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    Another Ariens rec here. Throws the wet stuff pretty good too.
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    AAC Expansion

    Maybe Georgia State or Coastal instead of one of the Texas adds.
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    Playing not to lose....

    He had to reach above his own shoulder to make that that grab.
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    Playing not to lose....

    Also you can't be giving your opponents a help with undisciplined penalties. The double dip after our last touchdown giving them the ball at the 50 can turn momentum quickly. Watts' foul on their QB with third and long continued a td drive I believe. Watts has been a problem the last three weeks...
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    Homecoming Game Week - UConn v. Yale (10/16/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    What happened to Rose? Couldn't find him in or out of uniform on the sideline.
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    Films Worth Viewing Year 3

    Z, Have you written on "The Thin Red Line"? I could not find it in any of the tables of contents.
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    UConn at Vandy game replay

    Thank you for these!
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    Game Week - UConn @ Vanderbilt (10/2/21 @ 7:30p (ET) on ESPNU)

    Think Morrison was backing up Swenson, HC. Now Tui-Brown. Everyone bumped up behind Forte.
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    Game Week - UConn v. Wyoming (Saturday 9/25/21 @ 3:30p on CBSSN)

    Don't see Medlock warming up with his position group. edit; out of uniform.
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    OT: Ryder Cup

    That bunker on 18 Cantlay was in at the end of the day looked like an animal burrow going underneath the green.
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    Tailagate menu for the Wyoming Cowboys game...

    Bison burgers Cowboy beans Pretend huckleberry cobbler made with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.
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    8 games left for the staff

    He said there were 11 guys on the OLine that were capable of playing, just never said how well.
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    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Rob King ended up st Sacred Heart.
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