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    Member Of The Nika Club?

    I think Nika will start, and both Nika and Azzi will get starter's minutes of 20-26 mpg. I see a 3-guard rotation of Nika, Paige, and Azzi. We will always have at least 1 world-class passer and 1 world-class shooter on the floor at the guard slots.
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    Maybe the most dangerous shot in the WNBA.
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    Interesting tidbit from Athletic piece on Ralph Vandy hire

    I think it was more likely Brink or Betts. It could have been HaJo, but she said that major factors included being much closer to home and having a relationship with Tara from her camps for several years.
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    Member Of The Nika Club?

    The Croatian flag with a Husky superimposed.
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    Member Of The Nika Club?

    I'm a huge Nika fan. I love that she didn't shy away when she knew that Paige was going to UConn. Nika is tough through and through. I look for her to retain her starting position.
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    Who's Next

    It’s hard to say if Azzi is better than Paige, thought it’s possible. Azzi was the first high school sophomore to win NPOY awards (she won 2 of 4, and Haley Jones won the others). Paige was the first college freshman to win NPOY (she won all of them that considered freshmen). I think Paige...
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    Any info on Shea’s staff?

    Shea retracted the statement about Tom. I think he will wind up on her staff, but I don’t think it’s official yet.
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    April 2021 Recruiting (only) thread

    Safety school! :D
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    Paige mom thinks Paige will use the extra year of eligibility

    I'm seeing a 3-year contract at $20M in total for 3 years for the 3rd pick.
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    Azzi and Paige in training

    I'm wondering if, in November, Geno suddenly realizes that Paige is the second-best player on the team? :)
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    Paige mom thinks Paige will use the extra year of eligibility

    Jalen Suggs has 442K IG followers. Paige has 826K. Edit: Paige is up to 827K; she seems to add 1-2K per day.
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    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    As you probably know, Sue is allergic to silver and bronze. :)
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    Sue Bird's Final Olympics

    I have read that Sue is the most decorated player in USA Basketball/FIBA history. I believe that Stewie is on a pace to match or pass Sue, but she's 14 years behind.
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    Azzi's shooting practice

    When fans are allowed again, people will show up early to watch her shoot in warm-ups. I did at SJC. She's amazing.
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    The Paige Bueckers Phenomenon

    Paige added 2K IG followers on a random Saturday in the off-season. It's about 180 days to the pre-season. Can she blow through 1 million this summer???

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