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  1. Plebe

    Seton Hall post-game thread [merged thread]]

    I'm not sure I agree. Fordham beat Seton Hall soundly in Walsh Gym, in a game that was only slightly closer than this one, and Espinoza-Hunter played that game. Fordham then lost to Notre Dame by 15. I realize the transitive property has its limits, but I do believe the performance we saw...
  2. Plebe

    How Seton Hall’s Anthony Bozzella prepares for UConn, Paige Bueckers: ‘Just gets better every day’

    Well if that's his first objective, then he's certainly failed miserably and he should go sell used cars or work at the DMV. There are plenty of teams in the stronger conferences that have little realistic chance of winning their conference. A better primary objective for those teams is to...
  3. Plebe

    LSU Basketball 21-22

    Sorry, my bad, I just misstated. That was their last meeting, but my point is I'm not remembering a second recent meeting won by SC.
  4. Plebe

    LSU Basketball 21-22

    The last 2 times? How do you figure? IIRC the last time SC and Baylor played was the Paradise Jam in Nov. 2019, which Baylor South Carolina won (and in which Lauren Cox did not play), and the previous two meetings before that were in the 2018-19 season, both of which ended in 25-point victories...
  5. Plebe

    *Call for ballots*: BY25 poll #3 (due Mon., Dec. 6, 11a ET)

    Cross-posting the call for ballots from the main board:
  6. Plebe

    *Call for ballots*: BY25 poll #3 (due Mon., Dec. 6, 11 a.m.)

    The 2th biweekly edition of the 2021-22 Boneyard Top 25 poll is rapidly approaching. Ballots are due to me, via private message, by 11:00 a.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 6. (If you don't know how to send a PM, let me know in this thread and I will PM you first.) Ballots should reflect all games played...
  7. Plebe

    How Seton Hall’s Anthony Bozzella prepares for UConn, Paige Bueckers: ‘Just gets better every day’

    Bozzella is just so meh. This quote from the article sums it up for me: "Bozzella on UConn rejoining the Big East last year: “It helps in a couple ways. Helps a little bit with recruiting because the people that you want to coach want to play against the best so that’s a good thing. … But where...
  8. Plebe

    Who will win the "conference challenges"?

    Eh, I think it's easy to read too much into wins and losses this early in the season. Even the conference challenges -- I've seen them go every which way and the correlation between the results and actual conference strength seems loose. A few years ago I recall that the Big 12 beat the SEC...
  9. Plebe

    Who will win the "conference challenges"?

    Well, at least the Big Ten didn't lose to a bunch of mid-majors tonight like the Pac-12's been doing.
  10. Plebe

    Azzi out for 2 weeks minimum

    ... Jayson Tatum ...
  11. Plebe

    Notre Dame vs. Michigan State

    Michigan State lost to Saint Francis of Brooklyn. I don't think that is consistent with being a very good team.
  12. Plebe

    Who will win the "conference challenges"?

    Well, we should take into account Virginia, conveniently benched by the ACC in the challenge, who are so godawful bad they're really like the equivalent of two or three losses :rolleyes:
  13. Plebe

    Maryland, UCLA, Oregon and Other Injured Teams

    Even more surprising to me than this loss is the fact that Sedona Prince was benched for the last 6:43 of the game.
  14. Plebe

    Week 4 preview (Nov. 29–Dec. 5)

    Coach Smesko paid Princeton and Carla a really nice compliment in the postgame interview. Said that the team was extremely well coached, forces you to work extremely hard on offense, and it was as good of a defense as anything they've seen in the past 5 years.
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