

    Kevin Greene is now dead, the hits keep coming. One of my all-time favorite athletes, an absolute animal on the field. RIP, legend.
  29. superjohn

    What to make of Gaffney?

    It's still early in his career but it doesn't look like he's made the jump many of us expected. I watched several of his games in high school and thought we were getting a different player. This is a kid who would take his man off the dribble and make acrobatic finishes at the rim, a guy who...
  30. superjohn

    Adams minutes

    Brendan Adams has 57 minutes played in the last 3 games and has contributed a total of 4 points and 1 assist. Not looking to bash the kid but that ain't working.
  31. superjohn

    Insane ending Xavier Marquette

    I love the Big East!
  32. superjohn

    We were better than them and found a way to lose.

    We were better than them and found a way to lose. Bouknight might be the best player in the country but we just don't have that second guy and point guard play is killing us. Need to get Jackson and Sanogo a lot more involved because they are a lot more talented than the other guys. Cole...
  33. superjohn

    MLB to add Negro Leagues to the official record books

    This is one of the best stories/decisions I've seen in a long time, love this so much...
  34. superjohn

    Paige Bueckers

    This girl is going to be incredible, you can tell right away. She's the type of player that can revolutionize the women's game.
  35. superjohn


    The stats don't show it but he makes all the little plays, the double doubles will start to follow. He's the type of player that Covid/no crowds hurt because he's an energy/momentum player type of player but he's more than that. He's the guy guarding the best guy on the other team and his...
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