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    Don Brown to UMass

    He has a house very close to me on Cape Cod.
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    UConn Considers Mirror Lake Improvements to Address Flood-Control Measures, Other Issues

    Pages 8-46 details the history of Mirror Lake and proposed improvements. Should be a nice addition to the university if they do as planned.
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    UConn v. Sacred Heart (Saturday 10/221 @ 4:05p @ XL Center on

    Brass Bonanza is played after every UConn goal.
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    Mansfield ApaRedevelopment

    University is considering the construction of 800-850 apartment units on the existing Mansfield Apartments site. Construction of a new dormitory complex on South Campus is also planned. I would suspect that some of older dormitory complexes days are numbered. September 29, 2021 TO: Members of...
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    Our 2021 Season Tickets

    Appears to be a troll. This was just posted on the uconn athletic website:
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    Cool UConn Notes/Nuggets/Videos

    Looks like a temporary fix. The preexisting masonry stone university logo was in pretty bad shape when I visited the campus in May.
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    Message From AD Benedict: Re Financial Donations

    Significant support during the Pandemic.
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    Message From AD Benedict: Re Financial Donations

    Significant support during the Pandemic.
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    Houston Chronicle exclusive: Texas, Oklahoma reach out to SEC about joining conference.

    Stewart Mandel Kansas’s opinion with an UConn reference. “It’s yet another reminder that football is all that really matters in realignment. Much like UConn’s prestigious basketball program got (briefly) relegated to the AAC when the old Big East imploded, it’s not inconceivable Kansas...
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    Why no outdoor field turf practice field?

    Why doesn’t UConn Football have an outdoor field turf practice field? This weekend and last weekend football camps have used the new soccer field for practices. There are two grass practice fields above the Sherman Family Athletic Complex. One field should be field turf.
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    UConn & FS1’s Media Marriage: Beyond 2025

    Coastal Carolina is in South Carolina.
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    10 Schools that should add hockey
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    OT: US Open

    Nice article in The Boston Globe about Hervol.
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    Hockey Arena Groundbreaking May 22

    Thanks. Any chance a donor for the naming rights will be announced tomorrow?
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