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  1. Waquoit

    Coach K Brings in Gervonta Davis

    Two FF losses to UConn. We're in their heads plenty.
  2. Waquoit

    Auburn fan here

    That Florida win with Bazz' team was a gift that kept on giving. Maybe like this Auburn win?
  3. Waquoit

    Cleansing Ceremony

    And upwind
  4. Waquoit

    Cleansing Ceremony

    I believe closure is important in order to move forward. Our way of finding closure was a cleansing ceremony.
  5. Waquoit

    OT: Bookshelf Speakers

    I wanted to KISS so I have the Edifer's in the mancave. Sounds fine to me.
  6. Waquoit

    Big East OOC tracker

    At home. The place will be rocking!
  7. Waquoit

    Gaffney disappointing

    People have to stop with this. He wasn't even all that good.
  8. Waquoit

    Coach K Brings in Gervonta Davis

    Step 1: STFU
  9. Waquoit

    Game Week: UConn vs #24 Houston (Senior Day > Saturday 11/27/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    These guys played hard to the end while Houston was whining about the cold.
  10. Waquoit

    Donaldson tweet re: RE

    "Then again, too few to mention. I got paid myyyy wayyyy." -Randy Edsall, ladies and gentleman!
  11. Waquoit

    Recap/on the bright side

    I thought that was good effort. After the bad punt, we got hung with a holding call. I said out loud that's why we can't have good things. I watch the replay when I get home and it was a totally bogus call. I feel bad about that.
  12. Waquoit

    I love this team...

    I still love this team. Some of the "fans", I dunno.
  13. Waquoit

    Game Week: UConn vs #24 Houston (Senior Day > Saturday 11/27/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    A couple of positive signs. It's sunny yet cold as hell. Just like when we beat the ol' Ball Coach in a bowl. And an over-matched UConn team beat a ranked Houston team in The Rent not too long ago led by current NFL man of the week Timmy Boyle.
  14. Waquoit

    Jimmy Dykes

    Another reason I'm glad UConn is on Fox.
  15. Waquoit

    VCU UConn thoughts

    Jesus, apparently.
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