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    End-of-season performance under Hurley

    Yep. We finished strong last year before the shutdown. Probably would have happened sooner this year if not for the injuries and pauses.
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    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

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    OT: Home Generator

    Got a Generac about 2 years ago. Uses propane Very happy with it. Lost power for 5 days last year. Worked like a charm. Kicks on about 10 seconds after outage and I just went about my business. Also have a line connecting my tanks to my gas grill. Will never have to fill that little tank again...
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    Time To Make A Statement

    Used to be only a game or two every year when I got angsty or nervous before a game and they were usually of the tournament or must win variety. Wouldn't call this "must win" necessarily but I woke up with that feeling today for the first time all year and the first time in several years. It's...
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    Nova getting annihilated by Butler

    That was an "interesting" flop call from the refs.
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    Nova getting annihilated by Butler

    This league...not too many free lunches or days off. Can't wait for the tourney at MSG.
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    Yep. People don't realize how far in the hopper this program was. Also don't realize that some unfortunate things happen along the way that slow down progress. It's like tantrum central around here everytime we lose.
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    If we beat Nova this thread doesn't exist. Praise for everyone. The board would have been pure nirvana. We lose to a top 10 team on the road with a veteran hall of fame level coach while only recently getting a not yet in game shape Bouk back and the sky is falling and UConn will never be...
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    Great. Now an already awful thread is a spelling bee.
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    If Bouk, Akok, AJax were healthy all year and it was a normal college bball season you would have a better case...our least talented players are upperclassmen. Our 2 most talented sophomores have been hurt for most/all year. We also have struggled at times with free throws, point guard play, and...
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    Game Strategy

    Our upperclassmen on those teams weren't what they are on this this team, especially at point guard. Also, having the best players doesn't ALWAYS make you the best team but it's the leading reason. 2011 and 2014 are the exception not the rule. Like Valvanos NC St team and Rollies Nova team...
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    Are you worried about Akok?

    He comes on the court full of piss and vinegar and after he attempts to block a shot he comes up slightly gimpy. Has happened a couple games now. Not all the way back and he clearly has some trust issues in the injury and for good reason. Injuries like that are both mental and physical and he's...
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    Yep. His ball hand is exposed dribbling right into a second collapsing defender. You could see it coming ahead of time. Surprised he cant anticipate it. It's like his move is predetermined.
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    Need more high level offensive talent

    I'm hoping and gjessing foul trouble had something to do with the minutes. At the end you are just hoping for a couple 3's. Unfortunately our upperclassmen are our least talented players.
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