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  1. Rico444

    OT: Seeking advice for new dog owners

    I have two dogs -- our oldest, that we got first, picked up on this within a day and we've been using it ever since. Our younger one that we got the following year is a super sweet dog, but not the brightest and never figured out how this worked. Luckily my other dog rings the bell for her when...
  2. Rico444

    Our depth

    Gaffney kept getting blown past to the rim on defense last night. It was driving me crazy.
  3. Rico444

    When This Kind Of Thing Happens

    I agree with that for sure. I also think Hawkins continuing to improve will help open things up offensively. I'm not as doom and gloom on the team as it sounded above.
  4. Rico444

    Remembering Shabazz

    I'm pretty sure we ran one offensive play all night and it was that play to get Hawkins the open three that he drilled. It was a thing of beauty and it needs to become a fixture in our offense.
  5. Rico444

    When This Kind Of Thing Happens

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I'm still concerned that as far as offensive talent goes, this team is lacking. Sanogo obviously has a lot, but is still developing and has to work through the adjustments defenses have made keying on him as 'the guy' on offense. Hawkins has a lot of...
  6. Rico444

    When This Kind Of Thing Happens

    I'm more concerned about the fact that the offense has looked awful for three straight games. We had the excuse about facing very good defenses for the first two, but clearly that wasn't the case last night. I'm sure the defense will get cleaned up, but I'm starting to worry that we may not be a...
  7. Rico444

    Auburn fan here

    Put me on the record as saying I don't buy that the Auburn win will be bigger than Villanova.
  8. Rico444

    Mets Hot Stove '21-'22

    I would still love to see Báez signed too, but this is s very good start to the offseason.
  9. Rico444

    Isaiah Whaley Appreciation Thread

    @tcf15 or anyone else...I need that gif of Whaley beating the crap out of the base of the basketball hoop.
  10. Rico444

    Cole is going to need some Help

    This team is awful at that. They constantly leave Sanogo on an island too when he's trapped in a double team, how can we expect him to pass out of nobody's trying to come back to him for the ball?
  11. Rico444

    Explain to me why we didn’t bring in another point guard???

    We did, he just doesn't play for some reason.
  12. Rico444

    Late Game Management

    I will qualify this by saying that I did not see a good chunk of the 2nd half and only caught the last 7 minutes on the radio while driving. That being said, a few thoughts: - Sanogo had a bad day. I'm not going to kill the guy, because he's probably our best player and not going to be on top...
  13. Rico444

    Congrats, Huskies

    Good game, and good luck Saturday.
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