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  1. The Viking

    2021-2022 UConn Men’s Hockey

    Fine then I will allow it if he’s not missing HE games.
  2. The Viking

    Home Heating Oil

    Have you ever tried Discounted prices for oil with options from 4 or 5 deliverers and they usually deliver within 1-2 days. They will tel you the day up front. Just a heads up for the future
  3. The Viking

    2021-2022 UConn Men’s Hockey

    Does this mean he misses HE games if he makes it
  4. The Viking

    Home Heating Oil

    How long does she have to wait?
  5. The Viking

    Question on Seton Hall game yesterday?

    What would you call the mountain that has the three Boeheims and Bernie Fine
  6. The Viking

    Jeff Jacobs

    Jeff was at his peak covering the Whalers. He was an outstanding hockey writer. Does he ever write about the UConn hockey team at all or is that team under his boycott umbrella?
  7. The Viking

    Syracuse DI Hockey?

    Don’t ever lift a finger for that athletic department, other than the obvious one.
  8. The Viking

    Scheduling idea

    I walked all around the stadium looking for the Guinness stand. The cold windy games always seemed to go better with a Guinness or Sam winter. Sad.
  9. The Viking

    Assistant Coach Search

    Mora is a defensive coach. His fingerprints will be all over that side of the ball regardless of who has what official position.
  10. The Viking

    Assistant Coach Search

    Doesn’t Fenway have a bowl tie in between the ACC and the AAC? I wonder if Fenway did that deal when we were still in the American thinking it may be us taking that slot. I assume with the AAC being ripped apart soon that will be an open bowl. I know some people don’t want to see football at...
  11. The Viking

    2021 New York Giants Thread

    Well there you go
  12. The Viking

    2021 New York Giants Thread

    We are currently picking 5th and 7th in the draft. There will be a new GM making these picks and quite frankly at this point, I wouldn't even care if they wiped out the staff and let the new GM pick his guy. Some are saying this isn't a great draft for QB's. If that's the case, I'd be really...
  13. The Viking

    UConn v. #15 UMass Lowell (Saturday 11/20/21 @ Tsongas Center @ 3:35p on NESN & Sunday 11/21/21 @ XL Center @ 3:35 on CW20)

    Without two of their best scoring options to win against a team like UMass L is pretty damn impressive. And once again, Hanson was a rock for us.
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