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    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    Never know with DT.
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    Member Of The Nika Club?

    Then you'll enjoy this:
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    Azzi and Paige in training

    I think not.
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    The view from...Pittsburgh?

    There was a cover up of alumnus Sam Gilbert's nefarious doings with recruits and players for years and years. The dark side of the UCLA basketball dynasty
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    The one thing about this years team that I enjoyed the most is ..

    My favorite thing about the year is the transcendent Ms. Paige Bueckers, a freshman who started as point guard and didn't just pull it off, but gave us a show the likes of which we have never seen and to the amazement of every voting group for every major end of the year award she was qualified...
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    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    @mbr33ct buddy, your chart illustrates the war that practice and early games will be. Geno ended up with two freshman starters this past season and I would not be surprised to see another added this fall. Then the bigs are a whole 'nuther battle. But can I slice up the clock now ... nope.
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    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    A short press piece with comments from the greats of the game:
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    It's a Brave New World in WBB

    Paige-Azzi-CW ... shouldn't we ask them to play together for a season at least? 😉
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    The Paige Bueckers Phenomenon

    I keep running into examples of the magnetic appeal of Paige. I have an example here that I have literally seen but not seen 50 or 60 times. Yes, I confess to having watched the overtime of the South Carolina game that many times. But it took me until today to see her draw demonstrated on...
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    Shea's New Digs

    Spacious and pretty swanky. A llittle airport and then you get there.
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    Who might be interested in UCONN

    I am assuming Geno is looking to hire a guard coach. Kara would have to coach on her knees.
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    Asst Coach Job Posting

    Or in the words of the posting : "coaching experience at two or more universities that are members of Power 5 conferences." Amazing how many posters are chatting up candidates who do not meet this qualification, such as Carla Berube.
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    Who might be interested in UCONN

    Jen petered out eventually at Hartford and took a good club at George Washington down hill and got fired recently. - Your favorite newspapers and magazines. She wouldn't be my choice.

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