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  1. Waquoit

    OT: Coronavirus Good News maybe

    My partner works in healthcare and received the first shot the week it came out. One of her associates got the shot on the same day and last week both her husband and toddler tested positive while she has remained negative. Hubby is still very sick. Anecdotal but still...
  2. Waquoit

    S'mores Ice Cream

    I'm seeing more of the subject in the freezer section. Here's where we stand to date: 1. Gifford's 2. Ben and Jerry's 3. Breyers' Not close, imo.
  3. Waquoit

    Did the Best Beer thread get deep sixed?

    I thought I might have put it on Ignore in error but I can't find it there either. Is it gone?
  4. Waquoit

    UCL 2020-21

    Thank goodness for soccer during COVID. Some of these games have been unreal. I just finished Basaksehir-Leipzig, just a crazy good watch. The commie kickballers are missing out. They can stick with watching the 4th stringers.
  5. Waquoit

    OT: Mars

    Apparently Mars will be closer to Earth tonight than it will be for the next 15 years. Why am I just hearing about this now? Anyone out there on top of this?
  6. Waquoit

    Where are the Sun fans?

    What a great game last night. They look like a tough out to me. Especially with a determined Alyssa Thomas.
  7. Waquoit

    OT: RIP Diana Rigg

    Longtime Husky Nan avatar Diana Rigg has just died. Talk about a great run. She began her TV career as an icon and almost 60 years later she was still a TV icon. And inbetween she was a great classical stage actress and played the only character to marry James Bond!
  8. Waquoit

    Kemba wins for fun!

    Kemba leads every step of the way to win the 4th at Saratoga today. Was 10-1 on the morning line but bet down to 5-2.
  9. Waquoit

    Cricket's Back!

    The big Test match between England and West Indies started today. First international cricket in months and they can only play a short time before it gets rained out.
  10. Waquoit

    OT: Al Jaffee - RIP

    Another big part of my childhood is no more, Mad Magazine great Al Jaffee has died at 99 (!). He did almost 500 of his fold-in and the last one comes out next week. That will be Mad's issue of all new material so in effect Al and Mad will have died within days of each other. Mad had a great run...
  11. Waquoit

    OT: RIP Christo

    Visionary artist Christo has just died from natural causes. Anyone else catch The Gates? He did a lot of cool stuff, here's a good retrospective.
  12. Waquoit

    Seize the Day!

    Back when cable was pretty new, I worked with a big college football fan. I can't remember who his team was but I still remember who his bandwagon team was: the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Why? He had a bad back and couldn't sleep very well. And the only football on late back then was Hawaii. It...
  13. Waquoit

    OT: Tipping

    I'm only leaving the house for quick trips to the store and besides those items I put on the card, I'm not spending any money. I have almost the same cash in my wallet as I had a month ago. So I'm basically tipping any worker I come in contact with these days. I just got back from the S&S where...
  14. Waquoit

    OT: Ring Cycle from the Met

    The Metropolitan Opera has been streaming one HD opera a night and on Tuesday they're starting Wagner's Ring Cycle. These are the opera's where the fat lady famously sings. Four operas, all over four hours long makes for quite a bit of entertainment if you like that kind of thing. They really do...
  15. Waquoit

    OT: Census

    I'm retired and not much interested in a real job anymore. But without earned income you can't put money into your Roth IRA and mine needs more funds all of a sudden. So I just took a temp job for the Census. It entails visiting addresses in my area and asking a short list of questions. You...
  16. Waquoit

    AAC Championship at Mohegan Sun

    I just get my monthly Sun brochure and I see they are offering me free tickets to Sessions 1,2 and 4. UConn plays in Session 3 I take it?
  17. Waquoit

    USF on Sunday

    Game is almost a sellout. Better buy now so you don't have to come begging later.
  18. Waquoit

    Newtown Pride FC

    I've never heard of this team before today. But I noticed they are playing in the first round of the US Open Cup as the 2019 U.S. Adult Soccer Association National Amateur Cup champion. Anyone here familiar with this squad and can add anything about them?
  19. Waquoit

