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    Might CBS Sports Network know something about our Feb 12 game at Georgetown

    Regardless of the reason why CBS Sports is picking up that game , I for 1 am just glad to get to see my Huskies on live tv......This season has been so truncated and different than any other that a glimpse of the Huskies on live tv is worth celebrating.
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    UConn adds Arkansas

    Isn't Arkansas home to Christyn Williams? Maybe this will be a sort of Homecoming.
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    Tomorrow’s game is also postponed

    Can't be . Not again 😫😫 Somebody shake me, slap me , throw some cold water on me , please wake me up !........I know I must be having a nightmare !
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    Fairfield, Makurat is in the starting lineup for more than scoring. She gives the team an extra ball handler to help against any pressure, a good rebounder, a passer, and she knows the offense. All skills Geno values highly. Though her scoring is off , she brings so much more to the lineup...
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    Who will guard Siegrist

    I think Uconn will play team defense on Siegrist. Between Evina , Aubrey , Paige , and switching defense , Uconn should keep her under control. She won't be shut down completely, but kept under control enough for the Huskies to win.
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    Seton Hall Postgame Thread

    You know , I think Paige should start a 'Dime Jar'..:)......Something like a piggy bank. And charge her teammates ten-cent for every missed or open layup they miss after receiving a good pass (dime) from her. And charge herself five - cent for every turnover or bad pass. And use the money...
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    The Top 3 Things You Want to See on Saturday

    Let me see now, my Top 3 would be: 1) A Win , and 2) A Win , and 3) A Win. I just can't seem to think any further than that right now.
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    Van Lith - First 2 Games

    Doowop, I wouldn't either. Both are good. But we have Paige as our lead point. Give me Muhl.
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    Van Lith - First 2 Games

    Just inspiration for Paige.....just inspiration.:)
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    Andra Espinoza-Hunter to Seton Hall [merged thread]

    My thought is whether she is immediately eligible? Seems like the NCAA allows every player is immediately eligible to play as long as it's not at UConn.
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    Stewie on the cover of Slam Magazine

    Not only earned , but well deserved! CONGRATULATIONS Stewie.
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    Bad news: Positive Covid Test- Team to Pause Activities [MERGED THREAD]

    For us fans , this is cruel and unusual punishment. If this was the month of April I would think it's a joke. But unfortunately it's true. I know the players are disappointed , while we fans are devastated. Hopefully , the team and coaches will pacify us with more practice footage or...
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    Happy Birthday, Megatron!

    Happy Birthday, Megan.......Have a great day and a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
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    Team Photo

    Paige indeed looks stronger . Her arms are not skinny looking as they did in HS. And Autumn has gained a pound or 2 as well. Don't tell me those are muscles in her calves?
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