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  1. Replicant

    How Retro Can You Go!

    Bob, really! And yes...this was filmed in Meyers7's garage! :p
  2. Replicant

    OT: Walter Becker No Longer Reelin' In The Years

    Sad news concerning yet another legend of Rock - Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker passes away at age 67. Walter Becker, Steely Dan Co-Founder, Dead at 67
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    Class, Grace, Unrivaled Excellence!

    Federer, Secretariat, UConn Womens Basketball! Each pushing the boundaries past what was previously thought possible in their sport.
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    Another Rock Legend Gone...

    Sadly, by his own hand. R.I.P. Keith Emerson.
  5. Replicant

    2016 Takes Another Music Legend...

    First the world lost David Bowie, next came Glenn Frey and now Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire...RIP
  6. Replicant

    Ziggy Stardust will not be down for breakfast

    David Bowie dead at 69...RIP
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    Love & Basketball...

    SURPRISE ‘BUSINESS TRIP’: BYU guard KimBeeston’s parents, Lindsay and Vicki Parker, were in Los Angeles to watch the Cougars defeat Nebraska Monday. After the game, the Parkers drove through the night back home to Heber City, where Vicki works for a direct mail company, 123 Postcards. “My dad...
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    Move Over Kaleena, There's A New Sniper In Town...

    In addition to all the extraordinary aspects of Moriah's game, it seems like she rarely misses an open 3 these days. So I decided to visit the season stats and was pleasantly shocked to see that through 36 games, Moriah is now tied with Kaleena for 1st place on 3 pt. accuracy at .431! What a...
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    Way To Stay Classy Brenda!

    "I said this all along: They went from nine All-Americans to seven," Frese said. "If they lose a couple more, Geno might have to coach like the rest of us."
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    The One Constant In An Ever Changing Universe...

    UConn Womens Basketball Excellence...Wow! Just Wow! :D
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    UConn 'Kicks It Up A Notch!'

    The team has picked one helluva a great time to jell and peak! Through the tourney's first 4 games, we've improved on our regular season's nation leading ppg, defensive ppg and scoring margin averages by 3 points, respectively. Season averages: 82.2 ppg - 49 defensive ppg - 33.2 scoring...
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    Predictions: UConn 75 vs. Duke 62

    Can't wait to get this one started. Duke is overdue to represent and my sense is that this year's team has more balance than in recent years. We also go into this match-up a bit more nicked up than usual. So here's my rationale...UConn scores 4.2ppg more than Duke. UConn defends 3.8ppg better...
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    Louisville vs. Rutgers On CBS Sports Now!

    Just stumbled across game on Cablevision Channel 143 RU 28 - L'Ville 24 (halftime)
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    Predictions: UConn 80 - Notre Dame 63

    I'll preface with the standard disclaimer before every 2012-2013 UConn game...I will not be the least surprised to see a UConn blow-out today! Just as with Stanford, we create the match-up nightmares for ALL other teams. Unless ND plays it's "A" game, for 40 minutes and hits ALL their...
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    UConn Unanimous #1 In New ESPN Rankings

    1 Connecticut (31) 12-0 775 2 Baylor 10-1 732 3 Stanford 11-1 707 4 Duke 11-0 691 5 Notre Dame 11-1 654
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    UConn Stats...

    UConn is currently: #1 Defense - 42.3 #1 Scoring Margin - 43.4 #1 FG% - 52.6 #1 Opp FG% - 28.1 #2 Offense - 85.6 #3 Assists - 21.1 #6 3 pt - 8.7 #7 3 pt% - 39.2 #9 Turnovers - 13.1 #13 Rebound Margin - 11.1 #30 FT% - 74.7 #30 Blocks - 5.2 #40 Steals - 11.9 And super sniper Kaleena has moved...
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    Romo Sucks!

    Jerry Jones is the only man in America that didn't think Tony Romo would engineer some way of losing last night's game vs. the Redskins. Romo didn't disappoint, throwing his 3rd pick of the night with 3 minutes left and killing their final hopes for an NFC East title.
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    Predictions: UConn 95 - Oregon 39

    I know it will be ugly...I just don't know how ugly. Since Paul Westhead teams always play all offense and no defense, I'm adding 10 points onto UConn's 85.6 ppg average. And since Oregon has not and will not face a defense like UConn again this year, I'm shaving 10 points off their lowest...
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    Predictions: UConn 75 - Stanford 62

    Let the game begin! Today's game is the type that can create legends and I have a suspicion that a UConn star, or stars will elevate to meet that occasion. Armed once more with DD's surgical dissection of today's match-ups, I'm liking our chances...A LOT! :) We gotta make the shots we...
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    Predictions: UConn 85 - Penn St. 60

    Once again armed with DD's superb pregame analysis and considering that CSN and Detroit hung 73 and 72 points on PSU's defense, respectively...UConn will cruise to victory.
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    Predictions: UConn 81 - Maryland 54

    May have missed it, but I didn't see any prediction thread started for the Big Monday game. Now that I'm armed with a reservoir of knowledge from DD's outstanding analysis, I'm prepared to go on the record: UConn makes soup out of the Turtles!
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