    OT: Tedeschi-Trucks Presale

    I know we have a bunch of Tedeschi Trucks fans here. They're playing in New Haven this summer and the presale is today, use WHEELSOFSOUL
  20. Waquoit

    Florida Airfares

    Very cheap flights to FLL from Bradley right now. Under $200. R/T for midweek in JAN-FEB.
  21. Waquoit

    Frozen 2

    Frozen 2 will be playing 34 times a day at the Buckland Hills cinemas. That's madness.
  22. Waquoit

    Jeopardy GOAT

    "Sony Pictures Television said today that the appropriately named Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time will feature last season’s phenom James Holzhauer going up against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter for a $1 million prize. The also-rans in the multiple-night event starting January 7 will banks a...
  23. Waquoit

    OT: Site Ads

    I'm not sure why I am suddenly getting ads for "Stylish Large-Cup Swimwear" but I'm not complaining.
  24. Waquoit

    Kemba article on The Athletic - tremendous

    I know it's a behind a paywall but here's a Snippet: After undergoing offseason hip surgery in 2010, [Donnell] Beverly needed to stay at UConn over the summer for physical therapy. Early in the process, his movement was limited enough that even routine tasks proved complicated. Though his...
  25. Waquoit

    We lost a good UConn FB fan this week

    My mother passed away this week from the big C. She had season tickets at The Rent for years and was probably the the main drawing card to our tailgates. She would hit it off with everybody. Rob Frey and his wife came once just because his wife wanted to say hello to Mom. A fan of the Giants of...
  26. Waquoit

    Transfer Season

    Nice signing by Spurs of all teams - Tanguy Ndombele. I don't believe that teams can stay the same and repeat the success of the year before, I'd like to see a signing from Liverpool. Getting the Ox back will help.
  27. Waquoit

    OT: Hartford wins lawsuit

    Hartford just won their lawsuit against those Centerplan creeps. I'm hoping this will kick start the development around the park. Maybe the delay is a blessing in disguise since the ballpark has been such a success.
  28. Waquoit

    Hartford Athletic game tonight

    Tonight's game (6/28) was originally scheduled for tomorrow in case you have an old schedule. Last game in The Rent, a great soccer venue. We're keeping it simple with sausages with peppers and onions pre-game. It's going to be warm and dry with $5. Headways, sounds like a good night out to me.
  29. Waquoit

    Neymar News

    Neymar to Barcalona for Coutihno and cash makes a lot of sense to me. Both teams want their respective players gone. I honestly think Coutihno would have a career renaissance at PSG.
  30. Waquoit


    ......Is there anyway to keep ellipses from being truncated? It gets edited down to one, like in my first sentence.
  31. Waquoit

    Celtics Post-Season

    I'm wondering how many other Celtics agree that Kyrie should have taken 30 shots? I like the quote. The Knicks can have him.
  32. Waquoit

    OT: Jeopardy

    So are we all watching Jeopardy yet? This guy James is not just winning, he's obliterating the competition. He's knows everything and has the gamble. Before, the 1-day record was $77,000. He's broken $100K four times already. Some days lately Jeopardy has had the highest rating of any TV show...
  33. Waquoit

    Posting Photos

    When I try to post a photo I get "file too big to process". Any tips on making the file smaller?
  34. Waquoit

    Oscar Nominated Shorts

    We've been to see a least one batch of Shorts a year since they started putting them together and playing them in theaters. It's always enjoyable and makes for a nice date night. Also gives you some buy-in on Oscar night when they announce the winner. I had a good prediction percentage but last...
  35. Waquoit

    Game Clarification needed

    I admit I focus on UConn in the WBB world, Pretty much all I follow is the rankings. I was at the DePaul game, a ranked team. UConn smoked 'em. Then they just went to the #1 teams home court and dominated. ND was supposed to be the new queens, what are their excuses for getting their butts kicked?
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